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Sergej_Sim 21.10.2007 12:57

Download official releases OpenTTD
Здесь будут выкладываться официальные релизы сборок OpenTTD

Sergej_Sim 21.10.2007 13:14

OpenTTD Release version: 0.5.3
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Release version: 0.5.3
Last updated: 2007-09-15

Список изменений :

- Fix: Possible NULL pointer dereference that could be triggered remotely (r11074)
- Fix: Removing CMD_AUTO from some commands could remotely trigger an assertion [FS#1179] (r11040)
- Fix: Underflow that caused overflows in the performance rating [FS#1179] (r11039)
- Fix: [Windows] MIDI does not stop when closing openttd [FS#1164] (r11029)
- Fix: Do not unconditionally assume that a tile has a depot (r11027)
- Fix: Give a more correct error when building some things on tile 0 [FS#1173] (r11024)
- Fix: Do not display income/expenses when they do not belong to a "valid" tile, like the money cheat and giving money [FS#1175] (r11021)
- Fix: One could not give money when (s)he had too much money [FS#1174] (r11020)
- Fix: Disallow buying/selling shares in your own company or a bankrupt company [FS#1169] (r11018)
- Fix: Crash when quiting the game in one of the end score windows [FS#1218] (r11071)

Авторский коллектив разработчиков :

The OpenTTD team (in alphabetical order):

Jean-Francois Claeys (Belugas) - In training, not yet specialized
Bjarni Corfitzen (Bjarni) - Mac OS X port, coder
Matthijs Kooijman (blathijs) - Pathfinder-guru
Victor Fischer (Celestar) - Programming everywhere you need him to
Tam├бs Farag├│ (Darkvater) - Lead programmer
Lo├пc Guilloux (glx) - In training, not yet specialized
Jaroslav Mazanec (KUDr) - YAPG (Yet Another Pathfinder God) ;)
Kerekes Miham (MiHaMiX) - Maintainer of translator service, and host of nightlies
Peter Nelson (peter1138) - Spiritual descendant from newgrf gods
Remko Bijker (Rubidium) - THE desync hunter
Christoph Mallon (Tron) - Programmer, code correctness police
Patric Stout (TrueLight) - Programmer, network guru, SVN-repository and website host

Retired Developers:

Dominik Scherer (dominik81) - Lead programmer, GUI expert (0.3.0 - 0.3.6)
Owen Rudge (orudge) - Contributor, forum host, master server host, OS/2 port (0.1 - 0.4.8)
Ludvig Strigeus (ludde) - OpenTTD author, main coder (0.1 - 0.3.3)
Serge Paquet (vurlix) - Assistant project manager, coder (0.1 - 0.3.3)

Thanks to:

Josef Drexler - For his great work on TTDPatch.
Marcin Grzegorczyk - For his TTDPatch work and documentation of TTD internals and graphics (signals and track foundations)
Matthijs Kooijman (blathijs) - For his many patches, suggestions and major work on maprewrite
Petr Baudis (pasky) - Many patches, newgrf support, etc.
Simon Sasburg (HackyKid) - For the many bugfixes he has blessed us with (and future PBS)
Stefan Mei├Яner (sign_de) - For his work on the console
Mike Ragsdale - OpenTTD installer
Cian Duffy (MYOB) - BeOS port / manual writing
Christian Rosentreter (tokai) - MorphOS / AmigaOS port
Richard Kempton (RichK67) - Additional airports, initial TGP implementation
Michael Blunck - For revolutionizing TTD with awesome graphics
George - Canal graphics
All Translators - For their support to make OpenTTD a truly international game
Bug Reporters - Thanks for all bug reports
Chris Sawyer - For an amazing game!

Sergej_Sim 27.11.2007 21:25

OpenTTD Release version: 0.6.0
4 Attachment(s)
Release version: 0.6.0
Last updated: 2007-11-18

Список изменений :

0.6.0-beta1 (2007-11-18)
- Feature: Make news messages related to the industry (production) changes better configurable; you can now disable news messages popping up for industries you are not servicing (r11442)
- Feature: When sorting stations by cargo sum, only sum the cargoes that are selected in the filter (r11437)
- Feature: Show all players who have shares, not just the first two (r11435)
- Feature: Make OTTD's sprites replaceable using Action 5 and make replacing contiguous subsets of sprites in for some types possible in Action 5 (r11433)
- Feature: Allow town-bridges to be build on slopes (r11395)
- Feature: Auto-road; same as auto-rail, but for road and trams and only on X and Y direction (r11339)
- Feature: OTTD version checking for NewGRFs. This allows NewGRFs to do something different for different versions of OpenTTD, like disabling it for too low versions or loading different graphics (r11330)
- Feature: Half tile- and anti-zig-zag-foundations (r11319)
- Feature: Control-Clicking the Centre Main View button on the vehicle window allows the main viewport to follow the chosen vehicle (r11304)
- Feature: User customisable faces (r11269)
- Feature: Make more advanced rail types more expensive to build (r11265)
- Feature: Implement the "moreanimation" feature of TTDP, so we can properly support newindustries (r11228)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add support for newindustries (r11204)
- Feature: Sort the NewGRFs by name, making searching a specific NewGRF a lot easier (r11175)
- Feature: Add possibility to show the bounding boxes of sprites using CTRL-B so one can get a better understanding of the used bounding boxes to fix the glitches that still exist. Note that showing the bounding boxes is not glitch free; it only gives you some knowledge where the bounding boxes are (r11174)
- Feature: Remove the arbitrary limit of 10 articulated parts for a vehicle (r11120)
- Feature: Autoslope, changing of slopes of tiles that already have something build on them. Does not work for tiles of houses/industries/stations that do not allow autosloping (r11107)
- Feature: Support for encapsulating files into a .tar file; you can pack all files in your data/ directory in how ever many .tar files you like, keeping the directory-structure equal to the unpacked version, and OpenTTD can handle them just like the files were unpacked (r11106)
- Feature: Allow slopes under statues (r11069)
- Feature: [OSX] Added more options for right click emulation (controlled from the interface tab in the patch window) (r10996)
- Feature: Allow building and removing tracks and signals when there is a train on a parallel diagonal track that does not interact with this one. (r10922)
- Feature: Added TileHeight to the Land Area Information tool [FS#653] (r10878)
- Feature: [OSX] OpenTTD will now pick the same language as finder is set to if no config file is found (r10851)
- Feature: Provide an infrastructure to have resizable windows that are smaller than the default window size. Useful for playing on very low resolution systems (r10704)
- Feature: Support for autosave_on_exit in the console, so dedicated servers can use it (r10658)
- Feature: Add a soft limit of 4096 "entities" in a station's waiting queue and a hard limit of 32768 so (malicious) people cannot cause a "denial of service" attack by filling cargo lists (r10555)
- Feature: Replace all the windows for Industry building by a more flexible one (r10496)
- Feature: Support for "prospecting" raw industries, i.e. you pay an amount of money and then it might (with a given chance) build a raw industry somewhere on the map (r10451)
- Feature: Automatic signal completion, enabled by pressing CTRL when dragging signals. Signals will continue following track until an existing signal, junction or station are reached. This currently replaces the existing use of CTRL-drag for changing existing signal type (r10437)
- Feature: New sign editor features including switching to previous/next sign (r10401)
- Feature: Disallow (in the GUI) the building of infrastructure you do not have available vehicles for. This means that the airport building button is disabled till you can actually build aircraft. The game itself will not disallow you to build the infrastructure and this "new" behaviour can be overridden with a patch setting [FS#669] (r10353)
- Feature: Add the possibility of automatically filling in timetables based on the times from the first (or subsequent) run-throughs (r10331)
- Feature: Option to select the "default" rail type when you start a new game or load a game. This is done either static, i.e. rail, electrified rail, monorail and maglev, or dynamic which takes either the first or last available railtype or the railtype that is used most on the map [FS#812] (r10329)
- Feature: Give a better explanation why the loading of a savegame failed and do not crash on loading savegames that were altered by patches or branches [FS#917] (r10300)
- Feature: A sticky button for the client list window [FS#885] (r10293)
- Feature: Allow double-clicking on certain places: add NewGRF window, build-vehicle and town-action (r10265, r10267)
- Feature: Loading indicator, which shows in % how full a vehicle is while loading/unloading (r10254)
- Feature: Introduce a form of timetabling for vehicles (r10236)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add support for action 0F (town name generator) (r10211)
- Feature: Add support for personal directories on Windows. (r10182)
- Feature: Add support for anti aliased typefaces via FreeType. This is configurable for each font size in the configuration settings and requires using the 32bpp blitter and suitable fonts (r10166)
- Feature: 32 bpp sprite support and dedicated driver does not blit nor render by default. Can be overruled by user (r10121)
- Feature: Add support for articulated road vehicles (r10097)
- Feature: Allow moving of orders instead of removing them and readding them somewhere else [FS#828] (r10071)
- Feature: Replace hard coded spritecache size with a configuration option, sprite_cache_size. The default size is 2MB and the value can range from 1 to 64MB. If you experience slow-downs when scrolling the map, try increasing this setting (r10042)
- Feature: Skip to the selected order in the order list when clicking on the "skip" button while pressing CTRL [FS#760] (r10033)
- Feature: Sort the strings in server language dropdown and the town names dropdown (r10032, r10036)
- Feature: Build windows of trains, road vehicles and ships can now be sorted by cargo capacity (planes already had this option) (r10024)
- Feature: More languages flags for servers [FS#790] (r10017)
- Feature: Allow different signal types on one tile [FS#362] (r10006)
- Feature: Support for oneway roads (r9999)
- Feature: Add smooth viewport scrolling. This must be enabled with patch setting 'smooth_scroll' (r9962)
- Feature: Allow terraforming under bridges (r9950)
- Feature: Support for trams (r9923)
- Feature: Allow building new stations adjacent to existing stations by holding down control (r9905)
- Feature: Add one new zoom-out level: 8 times (r9884)
- Feature: Advanced vehicle lists a.k.a. group interface. Now you can make groups of vehicles and perform all kinds of tasks on that given group (r9874)
- Feature: Make "improved loading" a proper improved loading instead of loading one (semi-)random vehicle at a time. Furthermore fill multiple vehicles at once when there is enough cargo to do so (r9838)
- Feature: Add drag and drop removal of station tiles (r9810)
- Feature: Support for "curvature info", Action 2 for train, variable 45 (r9803)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add action 1, 2 and 3 support for canals (r9797)
- Feature: Add the possibility to choose different road patterns for towns to use (r9779)
- Feature: Add an option to automatically pause when starting a new game (r9734)
- Feature: Add the concept of cities. A (configurable) proportion of towns can start off larger, and will grow twice as quickly as other towns (r9667)
- Feature: Add NewGRF Action 5 (Sprite Replacement) support for 2cc colour maps, airport, and road stop sprites (r9645)
- Feature: Increase cargo types from 12 to 32 and enable newcargo flag in NewGRF loader (r9638)
- Feature: Make it possible to have some control over the town growth (r9613)
- Feature: Add list_patches console command. This shows all patches along with their current values (r9565)
- Feature: Add more finer control to transparency options, including a new toolbar (r9563)
- Feature: Add support for variable snow lines in the arctic climate, supplied by NewGRF files (r9371)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add support for newhouses (r9315)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add support for Action 13, which allows you to translate GRF-specific texts. The translations will only be shown if you are using a language with a GRF language id and if a string has not already been set specifically for the language you are using (r9037)
- Feature: Translation dependant formatting of dates (r8906)
- Feature: If an action 7/9 leads to skipping the rest of the file, disable the NewGRF if an action 8 has not been encountered yet (r8831)
- Feature: Stop loading and disable the current NewGRF if a fatal error message in Action B is encountered. Also be more strict on the values accepted (r8830)
- Feature: Build aircraft windows will no longer show aircraft that cannot use the airport in question (r8771)
- Feature: Drive-through road stops (r8735)
- Feature: Allow upgrading bridges by building a new bridge over the top (r8567)
- Feature: Provide aircraft with vertical separation depending on their altitude and velocity (r8534)
- Feature: When linking the terraform toolbar to the build toolbars place them side by side instead of on top of each other (r8436)
- Feature: The vehicle build windows are now resizable in horizontal direction as well (r8331, r8336, r8338)
- Feature: Automatically build semaphores before a configurable date, which can be set by each network player separately (r8151)
- Feature: Increase sprite limit from 16384 sprites to 16777216 sprites (r8128, r8129)
- Feature: Add the ability to load savegames when you do not have the exact GRF files in your list. GRF files that are found based on GRF ID (but not on matching md5sum) are used instead of disabling them. This does not affect MP games, there you still need an exact match (r8106)
- Feature: Show the activated status of the GRF list after pressing 'apply' in the NewGRF window, instead of the local list (r8094)
- Feature: The station list does now remember the sort settings (r8065)
- Feature: Make it possible to override the bind address and port of a dedicated server from the command line (r7802)
- Feature: Add command line option to prevent saving of high score and configuration on exit and a console command to manually initiate a configuration save (r7801)
- Feature: Add support for tractive effort to 'realistic' acceleration (7592)
- Feature: Allow to build bridges of arbitrary rail/road combinations (including signals) (r7573)
- Codechange: Do not allow configuration changes, that NewGRFs can directly use to change their behaviour, during network games as this can cause desyncs (r11452)
- Codechange: Make opening a new toolbar not overlapping its parent one, by locating it under the parent, and aligned with the left side of it [FS#1310] (r11256)
- Codechange: Do not brute force determine the first vehicle in the chain or previous vehicle, but do it by properly accounting the previous and first pointers when updating the next pointer. This gives a performance increase of about 15% when there are a lot of vehicles in the game (r11011)
- Codechange: Cache expensive NewGRF station variables during sprite lookups/callbacks (r10509)
- Codechange: Keep track of the origin, time of travel and accumulated feeder share (transfers) of individual pieces of cargo. This means that cargo is not thrown on a big pile when it is put in a station or unloaded at a station, however the GUI does not reflect these changes yet so you will not actually see it (r10266)
- Codechange: Do not limit the cost of tunnels (r10248)
- Codechange: Add new vehicle hash table for collision detection and finding vehicles on a tile. The hash area scanned is far smaller than the old hash table, which is now used for viewport updates only. This should give a significant performance improvement for games with many vehicles (r10111)
- Codechange: Don't redraw all station tiles when cargo is added or removed if the station has no custom graphics (r10062)
- Codechange: Add some support for NewGRF var 7D, temporary storage array (r9707)
- Codechange: Add support for returning 'ttdpatch variables' (Action D) (r9701)
- Codechange: Implement NewGRF callback 36, which allows changing of various properties which were previously static (r9671 and several others)
- Codechange: Add support for multiple 'base' directories for NewGRF searching (r9560)
- Codechange: Implement actions 1/2/3 for cargoes, callback handler and custom icon sprites (rmany)
- Codechange: Rename the 'New <vehtype>' button of the global vehicle lists to 'Available <vehtype>' as it is a view-only list, not one from which you can purchase (rolling) stock (r8420)
- Codechange: Remove the landscaping button from the build toolbars (r8143)
- Codechange: [NewGRF] Do not mark as unsafe those NewGRFs that set their own parameters (via action D) and/or change only bridge sprite table layouts (action 0, property D) (r7831)
- Fix: The CHANCE16 functions were biased; a 32768 in 65536 chance was really a 32769 in 65536 chance (r11454)
- Fix: Do not create shores in canyons (r11438)
- Fix: Starting OpenTTD with DOS files made it look weird out of the box (r11433)
- Fix: Properly support genders coming from NewGRFs instead of crashing [FS#1430] (r11422)
- Fix: Do not ignore the autorenew settings for new games when creating a new game [FS#1428] (r11415)
- Fix: Do not do a 270 degree turn when 90 degrees is enough on a commuter airport [FS#1422] (r11408)
- Fix: In rare cases OpenTTD could segfault when resizing and scroll the main window (r11405)
- Fix: Manually replacing a vehicle with shared orders makes it lose it is order index and service interval [FS1384] (r11370)
- Fix: Road vehicles must not drive through each other on bridges/in tunnels [FS#1258] (r11366)
- Fix: When stopping a ship or aircraft, set their speed to 0 so they will not continue at the speed where they were stopped at [FS#1288] (r11365)
- Fix: Cloning vehicles with non-standard sub-cargotypes (i.e. livery refits) failed [FS#1380] (r11362)
- Fix: Loading too many GRFs was not handled gracefully causing crashes and such [FS#1377] (r11355)
- Fix: Add missing elrail sprites for some rail build buttons/cursors (r11350)
- Fix: Trees can now be planted on bare land without making it grassy, planting tree in desert does not make it grassy for the first tile-cycle and when a tree dies in desert, it no longer becomes a snowy tile for the first tile-cycle (r11244)
- Fix: The explosion vehicles were placed too far to the south [FS#1312] (r11234)
- Fix: One could sell vehicles that were crashed in a depot, which would still yield money/one could construct trains of crashed vehicles [FS#1307, FS#1228] (r11229, r11230)
- Fix: Electric trains were not shown as stopped in depots when converting it from elrail -> normal rail [FS#1260] (r11167)
- Fix: A lot of graphical glitches by changing some bounding boxes. It is not perfect yet, but a *very* good step into the right direction (r11128)
- Fix: When autorenew is enabled and it cannot renew the vehicle anymore (because the player cannot build the engine), the ageing warnings as if autorenew is not enabled are shown [FS#553] (r11064)
- Fix: Inconsistency between rail<->elrail conversions of different kinds of rail containing tiles (normal rail, stations, depots, etc) [FS#1182] (r11059)
- Fix: Crash when having the Finance window opened of the player you are cheating to [FS#1177] (r11028)
- Fix: Switching players (using the cheat) crashed on Big Endian machines [FS#1150] (r11023)
- Fix: The canal border determination did not take oil rigs into consideration (r11022)
- Fix: Do not display income/expenses when they do not belong to a "valid" tile, like the money cheat/giving money [FS#1175] (r11021)
- Fix: One could not give money when (s)he had too much money or rather: when casting the amount of money to an int32 becomes negative [FS#1174] (r11020)
- Fix: When determining the gender of a string, do not assume that the gender is in the front of the string when there can be case switching code at that location [FS#1104] (r10792)
- Fix: Determining whether there is a tunnel going under the lowered area is only needed in two directions instead of all four, so take the directions (one for each axis) to the nearest border (along the given axis) [FS#1058] (r10686)
- Fix: Graphical glitches when the "link landscape toolbar" patch is turned on when opening one of the construction toolbars [FS#1076] (r10685)
- Fix: Trolly AI did not know about steep slopes, and used wrong tileh in some cases [FS#1070] (r10655)
- Fix: Be consistent with the space between the company name and the player number, i.e. always put a space between them [FS#1052] (r10627)
- Fix: [YAPF] Ships received curve penalty for non-diagonal straight move (r10578)
- Fix: Do not segfault when you quit in the end-of-the-game screen [FS#1020] (r10548)
- Fix: When Cheat-Window is open and a new month happens, the window was not redrawn instantly (r10547)
- Fix: You can now have both Available Train as Available Ship window open [FS#1026] (r10546)
- Fix: Cargo payment rates overflow and cargo payment rates diverge from cost rates making it impossible to make any profit after a certain number of years. Both are solved by stopping the inflation after 170 years; there is absolutely no point in continuing the inflation after that as it only makes the game have overflows at some point that cannot be solved; using larger variables only delays the inevitable [FS#1028] (r10541)
- Fix: Error dialog was sometimes shown on all clients when a command failed instead of only the client that actually did the command [FS#1015] (r10501)
- Fix: The network protocol check for required NewGRFs sent static NewGRFs too (r10414)
- Fix: When landscape generating, allow for 200ms between screen updates instead of updating every 200ms. Previously slow screen updates would result in very slow map generation (r10396)
- Fix: One could only build a limited number of stations before one had to rename them [FS#278] (r10320)
- Fix: Acceleration not calculated properly when a train goes up a hill between tunnels [FS#786] (r10317)
- Fix: [YAPF] Now it is no longer needed to invalidate the YAPF segment cache every tick in MP (read performance increase). Segment cost now does not contain the curves between segments. As a result the cache should be now accurate (r10302)
- Fix: [YAPF] Assertion triggered in some special cases [FS#901] (r10301)
- Fix: Flush stdout on dedicated server output to ensure an update of stdout [FS#775] (r10295)
- Fix: With smooth_economy, when industry production hit 32, it stayed there for ever. Give it some chance to get out of that uber-lowness (although it is a very slim chance, at least it has one) (r10290)
- Fix: Also age engines that are not front-engines [FS#202] (r10288)
- Fix: Money overflow bugs in many locations [FS#723] (r10212)
- Fix: Fix issues related to fixed names, fixed places of files/directories and application bundles [FS#153, FS#193, FS#502, FS#816, FS#854] (r10182)
- Fix: A vehicle without visual effects is not per definition unpowered (r9802)
- Fix: Do not assume that trains running on monorail/maglev cannot smoke/spark (r9801)
- Fix: Play sound effects based on the engine class, not the rail type (r9800)
- Fix: Separate engine class and engine running cost class (r9799)
- Fix: Clone vehicles will no longer refit for free (r9689)
- Fix: Improved loading does not use a huge amount of processing power anymore when having a lot of trains [FS#423] (r9683)
- Fix: Truncate the NewGRF information text in the NewGRF GUI if it is too long (r9449)
- Fix: Cancel in password queries reduces amount of players in the network game when they have not joined the game yet [FS#688] r9378
- Fix: If all news-setting buttons show 'full', make the ALL-button show 'full' too (r9137)
- Fix: Open and close messages now have their own setting, so you can hide economy changes, but do show open/close of industries [FS#525] (r9097)
- Fix: Do not make owner signs transparent, as then you loose the information who it owns [FS#637] (r9067)
- Fix: Store the owner of a statue, so when it gets removed, the town is notified of it [FS#638] (r9066)
- Fix: Inactive connections are not automatically kicked, i.e. people who only open a telnet (or similar) connection to a server [FS#115] (r9038)
- Fix: Do not select a disabled platform length/number of track count when going out of drag-drop mode [FS#450] (r8999)
- Fix: Make an aircraft at 400 km/h go as fast as a train at 400 km/h (r8973)
- Fix: You were unable to build roads in the scenario editor when there is no town 0, even though there are other towns (r8608)
- Fix: Road Vehicles now can obtain a slot even if the station is very spread out [FS#577] (r8536)
- Fix: Allow lumber mill to cut trees only when they are full grown (r8535)
- Fix: Segmentation fault when the toolbar gets removed and you have selected one of the items in a sub menu of the toolbar (r8533)
- Fix: Remove phantom oil rigs sometimes present in old savegames (r8485)
- Fix: When a station is removed, vehicles do not get excessive payment any longer, as the origin TILE is now stored as long as the origin STATION for the transported cargoes (r8144)
- Fix: The game could crash when the chat key (<enter>) is pressed too vehemently during the join of the game. Your client's id does not exist in the clients list yet, and returns NULL (r8132)
- Fix: Rail vehicles can no longer enter tunnels or bridgeheads with wrong railtype (r7976)
- Fix: When path finding onto a bridge or tunnel end from previous tile (but not warping from the opposite end) check the enter direction. This fixes signal setting if a rail ends on the top of a tunnel end (r7718)
- Fix: When following path for signals, do not skip back to the previous tile, as for tunnels and bridge ends the entering direction is wrong (r7717)
- Fix: [YAPF] suppress 'Train is lost' message if path finding ended on the first two-way red signal due to YAPF.rail_firstred_twoway_eol option (r7628)
- Fix: [OPF] signal update was incorrectly propagated (r7620)

Самые важные изменения :

Включена поддержка расширенной схемы грузоперевозок ECS
Включена поддержка режима 32-бит на 64 пикселях
Расширен список грузов , перевозимых железной дорогой

Прикладываю примеры поддержки новых индустриальных районов :

1 - Туристический центр
2 - Новое здание фабрики
3 - Новое здание автомобильного завода ( самый большой уровень анимации на текущий момент )

Прямая ссылка для скачивания файла внизу сообщения

Выложена версия OpenTTD для Win32 в виде одного архива ,
" Распакуй и играй " . В комплекте :

1 - Весь набор необходимых графических файлов
2 - Набор дополнительных 39 языков перевода
3 - Набор стартовых файлов для запуска в режимах 32 / 8 бит.

Порядок установки :
1 - Скачайте архив на ПК.
2 - Создайте пустую папку на ПК и распакуйте содержимое архива в неё.
3 - Запустить один из вариантов стартового файла

Sergej_Sim 12.12.2007 23:38

3 Attachment(s)
Release version: 0.6.0-beta2
Last updated: 2007-12-09

Список изменений :

0.6.0-beta2 (2007-12-09)
- Feature: Allow setting a default password for new companies in network games (r11556)
- Feature: Signal selection GUI for the ones that really like to use that over CTRL (r11547)
- Feature: Make the bridge selection window resizable (r11539)
- Feature: [OSX] Added support for using Quartz instead of Quickdraw in windowed mode on OS X 10.4 and higher (r11496)
- Feature: Allow to resize on creation the smallmap gui in order to show all the types industry available, allow to enable/disable individually or all at once, the industries shown on small map (r11474)
- Codechange: Send and store the passwords a little more secure to/in the servers (r11557)
- Fix: Wrong error messages were shown when trying to build some industries in the scenario editor [FS#1524] (r11609)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Do not trigger industries, but only the industry's tiles (r11608)
- Fix: Wrong count of Kirby trains when a ship was build [FS#1482] (r11605)
- Fix: Tiles were not marked dirty in some cases when removing a lock or flooding (r11582, r11604)
- Fix: Make price for railtype conversion more realistic; conversion should not be more expensive than removing and rebuilding [FS#1481] (r11603)
- Fix: Do not allow changing network only patches settings from console when not in network game (r11594)
- Fix: IsSlopeRefused() result was half wrong causing banks to be built on wrong places (r11590)
- Fix: When ship depots got destroyed they always returned to water, even when it should have been canals [FS#1514] (r11589)
- Fix: The one way road button wasn't reset on abort (r11587)
- Fix: Windows could get completely missing when one resized the window to something very small [FS#1484] (r11583)
- Fix: Invalidate 'list trains/roadvehs/ships/planes' widgets when station part is added/removed so it does not become glitchy (r11577)
- Fix: Flood train stations when there are no trains on border tiles too (r11574, r11570)
- Fix: Reinitialise windows system before loading a savegame because not doing so can cause crashes [FS#1494] (r11572)
- Fix: Road vehicle getting to the wrong side of a station when trying to overtake in there [FS#1493] (r11571)
- Fix: Full paths sometimes did not work correctly [FS#1480] (r11568)
- Fix: Break the chain before moving a vehicle after another in the same chain instead of causing an infinite loop [FS#1512] (r11566)
- Fix: Aircraft sometimes stopped mid-air when the airport got destroyed [FS#1503] (r11562)
- Fix: Group list was not updated when removing the last group [FS#1504] (r11561)
- Fix: Overflow when drawing graphics with high company values [FS#1505] (r11558)
- Fix: If ever the air/heliport is suddenly not available while the "chopper" is descending, just go back into flying instead of stopping mid air [FS#1496] (r11546)
- Fix: Cargo translation was sometimes done when it should not be done [FS#1501] (r11544)
- Fix: [OSX] Detect statvfs at runtime (based on OSX version) instead of compile time. This should prevent a crash on OSX 10.3 with the precompiled binaries (in the load/save windows) (r11541)
- Fix: [OSX] Do not try to compile the quartz video driver on OSX 10.3 as it will fail (r11540)
- Fix: Do not do all kinds of 'updates' for town, waypoint, station and other signs when you have not converted the map to the 'current' format as that means you are going to read data in the 'old' format when you assume that it is in the 'current' format, which is eventually going to break (r11525)
- Fix: Assertion when tram reversed at a station [FS#1485] (r11524)
- Fix: The scrollbar of the network gui could run out of bounds (r11522)
- Fix: [OSX] The cocoa video driver let the mouse cursor escape the window when using rmb scrolling (r11520)
- Fix: Signs totally illegible when transparant signs is turned on and zoomed out more than one level [FS#1463] (r11507)
- Fix: Selling vehicles could cause the window of others to scroll to that location [FS#1471] (r11506)
- Fix: Do not do standard production change if callbacks 29/35 failed, disable smooth economy for industries using callbacks 29/35 (r11502)
- Fix: Two small layout issues with the vehicle grouping GUI (r11478)
- Fix: A road vehicle must not show that it is driving max speed when it is standing still waiting for the vehicle in from of it [FS#1451] (r11477)
- Fix: OpenBSD has ALIGN already defined, causing compilation failures [FS#1450] (r11467)
- Fix: Operator priority problem resulting in problematic autoroad placement in some cases (r11466)

Самые важные изменения :

Расширен набор новой графики
Исправлены некоторые ошибки в расширенной схеме грузоперевозок ECS

Прямая ссылка для скачивания файла внизу сообщения

Выложена версия OpenTTD для Win32 в виде одного архива ,
" Распакуй и играй " . В комплекте :

1 - Весь набор необходимых графических файлов
2 - Набор дополнительных 39 языков перевода
3 - Набор стартовых файлов для запуска в режимах 32 / 8 бит.

Порядок установки :
1 - Скачайте архив на ПК.
2 - Создайте пустую папку на ПК и распакуйте содержимое архива в неё.
3 - Запустить один из вариантов стартового файла

Sergej_Sim 14.12.2007 15:21

1 Attachment(s)
Специально для тех , у кого тормозит графика в режиме 32-бит.

Выкладываю файл конфигурации для облегченной модели рендеринга .

Применение :
Загрузить файл и положить в корневой каталог Игры.
Перед этим можете сохранить старую версию своего файла настроек для возможности отката изменений.

Sergej_Sim 16.01.2008 14:01

Release version: 0.6.0-beta3
Last updated: 2008-01-16

Список изменений :

0.6.0-beta3 (2008-01-16)
-Feature: Replaced fixed size custom name array. Names are now attached to their object directly and there is no limit to the amount of names (r11822)
-Feature: Add drag-n-drop support to the raise/lower land tools. Land is raised/lowered at the start and the rest of the area levelled to match (r11759)
-Feature: Add support for NewGRF's train 'tilt' flag. Trains with tilt capability (specific details are per NewGRF set) will be given a 20% speed limit bonus on curves (r11741)
-Feature: Added sorting for cost, running costs and speed to road vehicles and ships build windows (r11710)
-Feature: List neutral stations where the player has service in the station list too (r11670)
-Feature: Check whether (some) characters are missing in the current 'font' for the 'currently' chosen language and give a warning when that does happen (r11646)
-Feature: Support shore replacement via Action 5 (r11726)
-Fix: When two NewGRFs 'fight' to define the same cargo it could happen that the strings are defined by one cargo and the 'action2' by another and when one assumes that both come from the same NewGRF [FS#1559] (r11862)
-Fix: Recompute town population when removing a 'newhouses' grf, or when loading a game with missing 'newhouses' grfs [FS#1335] (r11855)
-Fix: Road vehicle count was incorrect in network lobby window (r11844)
-Fix: Mark dirty canal tile even in diagonal direction from flooded tile, draw correctly canal next to half flooded rail tile (r11843, r11838)
-Fix: At least one instance of dmusic driver is needed for it to be registered and usable (r11826)
-Fix: An articulated road vehicle could split up when it turned around at a corner and then would enter a drive through station at the next tile [FS#1627] (r11825)
-Fix: Switch _screen to the output buffer and disable usage of 32bpp-anim animation buffer during giant screenshots [FS#1602] (r11813)
-Fix: Do not crash trains when leaving depot to a very long track [FS#716] (r11802)
-Fix: Take town rating into account when testing if a command can be executed [FS#1616] (r11795)
-Fix: Reversing a train when loading at a station with an adjacent station in the same axis crashed [FS#1632] (r11794)
-Fix: Group names got not deallocated in the command test run [FS#1614] (r11743)
-Fix: Run window tick events when paused, so that news pop-ups and the about window still progress. For other windows the events are ignored when paused [FS#1319] (r11742)
-Fix: Modify and possibly discard key events for code points in the unicode private use area [FS#1610] (r11740)
-Fix: Set the new scroll position after zooming in instead of before, as the zoom will cancel it out [FS#1609] (r11739)
-Fix: Do not reset loading indicator IDs when only reloading NewGRFs [FS#1574] (r11735)
-Fix: Elrail merge gave elrail, monorail & maglev unintended speed bonuses for curves, as the bonus was based on the railtype index. The bonus is now specified by a property of the railtype (r11732)
-Fix: Clear sprite override data before performing NewGRF wagon attach callback. This stopped the callback working for autoreplace and when moving wagons from train to train in a depot [FS#1582] (r11731)
-Fix: If there are no houses that can be build in a specific year yet, force the houses with the earliest introduction year to be available [FS#1577] (r11727)
-Fix: Make it impossible (for users) to circumvent the length checking of the NewGRF 'allow wagon attach' callback by moving several wagons at a time (r11724)
-Fix: Do not put more than one Random() in function calls because parameter evaluation order is not guaranteed in the c++ standard [FS#1561] (r11716)
-Fix: Do not allow player inauguration date on scenarios to be bigger than current year [FS#1569] (r11714)
-Fix: Add more house string id ranges to MapGRFStringID so NewGRFs use the proper string ids (r11712)
-Fix: Do not allow refitting flooded (destroyed) vehicles (r11707)
-Fix: Trains could have sprites with wrong direction when reversing, also was inconsistent with save/load process [FS#1557] (r11705)
-Fix: When removing buoys, return to water or canal depending on their owner (r11666)
-Fix: Animation informations should not be copied from original industry tile spec, while doing an action 00, industry tile, prop 08 (r11665)
-Fix: Do not allow modifying non-uniform stations when non-uniform stations are disabled [FS#1563] (r11659)
-Fix: 'Initialised' NewGRFs could still be deactivated in the later 'activation' pass (r11650)
-Fix: Vehicles were still followed when sold [FS#1541] (r11632)
-Fix: Many viewports could crash the scenario editor [FS#1527] (r11629)
-Fix: Popping from text reference stack must be done in a precise order. But some compiler (MSVC) over optimised it and inverted this order [FS#1532] (r11627)
-Fix: There were still some cases where one could not build a tram track, but the tram could become blocked [FS#1525] (r11621)
-Fix: Do not make crossing red behind depot the train is entering [FS#1531] (r11619)
-Fix: Buoys are just waypoints, so don't allow load/unload/transfert for them (r11618)
-Fix: Sometimes large values could go off the chart [FS#1526] (r11616)
-Fix: Temperate banks can only be built in towns (over a house) (r11615)

Самые важные изменения :

Расширен набор новой графики
Исправлены некоторые ошибки прошлой версии сборки

Примеры внешнего вида новых индустриальных предприятий :

1 - Угольный комбинат ( вместо угольной шахты , анимация )

2 - Тепловая электростанция 1920 года ( анимация )

Прямая ссылка для скачивания файла внизу сообщения

Выложена версия OpenTTD для Win32 в виде одного архива ,
" Распакуй и играй " . В комплекте :

1 - Весь набор необходимых графических файлов
2 - Набор дополнительных 39 языков перевода
3 - Набор стартовых файлов для запуска в режимах 32 / 8 бит.

Порядок установки :
1 - Скачайте архив на ПК.
2 - Создайте пустую папку на ПК и распакуйте содержимое архива в неё.
3 - Запустить один из вариантов стартового файла

Ссылка для скачивания файла: [Для просмотра ссылки Click Here To Register]

Sergej_Sim 31.01.2009 12:05

OpenTTD Release version: 0.6.3
2 Attachment(s)
Latest release in stable is 0.6.3, released on 2008-10-01 17:01 UTC.

Sergej_Sim 17.02.2009 19:04

OpenTTD Release version: 0.7.0-beta1
1 Attachment(s)
0.7.0-beta1 (2009-02-16)
- Feature: Make it possible to have multiple windows with edit box open simultaniously (r15424)
- Feature: Add ability to select which base graphics set is used from the Game Options window. The change takes effect when the window is closed. This option can only be used from the intro menu, as reloading graphics during a game may cause issues (r15389)
- Feature: Do not draw superfluous catenary wires [FS#1761] (r15347)
- Feature: Add option to group and subtotal expenses list in the company finance window (r15301)
- Feature: Allow moving clients between companies/spectators by the server and the clients themselves (r15242)
- Feature: Native support for Transport Tycoon (Original) savegames (r15216)
- Feature: Allow terraforming of the tiles at the edges of the map (r15190)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Allow a grf to customize house name via callback 0x14D, during Tile Inquiry process (r15172)
- Feature: Downloading content from a central server ( where authors can upload their NewGRFS/AI etc. This should make joining servers that use only NewGRFs that are distributed via this system easier as the players can download the NewGRFs from within the game. It should also make it easier to see whether there are updates for NewGRFs and make the necessary updates (r15126)
- Feature: Add support for IP range bans using CIDR notation (r15094)
- Feature: An AI framework so people can write their own AIs. This also removes the old cheating and heavily broken AI (r15027)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support var 0x45 (curvature info) also for road vehicles (r14945)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Automatically set last engine ageing year to the last 'introduction year plus half model life', to allow engines later than 2050 to appear (r14926)
- Feature: Distant joining of stations (r14919)
- Feature: Advanced setting to keep various building tools active, which are usually closed after placing an object (r14902)
- Feature: Remove the window limit, but leave a configurable limit on the number of non-sticky non-vital windows (r14899)
- Feature: Allow road vehicles to move multiple steps in a tick (code based on train movement code) and add support for RV prop 15. This gives RVs a maximum speed of 318mph instead 79mph. This only implements higher speeds, not 'realistic acceleration' (r14869)
- Feature: Automatic reversing in front of block signals can now be disabled by setting pf.wait_oneway_signal respectively pf.wait_twoway_signal to 255 (r14852)
- Feature: Few (optional) optimisations to making (initial) orders; like keeping goto selected [FS#1984] (r14827)
- Feature: Make the road grids of town match, when all are using the same road layout ofcourse [FS#2390] (r14821)
- Feature: Pressing CTRL while dragging to build a bridge builds the last built bridge type if possible [FS#2238] (r14805)
- Feature: Make the date format for default savegame/screenshot names configurable (r14792)
- Feature: Allow scrolling with the left mouse button pressed (if enabled). Primarily useful for systems with touch screen (r14789)
- Feature: Allow up to 15 companies (r14735)
- Feature: Allow up to 255 clients in multiplayer games (r14730)
- Feature: When the chosen language is not supported by the current font, try to find a font that does and use that instead (r14618)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Action0Industries property 24 (industry supplies default name for nearby station) (r14598)
- Feature: Non-destructive autofill with option to keep waiting times [FS#1124] (r14592)
- Feature: Stop-in-depot order; after this order you have to manually start the vehicle again (or sell it) (r14524)
- Feature: Arrow key scrolling in the server list (r14517)
- Feature: Initial support for handling bidirectional scripts and connecting Arabic characters (r14479)
- Feature: Allow sorting vehicles by remaining life time (r14352)
- Feature: Ability to reset name to default/automatic value (for vehicles, engines, towns, groups, stations, waypoints, managers and companies) (r14334)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add Variational Action 2 Variable 0x47 for houses, Coordinates of the house tile (r14294)
- Feature: Allow overriding the palette of the base GRFs. This way you can play with NewGRFs made for the Windows palette with the DOS palettes base GRFs (and vice versa). Note that for this to work correctly ALL NewGRFs must use the same palette; mix and match is not yet supported (r14229)
- Feature: Double click to join selected server/company (r14209)
- Feature: Allow both the German as well as non-German toyland graphics as "correct" and official graphics (r14197)
- Feature: Allow people to create their own base graphics easily and without requiring code changes (r14197)
- Feature: [NewGRF]: Add support for property 0x13 for Bridges. In other words, one can now specifies a 16 bits cost multiplier (r14172)
- Feature: Make it possible to choose between the DOS and Windows graphics packs while retaining the possibility to override the palette (r14151)
- Feature: Increase the size of the console backlog. Now it'll only remove backlog items when there are more than a threshold and when they are there longer than (another) threshold (r14056)
- Feature: Make it possible to filter list_patches output like it's done for other list_* console commands (r14041)
- Feature: Path based signalling (r13926-13967)
- Feature: Show [total-]cargo info in depot when [ctrl-]right-clicking on vehicle (r13923)
- Feature: NewGRF presets, selected by a drop down list in the NewGRF window. Presets are saved in the config file (r13781)
- Feature: Add a few extra columns with information to the server list (r13732)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add var 65 in Variational Action 2 Variables for Houses (r13603)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Implement var 63, variational action2 variable for Houses. Or, in more simple terms, the check for the animation frame of nearby house (r13519)
- Feature: Aqueducts (r13464)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add var 0x69 for industries, long format construction date (r13443)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add long format introduction and maximum construction year for house (r13437)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add access to current long year and date from Action 7/9/D and VarAction2 (23/24 or A3/A4), and add access to (long format) building year, in Variational Action2 Variable 49 for Vehicles (r13376)
- Feature: Splitting of the main toolbar when the resolution becomes very low so the buttons are still visible and useable (r13339)
- Feature: Make news messages use a linked list instead of a moving circular buffer. This makes it possible to store more news messages in the history (r13317)
- Feature: The number of news messages is reduced by removing every news message that is a configurable amount older than when it would not be shown in the newspaper popup/ticker, which is e.g. a month for industry production changes and half a year for subsidy offers. As a result the more important messages will stay longer in the message history (if longer than 30 messages) (r13317)
- Feature: Allow to have more than only two airports per town. The number of airports is now controlled by the noise each of them generates, the distance from town's center and how tolerant the town is (13226)
- Feature: Introducing the so called 'engine pool' which primarily removes the fixed engine type limits and also happens to allow (with the patch option 'dynamic_engines') multiple NewGRF vehicle sets to coexist (r12924)
- Feature: [NewGRF] The ability to play NewGRF sounds for industries and stations (r12817)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add some support for NewGRF station animation (r12798)
- Feature: Sorting vehicle lists by road vehicle/train length (r12766)
- Feature: Conditional 'skip/jump' orders (r12667)
- Feature: Ability to send a vehicle (using default orders) to the nearest depot (r12661)
- Feature: Ability to force a vehicle to not load or to not unload at a station (r12650)
- Feature: Four different non-stop types, individually selectable per order. Replaces "TTDP compatible order" setting (r12648)
- Feature: Three different load type in a single game instead of two. One can choose full load all and full load any instead of full load being governed by the "full load any" patch setting (r12648)
- Feature: Financial and Player Selection Face windows are now remembering their position when toggling sizes (r12634)
- Feature: Show what cargos a station could be supplied with (r12596)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add random action 2 type 84. For vehicles only (r12452)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add support for var A2/22 for action 7/9/D: Difficulty level (r12449)
- Feature: Add +/- toggle buttons to station cargo waiting list to show/hide the detailed transferred cargo information (r12446)
- Feature: Open the time table when pressing the order button while pressing the CTRL key (r12441)
- Feature: On Screen Keyboard for input fields so someone without a keyboard can enter text too [FS#1846] (r12425)
- Change: When checking for unique names, compare only with manually set names [FS#1923] (r14958)
- Change: Apply the 'warn if train's income is negative' setting to other vehicle types, too (r14835)
- Change: When loading games in "network" mode use the start date of the save game for the server and all clients when loading the NewGRFs instead of the current date. Prevents desyncs caused by action 7/9s skipping parts of the GRF based on the date or some other variables that can differ at NewGRF load time (r14769)
- Change: Only say a engine/vehicle is refittable when it can be refitted to at least two cargo type or when it has subcargos (r14683)
- Change: [NewGRF] Since our NewGRF handling is better than it used to be, disable a NewGRF if unexpected sprites are reached (r14184)
- Fix: A town could build a statue under a bridge [FS#2618] (r15397)
- Fix: Multiple vehicles could be filling the timetable and only the data from one vehicle would be taken. Now only allow one to be filling at a time [FS#2466] (r15382)
- Fix: When testing for parallel road two tiles away, do not move more than one tile along the road (r15381)
- Fix: [NewGRF] The subcargo returned by vehicle variable 0x42 should be the most-common-subcargo of the most-common-cargo. If nothing is transported 0x..FFFF00 should be returned (r15378)
- Fix: A tram circling around in a depot did never actually 'enter' the depot [FS#2605] (r15375)
- Fix: Changing town road layout in-game caused ugly road networks [FS#2121] (r15340)
- Fix: Company could never have auto-assigned colour 0 (dark blue) (r15281)
- Fix: Deadlock (with wide fonts) or desync when generating manager name (r15279)
- Fix: Close all windows *before* starting a new game/loading a game instead of doing that as one of the latest steps of loading the game. This caused, in some cases, the NewGRF settings to be reset when the game was already loaded resulting in instant desyncs when joining a network game [FS#2577] (r15256)
- Fix: Aircraft could be 'loading in the air' or have zero speed while in air after converting old savegames [FS#2571] (r15230, r15227)
- Fix: Tile error location not reset when leveling land causing a tile to be highlighted when there was nothing to flatten [FS#2542] (r15138)
- Fix: Signs with sign 'Sign' were lost when converting from TTD savegames (r15137)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Add support for 8 byte action7/9 data, used as a mask for GRFID checks (r15114)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Keep industry variables 8E and 8F in sync with 93, when changing production using results 0D, 0E or 0F of callback 29 or 35 (r15103)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Disable a NewGRF from loading if it contains multiple Action 8s (r14979)
- Fix: Wrong defaults for service interval when switching between service interval in days and service interval in percentages [FS#2508] (r14959)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Building new station parts did not allocate a new station spec effectively breaking variable 41. This was due to the limited number of station specs that we can have per station. This fix makes newly build station parts create a new spec until one cannot allocate new station specs anymore and it'll revert to the old behaviour (sharing station specs) [FS#1832] (r14956)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Station specs did not get deallocated when building a new station part over them (r14955)
- Fix: Sharing/cloning/inserting of orders that the/a vehicle (in the shared list) cannot go to (wrong station type etc) [FS#1890] (r14954)
- Fix: The "animation state" of the bubbles was stored in a variable that was not stored in the savegame. Using a variable that gets saved in the savegame solves the desync and makes it a bit clearer [FS#2512] (r14931)
- Fix: Abort dragging of vehicles in the group window when they are deleted [FS#2500] (r14925)
- Fix: Do not unnecessarily reset the cursor, when a different vehicle is dragged (r14924)
- Fix: [NewGRF] First create all articulated parts of roadvehicles, then call callback 36 capacity, also call it for all articulated parts (r14903)
- Fix: Overflow of number of orders per vehicle [FS#2495] (r14830)
- Fix: Off-by-one causing possible out-of-bounds reads (r14811)
- Fix: In an MP game in SP mode no company would go bankrupt. Furthermore companies that passed the "bankrupt" period (4 quarters) would not go bankrupt when loading the game back in MP. Now any company that is in MP or not "currently controlled by the player" in SP will bankrupt [FS#1993] (r14750)
- Fix: Do not let any disaster vehicle (Helicopter or Airplane) target invalid industry (r14746)
- Fix: Memory leak in Action 0x0F (new town names) (r14737)
- Fix: Writing a single char to the config file caused reading outside a buffer (r14729)
- Fix: First transfer the whole load of a vehicle chain to industries before triggering any processing. This reduces callback usage and resolves critical rounding errors when using input-cargo-multipliers instead of production callbacks [FS#2460] (r14705)
- Fix: Zeppeliner (disaster) should target st->airport_tile, not st->xy (r14694)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Gradual filling graphics were not chosen according to the NewGRF spec [FS#2435] (r14678)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Check sprite size when executing action 6 (r14674)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Property 7 and callback 12 were broken for aircraft. Now callback 12 is properly called also for 'mail'. If the callback is not used, 'mail' uses 1/4 of property 7 (rounded up) [FS#2444] (r14672)
- Fix: Possible stack corruption when reading corrupted sprites [FS#2415] (r14610)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Return the current year as construction year for unfinished houses (r14608)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When callback 1E fails, use the standard random colour (r14605)
- Fix: The company ID is off-by-one with respect to the rest of the GUI in the cheat window [FS#2422] (r14603)
- Fix: The range for kicking/banning clients is based on the maximum number of clients, not the maximum number of companies [FS#2414] (r14588)
- Fix: Allow capacity callbacks (15, 36) to return zero capacity (r14578)
- Fix: Crashes when a NewGRF sends an invalid string [FS#2395] (r14563)
- Fix: Order pool seemed to look full when it was not as it only checked whether it was possible to allocate a new block of pool items instead of checking for free pool items (r14547)
- Fix: Do not deliver cargo to industries not inside station catchment area [FS#2138] (r14530)
- Fix: Allocate stub (empty) sound entries when loading an empty/corrupt/incorrectly sized instead of making valid NewGRFs fail to load (r14527)
- Fix: Make sure trains stop at the end of a station; a 3/8th length train did stop 2/8th of it's length too early causing a 63/8th long train not to fit in a 4 tile station [FS#2379] (r14526)
- Fix: Small possible chance of desync due to sorting on pointer instead of by (station) index [FS#2348] (r14463)
- Fix: When a road stop gets moved make sure to update the destination of RVs going to that road stop [FS#2330] (r14446)
- Fix: Support for spaces in directories passed to ./configure [FS#1802] (r14440)
- Fix: Trains would sometimes move one time too often/little when moving from diagonal<->non-diagonal tracks [FS#1793] (r14436)
- Fix: Balance the monthly random industry changes, by introducing a daily random industry change [FS#1885] (r14332)
- Fix: Save the palette of the loaded NewGRFs in the savegame, so joining with a server using Windows palette will make a client with the DOS palette do palette conversion and (thus) not cause a desync (r14233)
- Fix: Glitches (alignment issues/inconsistent vehicle graphics) in original graphics (r14214, r14211)
- Fix: One could not get a list of vehicles sharing an order when the number of orders was 0; you could see that the vehicles had a shared order though [FS#2085] (r14097)
- Fix: Various assorted autoreplace issues/malbehaviours [FS#1264, FS#2037, FS#2038, FS#2110] (r14083)
- Fix: The autoreplace gui showed vehicle types for replacement which CmdSetAutoReplace() did not accept (r14037)
- Fix: Automatically recalculate inflation if NewGRFs are changed and cargo types are added, so that cargo payment rates are correct [FS#2074] (r13836)

Вышла новая официальная версия OpenTTD 0.7.0 beta 1.

Самые важные изменения в версии 0.7.0 :

Включена поддержка расширенной схемы грузоперевозок ECS
Расширен список перевозимых грузов

Исправлено 134 ошибки в прошлой версии сборки 0.6.3

1 - Список грузов , перевозимых железной дорогой

2 - Список грузов , перевозимых автомобильным транспортом

3 - Список грузов , перевозимых авиатранспортом

4 - Список грузов , перевозимых водным транспортом

The new official version OpenTTD 0.7.0 beta 1.

The most important changes in version 0.7.0:

Included support for an expanded scheme of cargo transportation ECS
Expand the list of goods being transported

134 Fixed bug in last version 0.6.3 build

1 - List of goods transported by rail
2 - List of goods transported by road
3 - List of goods transported by air
4 - List of goods transported by water

Uploaded version OpenTTD for Win32 in the form of one archive
"Unpack and play". The set:

1 - All set of necessary graphic files
2 - A set of additional languages
3 - Set of starting files for start in modes 32 / 8 bits.

Sergej_Sim 09.05.2009 11:11

OpenTTD Release version: 0.7.0
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Вышла официальная версия OpenTTD 0.7.0

Отличия от предыдущих версий

Основные изменения :
Переработан порядок маршрутов в системе (набор условных приказов)
Возможность иметь более одного набора графики транспортных средств
Реализация пути и маршрутов основывается на сигналах
Предоставляется возможность каждому написать свой уровень А.И.
Загрузка наборов графики с центрального сервера
Управление водой на краях карты
Первоначальная поддержка таких языков , как арабский и иврит
Увеличение или отмена ряда ограничений, например:
размер окна, количество окон, сетевые клиенты (сейчас 255), компании (в настоящее время 15)
Шесть новых языков (арабский, иврит, индонезийский, латышский, люксембургский, валлийская)

Исправление ошибок :

0.7.0 (2009-04-01)
- Feature: Watermark crash.sav and do not generate crash information if a loaded crash.sav causes a crash so the real crash report does not get overwritten (r15893)
- Feature: Add autoclean_novehicles setting which will, when autoclean_companies is true, remove any company with no vehicles and no active client after autoclean_novehicles-months (r15848)
- Add: [NoAI] AIIndustryType::IsBuiltOnWater(), HasHeliport() and HasDock(). Just like AIIndustry (r15901)
- Add: [NoAI] AIBridge::GetBridgeID() so AIs can get the type of bridge that are already build (r15875)
- Add: [NoAI] AIRoad::GetRoadVehicleTypeForCargo() to tell whether a certain cargo needs a bus- or a truckstop (r15860)
- Fix: Chat completion got called twice causing tab completion to seemingly fail (r15905)
- Fix: YAPF did not apply the platform length (too long/too short) penalties (r15900)
- Fix: Fixing the slopes was done a bit more often than intended making map generation with the original generator horribly slow (r15895)
- Fix: YAPF used different penalties for aqueducts than for other water tiles (r15891)
- Fix: Round the production rate up, so e.g. oilrigs always produce some passengers on lowest production level [FS#2772] (r15888)
- Fix: Libtimidity cannot handle frees of NULL (in contrast of most other frees) [FS#2770] (r15886)
- Fix: Make sure house class/ID counters do not overflow (r15831)

0.7.0-RC2 (2009-03-23)
- Change: [NewGRF] Expose GRF ID of engines in var action property 0x25 (r15739)
- Fix: Some (newer) GCCs have trouble compiling the Win32 specific part of fontcache.cpp; jumps across variable declarations [FS#2752] (r15818)
- Fix: When sorting on cost do not sort on the running cost [FS#2749] (r15778)
- Fix: Do not show the message about reporting an AI crash for the dummy AI (r15774)
- Fix: Number of active clients was not always properly updated [FS#2475] (r15773)
- Fix: Settings from the [gameopt] section (from old 0.6 config files) were overwritten with default values (r15771)
- Fix: Infinite loop when skipping sprites when a GRF is invalid (or truncated) (r15767)
- Fix: Crash when opening the content list window twice; inconsistencies when clicking download twice [FS#2744] (r15766)
- Fix: Add Engine::GetDisplayDefaultCapacity() and use it everywhere, so CB 36 is also used everywhere (r15763)
- Fix: [Windows] Inlined UTF-8 characters (in the source code) are not handled properly on Eastern versions of Windows so escape them (r15762)
- Fix: [Windows] On some system searching a font using its English name fails. So now we search the font using the localised name and use the English name for the final 'validation' only (r15757)
- Fix: Number of houses in house variables 0x44, 0x60 and 0x61 were incorrect after 0xFF had been reached and could desync clients joining afterwards (r15755)
- Fix: Crash when clicking the small area between the savegame list and the save button in the save game window [FS#2742] (r15753)
- Fix: Do not try to (un)draw the cursor when the screen is not ready (r15752)
- Fix: The big UFO sometimes landed just outside the map. Instead of landing, just disappear (fly away) in those cases (r15750)
- Fix: Crash because submarines would sometimes start far outside of the map [FS#2739] (r15748)
- Fix: Road ownership getting lost when removing a road stop [FS#2736] (r15747)
- Fix: Update threading code for OS/2, add mutex support, fix compilation (r15746, r15745)
- Fix: When town generator failed to create requested number of towns, there were too many cities (r15744)

0.7.0-RC1 (2009-03-16)
- Feature: Pop up the AI Debug Window if one of the AIs crashed and show a message that the user should report the crash [FS#2728] (r15708)
- Feature: Allow the number of towns that will be generated in the generate world window to be customized [FS#2672] (r15695)
- Fix: Enabling freeform edges could cause submarines to get stuck on land tiles (r15733)
- Fix: Centering on a vehicle did not respect its z coordinate (r15725)
- Fix: Do not show passenger-/mail-capacity if the aircraft carries only cargo (r15705)
- Fix: Blame NewGRFs returning inconsistent information in purchase-list/after building before users have a chance to blame OpenTTD for incorrectly autorenewing/-replacing [FS#2595] (r15701)
- Fix: Just sell the old engines after autorenew/replace. Do not bother about trains exceeding the trainlimit, which will be sold anyway [FS#2721] (r15692)
- Fix: Do not crash when the generate map does not contain a suitable location for a town [FS#2720] (r15689)
- Fix: Do not crash when someone substitutes the "map generation" sprites with garbage [FS#2720] (r15685)
- Fix: Vehicle images would be determined during the process of moving the vehicle which means that only the (orientation) data for the vehicles in front of it is valid. Now the data for the vehicles behind the vehicle are valid too [FS#2546] (r15677)
- Fix: It was possible to remove rail tunnels/bridges and aqueducts build by rival companies [FS#2718] (r15667)
- Fix: Sorting of engines in the purchase list did not use the same numbers as the GUI showed, e.g. articulated parts were not taken into accound when ordering by capacity [FS#2689] (r15666)
- Fix: Handling of aircraft crash counter did not take account of the reduced number of calls (from 6 down to 2) to the aircraft event handler, resulting in crashed aircraft taking three times longer than they should to clear. Compensate by increasing the counter by 3 on every call instead of 1 (r15665)
- Fix: Growing of vsize as (some) threads were not properly released (r15663)
- Fix: Do not mark a company as having ratings in a town when querying the cost of a command (r15662)

0.7.0-beta2 (2009-03-10)
- Feature: Allow downloading scenarios and heightmaps via the in game content download (r15632)
- Feature: When cloning a vehicle with a custom name, add and/or increment a number at the end of name and assign it to the new vehicle (r15621)
- Feature: Show scenarios/heightmaps from both your home directory and installation directory (r15615)
- Feature: Allow building road stops on road/tram tracks of competitors (r15601)
- Feature: Show required/already-delivered cargo needed for town-growth in town-view-window and only if it is really needed (r15559)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support vehicle vars 0x47 and 0xF2 in purchase list (r15542)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Show the cargo subtype in the vehicle details window (r15480)
- Change: The background of the the waypoint sign is now in the company color (r15593)
- Change: Allow the default debug level of 6 for a dedicated server to be overriden by -d (if used after -D) (r15543)
- Change: [NewGRF] To decide whether a vehicle is refittable do not test its current capacity for being zero, but always use the 'capacity property' (r15541)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Almost infinite loop in garbage collection (r15659)
- Fix: Undeterministic file sorting when the date is equal for all files [FS#2716] (r15657)
- Fix: Changing vehicle.dynamic_engines when there are already vehicles can cause crashes (r15656, r15586)
- Fix: Only ever call any vehicle callbacks after the whole articulated engine has been built (except 0x16) (r15654)
- Fix: new (this) is seldom a good idea as destructors of member variables are not run causing memory leaks [FS#2706] (r15652)
- Fix: [OSX] Hack around an OSX stupidity in < 10.4 w.r.t. signals by not having any signal handling support for OSX < 10.4 (r15648)
- Fix: Add an EngineOverrideManager to give the term 'compatible newgrf' again some sense and to not crash because of trivial changes [FS#2612] (r15645)
- Fix: Closing a network connection twice in the case that sending packets starts failing while disconnecting [FS#2710] (r15644)
- Fix: Game crashes when network pools are empty, so always allocate at least one pool block [FS#2712] (r15641)
- Fix: Do not allow more than 64 road vehicles to reserve a slot at a single road stop. 255 + 1 gives trouble, but 64 is even more than the roadstop would be able to handle within the slot timeout time [FS#2707] (r15635)
- Fix: Kicking/banning a client from the Client list window crashed the server [FS#2705] (r15628)
- Fix: UTF8 string handling could cause buffer overruns [FS#2698] (r15626)
- Fix: When trying to reserve a self-crossing path the failed reservation was sometimes not cleared completely [FS#2701] (r15619)
- Fix: Towns would only build houses where the grid would not be, even when they aren't allowed to build roads and the user 'implements' another layout [FS#2661] (r15604)
- Fix: Crash when using an extraordinarily large sprite as cursor [FS#2696] (r15601)
- Fix: Crash when opening viewport while scrolling the map and the mouse 'lands' on the window decoration of the viewport [FS#2695] (r15598)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Refit-info in purchase list did only check the first articulated part (r15592)
- Fix: Change owner of waypoints and deleted stations when merging companies or when a company bankrupts (r15588)
- Fix: Last activity time not properly updated causing downloads to be aborted after a minute [FS#2684] (r15580)
- Fix: Force unload not working when trying to force unload at the station where you received the cargo [FS#2680] (r15574)
- Fix: Theoretical buffer overflow when a company with too long name funded a road reconstruction (r15572)
- Fix: When building signals by dragging from a pre/entry/combo block signal, the signal you started at became a normal block signal [FS#2674] (r15567)
- Fix: Dependency information was not requested after the content state was reset causing the dependencies not always being selected (and thus downloaded) automatically [FS#2675] (r15565)
- Fix: Crash when saving a preset with unknown NewGRFs [FS#2646] (r15561)
- Fix: The font width cache was not updated when changing fonts causing the font spacing to be off when changing fonts in-game (auto font detection) (r15557)
- Fix: -v null crashing in 2051 due to trying to show the high score of the spectator (r15554)
- Fix: [NoAI] crash when setting a depot order to the southern part of a ship depot [FS#2656] (r15551)
- Fix: keep_all_autosave was ignored for dedicated servers/spectators [FS#2651] (r15546)
- Fix: If a buoy was placed directly in front of a dock, that dock was seen as a buoy and thus skipped once within 3 tiles [FS#2653] (r15545)
- Fix: Extracting downloaded content did not work for Windows if one uses a non-ASCII path [FS#2650] (r15544)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When articulated parts have no available default cargo, use the cargo type of the first part for livery selection [FS#2617] (r15541)
- Fix: Testing of 'only_this' in CmdRefitRoadVeh() could be skipped by 'continue' (r15540)
- Fix: [NewGRF] If an aircraft cannot carry any available cargo, it should not be available either instead of falling back to passenger/mail. Just like the other vehicle types also do (r15539)
- Fix: Do not allow special sprite characters (e.g. the ship sprite) as characters in input like filenames or text that is sent over the network (r15537)
- Fix: The local command queue did not get properly cleaned when leaving a game meaning you could end up executing commands of the previous network game [FS#2644] (r15529)
- Fix: Do not try to find the AIs the server runs when joining a multiplayer server (r15525)
- Fix: Use distance to closest station tile as estimate for YAPF too (NPF already does so). This makes it behave 'better' with wide stations [FS#2631] (r15518)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Wagonoverrides and articulated engine parts use the colour scheme of the engine, but not its recolour callback, nor its 2CC flag. Same applies to roadvehicles [FS#2642] (r15517)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Livery overrides for articulated parts of roadvehicles were not applied (r15516)
- Fix: Make the join/spectate command require to be connected to a network game; in SP it could lead to crashes (r15514)
- Fix: Generating a map with the original map generator with freeform edges on resulted in a crash [FS#2641] (r15511)
- Fix: Pre-0.5 OTTD stored new_nonstop and full_load_any in a different way, savegame conversion was not working for them (r15500)
- Fix: Crash when opening the game options when the currently loaded base graphics pack has less than 2 valid graphics files. For example when someone replaces all his/her original base graphics with custom work (but keeps the name) or renames the dos ones to windows or vice versa [FS#2630] (r15476)

Administrator 01.12.2009 19:04

OpenTTD Release version: 0.7.4
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0.7.4 (2009-12-01)
- Местоположение: Endianness выходят с сохранением изменить масштаб изображения уровня [FS#3333] (r18351)
- Местоположение: [NewGRF], запуская новую игру значения действия D переменные 13 были неправильными [FS#3324] (r18207)

0.7.4-RC1 (2009-11-15)
- Изменение: Предпочтите extmidi по аллегро midi и аллегро по нулевому драйверу [FS#3272] (r17875)
- Изменение: [NewGRF] Применяют значение по умолчанию refitmasks только, когда NewGRF не устанавливал ни одного из трех refittability свойств (xor маска, позитивные классы, отрицательные классы) (r17663)
- Местоположение: Аварийный отказ, когда ясно сформулированный RV включает диск через дорожную станцию, которая становится сильно (несостоятельной), удалял [FS#3310] (r18049)
- Местоположение: GCC 4.5 компилирования (r18045)
- Местоположение: искусственные интеллекты были не в состоянии загружать свои данные от savegames, разрушаясь их, когда они попробовали [FS#3290] (r18038)
- Местоположение: Экран перешел немного для по крайней мере SDL и Аллегро когда щелкнувший правой кнопкой мыши перета (r18030)
- Местоположение: [NewGRF] Улучшают синтаксический анализ данных РИФА. Пропустите неизвестные участки памяти и проверьте размеры участка памяти (r17999)
- Местоположение: Когда Вы запускаете давать деньги (входное окно за количество), затем перемещены наблюдателям, и Вы нажимаете "Ok", аварийный отказ произошел бы (r17953)
- Местоположение: Используйте 24bpp формат BMP вместо 32bpp для скриншотов. Оставляет свободное место и поддержан большим количеством средств просмотра изображения (r17943)
- Местоположение: Близкий файл ФОРМАТА BMP, делая сбои скриншота (r17941)
- Местоположение: Взаимная блокировка, пытаясь создать скриншот со слишком длинным названием (включая путь) (r17936)
- Местоположение: Аварийный отказ, закрывая окно параметра NewGRF без NewGRF выбрал [FS#3291] (r17922)
- Местоположение: 32bpp скриншоты ФОРМАТА BMP были в неправильных цветах на больших endian машинах и сломаны, когда ширина экрана не была множителем 4 (r17910, r17909)
- Местоположение: Неинициализированные значения в некоторых путях загрузки TTO savegames [FS#3288] (r17908)
- Местоположение: Сделайте скорость плоскости, устанавливающую неизменный в сетевых играх, потому что она может читаться NewGRFs на игровой загрузке и таким образом если она изменяет причину desyncs (r17902)
- Местоположение: [NewGRF] 'вычитают - в', также подписан для промышленной версии 0 (r17857) возвратного вызова
- Местоположение: [NewGRF] _date_fract выполняется от 0 до 73 с тех пор r2041. Переменная 0x09 не должен (r17824)
- Местоположение: не терпите неудачу интенсивно, когда никакая звуковая плата не могла быть обнаружена; только возвратитесь к нулевому драйверу [FS#3268] (r17788)
- Местоположение: у языков CJK нет пространств, таким образом для того, чтобы добавить newlines (много строки строки) мы должны (должным образом) обработать случай, когда нет никаких пространств вместо того, чтобы усечь строку [FS#3264] (r17772)
- Местоположение: Вертолет Powernaut получил неправильное 'количество загрузки' (r17758)
- Местоположение: [NewGRF] 'last_value' и 'переначальное число' разделены между процедурой и основной цепочкой, 'область видимости' и 'счет' не (r17672)
- Местоположение: подсчитайте только активных клиентов (не те, которые ждут загрузки карты), проверяя min_active_clients предел (r16506)

0.7.3 (2009-10-01)
- Местоположение: [NewGRF] Аварийный отказ, пытаясь встроить промышленность, у которой нет никакой схемы размещения промышленности, определил [FS#3233] (r17638, r

0.7.4 (2009-12-01)
- Fix: Endianness issue with saving the zoom level [FS#3333] (r18351)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When starting a new game the values of action D variable 13 were incorrect [FS#3324] (r18207)

0.7.4-RC1 (2009-11-15)
- Change: Prefer extmidi over allegro midi and allegro over null driver [FS#3272] (r17875)
- Change: [NewGRF] Apply default refitmasks only when the NewGRF did not set any of the three refittability properties (xor mask, positive classes, negative classes) (r17663)
- Fix: Crash when an articulated RV is turning on a drive through road station that gets forcefully (bankrupt) removed [FS#3310] (r18049)
- Fix: GCC 4.5 compiling (r18045)
- Fix: AIs failed to load their data from savegames by crashing them when they tried [FS#3290] (r18038)
- Fix: Screen jumped a bit for at least SDL and Allegro when right-click-dragging (r18030)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Improve parsing of RIFF data. Skip unknown chunks and check chunk sizes (r17999)
- Fix: When you start giving money (input window for amount), then get moved to spectators and you click 'Ok' a crash would occur (r17953)
- Fix: Use 24bpp BMP format instead of 32bpp for screenshots. Saves space and is supported by more image viewers (r17943)
- Fix: Close BMP file when making screenshot fails (r17941)
- Fix: Deadlock when trying to create screenshot with too long name (including path) (r17936)
- Fix: Crash when closing NewGRF parameter window with no NewGRF selected [FS#3291] (r17922)
- Fix: 32bpp BMP screenshots were in wrong colours on big endian machines and broken when screen width was not a multiple of 4 (r17910, r17909)
- Fix: Uninitialised values in some paths of loading TTO savegames [FS#3288] (r17908)
- Fix: Make the plane speed setting unchangeable in network games because it can be read by NewGRFs on game load and thus if it changes cause desyncs (r17902)
- Fix: [NewGRF] 'subtract-in' is also signed for production callback version 0 (r17857)
- Fix: [NewGRF] _date_fract runs from 0 to 73 since r2041. Variable 0x09 should not (r17824)
- Fix: Do not fail hard when no soundcard could be detected; just fall back on the null-driver [FS#3268] (r17788)
- Fix: CJK languages do not have spaces, so for adding newlines (multi line strings) we need to (properly) handle the case when there are no spaces instead of truncating the string [FS#3264] (r17772)
- Fix: Powernaut Helicopter got wrong 'load amount' (r17758)
- Fix: [NewGRF] 'last_value' and 'reseed' are shared between procedure and main chain, 'scope' and 'count' are not (r17672)
- Fix: Count only active clients (not those waiting for map download) when checking min_active_clients limit (r16506)

0.7.3 (2009-10-01)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Crash when trying to build an industry that has no industry layout defined [FS#3233] (r17638, r17633)

0.7.3-RC2 (2009-09-24)
- Update: Documentation about bug reporting and known bugs (r17554)
- Fix: When a command did not fail in test run and failed in execution run, error message was not set. Affects only few commands (r17607)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Crash when defining the same tile in a tile layout twice [FS#3218] (r17605)
- Fix: Vehicle image was not always updated when needed (r17594)
- Fix: [NoAI] Could not query the size of small airports when they could not be build anymore [FS#3212] (r17591)
- Fix: Erroneous message about changing the difficulty level [FS#3220] (r17588)
- Fix: Assertion triggered when the second vehicle in a 101+ (or 11+ if mammoth trains is disabled) vehicle free wagon chain is an engine and the first vehicle is moved to another chain [FS#3208] (r17576)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Memory leak when viewing the NewGRF settings of a server (r17563)
- Fix: [NewGRF] The NewGRF settings of (remote) network games did not get properly updated when the NewGRFs were rescanned causing reading of freed data [FS#2972] (r17562)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Close the 'Add NewGRF' window when you close the 'NewGRF Settings' window. The add window has a pointer to the settings which means that not deleting it would cause dereferencing an already freed pointer [FS#3206] (r17559)
- Fix: Vehicles waiting for their time table did not load anymore after their initial load was completed [FS#3201] (r17551)
- Fix: Aircraft were given an unfair advantage in station rating calculations (r17550)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Sign extending of profit calculation did not work (r17546)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIs had 'infinite' time when running code from the global scope [FS#3202] (r17545)
- Fix: [NoAI] Crash when doing commands in the 'global' scope [FS#3202] (r17544)

0.7.3-RC1 (2009-09-13)
- Add: [NoAI] AITown::GetLastMonthTransportedPercentage and AIIndustry::GetLastMonthTransportedPercentage (r17294)
- Add: [NoAI] AICompany::Get/Set PresidentGender (r17016)
- Add: [NoAI] AIEngine::GetDesignDate (r17014)
- Add: [NoAI] AIStation::GetConstructionDate (r17012)
- Add: [NoAI] AIAbstractList::SORT_ASCENDING / SORT_DESCENDING (r17005)
- Change: [NoAI] AITown::GetLastMonthProduction now returns the same value as AITown::GetMaxProduction (r17293)
- Change: Mention the MD5 checksum of the original NewGRF in the 'saveload failed horribly'-error message and make it more clear that the filename is of the current NewGRF [FS#3139] (r17267)
- Change: Make overbuilding the front tile of a road station/depot with road consistent with overbuilding the front tile of tunnels/bridges [FS#2802] (r17239)
- Change: Improve error output on missing or corrupt files (r17238)
- Change: [Unix] Only use colorized error output on interactive terminals (r17227)
- Change: [NoAI] Crash an AI when it uses a DoCommand / Sleep instead of just printing an error message in the AI Debug Window [FS#2980] (r17223)
- Change: [NoAI] When the API requests a string as parameter allow every squirrel type and convert to a string [FS#3101] (r17221)
- Change: Make strgen warn if the translation uses STRINGn or RAW_STRING instead of STRING (r17137, r17129)
- Change: [NoAI] Load the API before compiling an AI script so AIs can subclass API classes and use API constants as part of their own constants (r17043)
- Change: Add notion of Ctrl+Click in the tooltip for Loan borrow/repay buttons [FS#3066] (r16979)
- Change: [MSVC] Make all language files depend on english.txt (r16975)
- Change: There is no point in not randomising engine introduction-date before 1922. Instead disable the randomisation for the first two years after game-start, so you do not have to wait for the first engine (r16929)
- Fix: [Squirrel] In some cases the call stack would not be cleaned up properly during crash handling. Occasionally this causes asserts to be triggered or crashes [FS#3189] (r17515)
- Fix: When loading GRFConfigs from ini file, validate them wrt. duplicate GRF IDs [FS#3197] (r17510)
- Fix: When building a part fails during cloning, sell what was already cloned instead of leaving it 'for free'. Also make cloning multiheaded trains possible with with 'max - 1' vehicles existing [FS#3196] (r17509)
- Fix: [NoAI] The wrong value was restored to SetAllowDoCommand possible resulting in an AI that was not allowed to do any actions (r17500)
- Fix: Road vehicles could get lost when the prelimiary destination (for the pathfinder heuristics) is unreachable [FS#3188] (r17491)
- Fix: When building roads is not allowed for town, then do not build the initial piece either [FS#3173] (r17444)
- Fix: Destruction of depots did not remove any vehicle lists related to the depot, causing windows pointing to deleted depots and (thus) crashes [FS#3180] (r17442)
- Fix: Economy recession would never end when economy is set to Steady while in recession (r17426)
- Fix: The index of orders loaded from old savegames was owerwritten with an unitialized value (r17419)
- Fix: Incomplete check on validity of industry type when building industries (r17413)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Guard against Squirrel stack overflows (r17403)
- Fix: [NoAI] During every save a few slots on the Squirrel stack were leaked (r17402)
- Fix: [NoAI] Several AITile::* functions did not check whether their parameters were valid (r17378)
- Fix: Memory leak when trying to bankrupt the local company, other minor improvements of bankruptcy (r17342, r17341, r17340)
- Fix: Not all non-ASCII characters were entered with escapes in the About window (r17309)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIRail::RemoveRailTrack returned ERR_PRECONDITION_ERROR for road/rail-crossings (r17307)
- Fix: [NoAI] Reloading an AI started a new AI in the first available company slot causing other AIs to be started [FS#3153] (r17298)
- Fix: [NoAI] AITown::GetLastMonthTransported did not work as documented at all, make it return what AITown::GetLastMonthProduction did (r17293)
- Fix: Crash after upgrading base graphics set when opening the game options menu and you were using the upgraded set [FS#3147] (r17291)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Stack was not always cleared properly with tail recursion (r17284)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Calling a function that has default parameters with not enough parameters can cause a crash (r17273)
- Fix: Other tunnel end not shown if building rail tunnels and the first railtype is not available yet [FS#3141] (r17251)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIs that crashed during Save() were not killed as they should [FS#3134] (r17231)
- Fix: [NoAI] Do not assert when an AI uses AI*Mode objects incorrectly but crash the AI instead (r17230)
- Fix: Remove the (deprecated since 2006) Encoding entry from the openttd.desktop file (r17226)
- Fix: With time tables vehicles would stay in the 'loading' state after they have finished loading [FS#3129, FS#3130] (r17222)
- Fix: Do not ignore white space changes (e.g. alignment fixes) in the exporter (r17220)
- Fix: [NoAI] IsRoadTypeAvailable(GetCurrentRoadType()) was not a precondition for several AIRoad::* functions (r17203)
- Fix: [NoAI] Do not say you are building a depot when you are actually building a station (API docs typo) (r17201)
- Fix: Accept monthly production values in the scenario editor [FS#2406] (r17198)
- Fix: [Squirrel] FPE when an AI tried to do '% 0' (r17195)
- Fix: [NoAI] Guard the valuator against 'external' modifications of the valuated list which could cause it to go into an infinite loop [FS#3124] (r17193)
- Fix: Do not return exit value of rm, but of the actual configure run (r17163)
- Fix: A stuck train could free the reservation of another train if it was reversed or did crash (r17152)
- Fix: A train entering a PBS section through a block signal could cause a train crash if another reservation ending at a safe tile was already present in the section [FS#3104] (r17151)
- Fix: Update vehicle position cache when the vehicle sprite changes [FS#3060] (r17121)
- Fix: Mark industry tiles dirty when trigger are triggered (r17118)
- Fix: failed for some locales (r17109)
- Fix: Make restart command work again and make the help show how it works and how it does not work [FS#3092] (r17097)
- Fix: News message about ordered refits failing was not very clear [FS#3091] (r17096)
- Fix: Crash when renaming some stations [FS#3082] (r17078)
- Fix: RPM spec file failed for CentOS; apparantly their rpmbuild is pickier or so [FS#3024] (r17077)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Mark house tiles dirty when triggers were triggered (r17047)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Trigger house trigger 02 only for the north tile [FS#3085] (r17046)
- Fix: Graphical glitch with graph key [FS#3083] (r17041)
- Fix: '[bd]ash'-ism in configure [FS#3076] (r17026)
- Fix: Infinite recursion in content dependency checking [FS#3075] (r17015)
- Fix: Concatenating strings in Squirrel when non-ASCII strings were received from OpenTTD failed [FS#3074] (r17013)
- Fix: [NoAI] Documentation of AITile::LevelTiles was wrong (r17049)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIBridge::GetPrice returned incorrect values (r16986)
- Fix: Make it so that failing to generate many random towns in scenario editor returns a failing message [FS#3059] (r16977)
- Fix: The last manually added server would not be saved [FS#3062] (r16981)

0.7.2 (2009-08-01)
- Fix: Vehicles would wait 'very long' when they had nothing to unload and gradual loading was disabled [FS#3054] (r16933)

0.7.2-RC2 (2009-07-21)
- Fix: When marking trains stuck do not reset the unload/stuck counter when the vehicle is unloading. It will be automatically reset once the vehicle wants to leave the station [FS#3038] (r16901)
- Fix: [NoAI]: Small errors in the API documentation [FS#3037] (r16865)
- Fix: Savegames from before 0.4 would get their waypoint 'index' messed up (r16854)
- Fix: Cargo payments were not destroyed when a vehicle was destructed. This only happened when you crashed a vehicle while it was unloading [FS#3032, FS#3046] (r16801)

0.7.2-RC1 (2009-07-15)
- Add: Plural 'rule' for Korean (r16811)
- Add: [NoAI] AIVehicle::GetReliability to get the current reliability of vehicles (r16790)
- Fix: Call the AI Save() function only once so AIs can not crash OpenTTD [FS#3034] (r16834)
- Fix: Use the palette of the vehicle being drawn instead of the one of the front vehicle (r16819)
- Fix: Automatic resizing of SelectCompanyLiveryWindow was not working as expected [FS#3021] (r16809)
- Fix: Service orders did not behave like conditional orders; if a train does not need service it did not completely skip the order, but still go in the direction of the depot [FS#3031] (r16802)
- Fix: Houses would not get build on the map edge [FS#3025] (r16795)
- Fix: Audio playback rate was fixed at 11025Hz regardless of the rate specified to the audio driver, resulting in incorrect playback speed. It is still preferable to use 11025Hz output rate if possible as OpenTTD's sample rate converter is very low quality (r16784)
- Fix: Do not use the same error message for turning around road vehicles and flipping parts of trains in the depot [FS#3019] (r16772)
- Fix: The win32 and win64 binary packages would not get their readme converted to DOS line endings (r16769)
- Fix: [NoAI] AITile::GetCargoProduction/Acceptance did not accept a radius of 0 anymore (r16767)
- Fix: In the refit window the 'Select cargo type to carry' line always showed the ship refit tooltip [FS#3018] (r16757)
- Fix: When loading a savegame Engine::grffile might be left NULL in certain cases (dynamic_engines enabled, articulated vehicle with only wagon-override action3s) (r16737)
- Fix: Show Close instead of Cancel when there is nothing to canel in the content downloading window [FS#2991] (r16732)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIDepotList contained wrong tiles for hangars when st->xy != st->airport_tile (r16731)
- Fix: The Join station window did not show all stations nearby in some cases (r16728)
- Fix: Invalidate subsidies with invalid source or destination when converting older savegames (r16710)
- Fix: The list of animated tiles could have duplicates (only for old savegames) and tiles that were not animated [FS#2994] (r16709)
- Fix: When SDL/Allegro fail to initialise, fall back on another video driver but not to the null driver (r16702, r16700, r16699)
- Fix: Limit the screen's resolution to 65535x65535 so the dirty pixels stay within bounds of a 32 bits integer [FS#3001] (r16701)
- Fix: Only pay for whatever has been actually unloaded and perform the payment when unloading has finished [FS#2995] (r16694)
- Fix: Missing debug string for ESRB_SAFE_TILE in YAPF debugging helper [FS#3002] (r16690)
- Fix: When there is no AI version that can load data from the savegame, load the latest version of the same AI instead of a random AI (r16651, r16650, r16649)
- Fix: Loading of some town data from old savegames was broken (r16631)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Some of the var action 2 80+ variables contained wrong results from NewGRF perspective (r16615, r16613)
- Fix: Antialiased fonts broken; check pixel_mode instead of palette_mode (r16602)
- Fix: Give a more meaningful error message when console commands expect an integer but do not get one (r16600)
- Fix: Mouse would under some circumstances not be undrawn when drawing the first chat line causing two mouse pointers to be visible [FS#2969] (r16594)
- Fix: Do not crash when tars/NewGRFs are removed, just tell the file could not be opened/found [FS#2967] (r16590)
- Fix: Set default stack size to 1MB to prevent _chstk crash (MSVC) [FS#2978] (r16589, r16588)
- Fix: [Network] Always send the starting date from the game you are currently playing instead the starting date from the config file (r16573)
- Fix: Also catch FPEs in saveload and the warning about missing NewGRFs; only happens when assertions are disabled and NewGRFs are missing (r16572)
- Fix: In some cases, train could be stuck in depot [FS#2974] (r16571)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIMarine::AreWaterTilesConnected did not return true for bridge head<>neighbouring water tile (r16563)
- Fix: Removing of duplicates of base graphics set could behave randomly (r16548)

0.7.1 (2009-06-09)
- Fix: When finding duplicate graphics sets favour the more complete one (r16538)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Crash that occured when an AI was halted while one or more generators were still in a 'running' state [FS#2942] (r16534)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Do not copy an object when we just checked that the pointer to it is NULL (r16532)
- Fix: Notify small UFOs on deletion of road vehicles, so they can head for somewhere else instead of stumbling over a ghost (r16525)
- Fix: [NoAI] StationIDs from oilrigs were not considered valid by the API (r16529)
- Fix: Draw PBS reservation as groundsprite resp. childsprite of foundation/bridgehead [FS#2959] (r16528)
- Fix: Missing guards in the NoAI API making it possible to hit an assert in OpenTTD [FS#2963] (r16524)
- Fix: [NoAI] Possible assert in AI debug window when an AI was stopped and a human company took its CompanyID [FS#2962] (r16522)
- Fix: [NoAI] Make sure AIBridge::BuildBridge returns what the documentation says it does (r16520)

0.7.1-RC3 (2009-06-03)
- Add: [NoAI] AISignList that can be used to get a list of valid signs (r16400)
- Change: [NoAI] Stop an AI when it takes too long to initialize or load [FS#2869] (r16425)
- Fix: Base graphics names must be unique, so do not add duplicates (r16503)
- Fix: [NoAI] When an AI was suspended while in a function called (indirectly) via call/acall/pcall OpenTTD crashed. Fix this by disallowing AIs to be suspended while called via call/acall/pcall [FS#2935] (r16502)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Invalidate NewGRF variable caches of more vehicles in more places. Esp. they were only invalidated for trains (r16480)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Call callbacks after initialisation of vehicle variables (r16479)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Determining most common (sub-)cargo-type was broken due to someone confusing similiary named variables (r16478)
- Fix: Loading indicator when 'unload' in and 'no loading' is off was pointing in the wrong direction [FS#2936] (r16477)
- Fix: Track reservation was drawn at bridge heads in the menu (r16470)
- Fix: [NoAI] Another try/catch related bug (r16454)
- Fix: Road vehicles ending up on the pavement when they are in a drive through station that got removed due to bankruptcy [FS#2909] (r16448)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIRail::GetRailStationDirection returned incorrect information (r16440)
- Fix: Crash when a company is deleted while a dropdown with company names is open (r16430)
- Fix: Do not allow content download via the console when there is no zlib as it is done for the GUI already [FS#2919] (r16420)
- Fix: Some 64bit architectures require size_t to be aligned at 8-byte boundary, ensure it for MemBlock (r16415)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Disable multitile houses with non-zero population on additional tiles as they cause desyncs and because the specs do not allow that either (r16383)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Valid UTF-8 sequences between 0x20 and 0xFF should be allowed as is instead of being treated as control codes (r16374)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Use a valid StringID as fall-back when undefined generic NewGRF strings of vehicles are requested (r16366)

0.7.1-RC2 (2009-05-21)
- Fix: The previously selected NewGRF station type was still remembered after switching to a different game without newstations enabled, preventing stations from being built (r16363)
- Fix: Pointer incremented with wrong count (r16361)
- Fix: Delete invalid depots in TTD savegames caused by improper SVXConverter conversions (r16357)
- Fix: Invalid read when OTTD savegame contains VEH_INVALID (r16353)
- Fix: Signal handler could end in endless loop (r16351)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When overriding 'original sounds', only allow overriding of the 'original sounds' and not any other that is already loaded (r16339)
- Fix: Desyncs when removing lots of stations/towns (r16329, r16328)
- Fix: Desyncs due to the fact that depot searching with a maximum search depth simply does not work with YAPF's caches [FS#2900] (r16323)
- Fix: Trains could get stuck in a depot when they wanted to go to the same depot again [FS#2873] (r16322)
- Fix: In the scenario editor change the (starting) game year of the scenario, not the (starting) game year for new games/scenarios (r16321)
- Fix: Loading of savegames created in revision between 0.3.5 and 0.3.6 caused crash (r16320)
- Fix: [NoAI] Set the autorenew settings for new AI companies to the default values, not to 0 or the local settings (r16316)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Allow accessing the house age when the house is not yet built (r16314)
- Fix: (Get|Set)TrackBits() is only valid for RAIL_TILE_NORMAL and _SIGNALS (r16311)
- Fix: Parameter is invalid when it is equal to length of an array (r16308)
- Fix: Close all windows before unloading the AI system as closing the content-download window will rescan for AIs [FS#2901] (r16306)
- Fix: ICC (Intel C++ Compiler) defined __GNUC__ but does not define __builtin_bswap32, so fall back to the default swap method for ICC (r16295)
- Fix: Road vehicles were unable to find a depot when turning around (in some cases), causing 'nearest depot' orders to be occasionally lost [FS#2893] (r16291
- Fix: Unable to (re)set the desert state for watery tiles [FS#2888] (r16290)
- Fix: Possible (in theory) desync related to autorenew settings (r16287)
- Fix: Crash after using the 'Reset landscape' function and remove all waypoint signs and buoys after resetting landscape (r16280)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Disable multitile houses for which the NewGRF does not define proper additional tiles (r16274)

0.7.1-RC1 (2009-05-11)
- Add: [NoAI] AIController::GetVersion, this returns the version of OpenTTD in the same way as for NewGRFs (r16253)
- Add: [NoAI] AIAirport::GetPrice, returning the building cost of an airport (r16252)
- Add: [NoAI] Two new error codes to AITile: ERR_AREA_ALREADY_FLAT and ERR_EXCAVATION_WOULD_DAMAGE (r16171)
- Add: [NoAI] AITile::Get(Min|Max|Corner)Height (r16166)
- Add: [NoAI] Several functions to AIOrder to check the what kind of order an order is and AIVehicle.SendVehicleToDepotForServicing [FS#2801] (r16165)
- Add: [NoAI] UseAsRandomAI as function in info.nut. When an AI returns false, it will never be chosen as random AI (r16113)
- Add: [NoAI] AIOF_STOP_IN_DEPOT to the orderflags in AIOrder to allow stop-in-depot orders (r16107)
- Add: [NoAI] GetURL() as possible function to info.nut. If AIs implement it, that url is shown when the AI crashes and also in the AI selection window [FS#2808] (r16093)
- Change: [NoAI] Reverse the order of the lines in the AI debug window [FS#2778] (r16091)
- Change: Harden string copying on places where it is possible (r16024)
- Change: Use recent Czech language for plural form (r15965)
- Fix: Wrong number of parameters or wrong parameter types sent to printf-like functions at several places (r16269)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When callback 2E returns an amount of 0, do not transport 1 unit to the station (r16268)
- Fix: [NoAI] Various documentation omissions with respect to IDs of various objects and corners for AITile::(Raise|Lower)Tile (r16267, r16266)
- Fix: [NoAI] Check slopes passed to the API better for validity (r16264, r16262)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Interpret setting bridge property 08 to 0 as always available (r16263)
- Fix: [NoAI] Enable parameter checking for AIController::* functions again (r16249)
- Fix: [NoAI] Make sure AITunnel::BuildTunnel returns what the documentation says it does (r16244)
- Fix: [NoAI] CmdBuildTunnel could be called with invalid parameters from the API code, causing crashes later [FS#2875] (r16243)
- Fix: Improve corner case order handling: mark order as done only when actually done, obey non-stop orders, do only stop/refit at the depot in the order (r16240, r16228, r16199, r16198, r16187)
- Fix: [NoAI] Use the stop/non-stop intermediate orderflags AIs can give for goto-depot orders (r16239)
- Fix: [NewGRF] ActionB should use the online parameters from GRFFile instead of the initial user-specified values from GRFConfig. Also use the values as they were set when the ActionB was executed, not as they are set when the message is shown (r16223)
- Fix: Possible crashes when quiting OpenTTD or forcing resizes/redraws of the screen during map generation [FS#2862] (r16220)
- Fix: Shared orders without orders were not properly converted causing corrupt/invalid orders when loading pre 0.7 savegames [FS#2878] (r16214)
- Fix: Hardcoded (old sized) MAX_COMPANIES constant (r16182)
- Fix: [Squirrel] The traps variable was not restored, causing try/catch blocks to be 'forgotten' during a suspend (r16181)
- Fix: Do not try to reserve path for trains crashed in station [FS#2866] (r16178)
- Fix: Forbid joining AI companies via the 'move' and 'join' console commands/multiplayer lobby (r16176, r16175)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIOrder::GetOrderDestination and AIOrder::GetOrderFlags did not work on ORDER_CURRENT when the vehicle was loading/leaving in a station (r16165)
- Fix: [NoAI] Change WAYPOINT_INVALID to 0xFFFF from -1 as that is the value the AIs got (due to casting) (r16150)
- Fix: The overflowsafe type did not like dividing by int64 larger than MAX_INT32 causing division by negative numbers and small anomolies when drawing graphs [FS#2855] (r16130)
- Fix: Road was removed when both the Remove button was active and Ctrl was pressed [FS#2582] (r16119)
- Fix: [NoAI] Make sure AIOrder::GetDestination always returns a tile belonging to the station (16109)
- Fix: [NoAI] When giving an aircraft a goto-hangar order do not let it be a normal goto-station order (r16108)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIOrder::SetOrderFlags always removed 'Service if needed' from goto-depot orders (r16106)
- Fix: Connect tried to validate too much of the company ID with too little information on hand [FS#2849] (r16096)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIDebug window profiled the blitters by invalidating itself unconditionally on repaint. On the other hand it was not invalidated in other cases when needed (r16094)
- Fix: The language is called Slovak, not Slovakish (r16090)
- Fix: Insanely fast trains would not stop in time for stations/'jump' over waypoints/via stations within a tick, which would cause the order not to be processed causing the train to go in loops until (with luck) it 'hit' the tile [FS#2824] (r16079)
- Fix: Content download progress bar 'resetting' due to mathematical overflow [FS#2845] (r16071)
- Fix: Memory leak when querying a server multiple times (r16064)
- Fix: [NoAI] MOF_COND_DESTINATION was not accepted by CmdModifyOrder() (r16063)
- Fix: Non advanced vehicle list did not handle company switching correctly (r16054)
- Fix: Do not warn that crashed vehicles are getting old; upgrading them is impossible [FS#2740] (r16048)
- Fix: The currency abbreviation for the Romanian Leu is now RON [FS#774] (r16041)
- Fix: Dash was not able to run iconv detection (r16035)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Do not give '... Mines' as name to the station of oil rigs, or more general: do not add '... Mines' when the all of the cargoes are part of the liquid, passenger or mail classes [FS#2785] (r16029)
- Fix: Storing/loading some currencies failed due to inconsistent settings 'tables' [FS#2826] (r16028)
- Fix: Usage of uninitialised memory when trying to build a random new industry, but there are no industrytypes to choose from (i.e. all appearance probabilities are zero) (r16027)
- Fix: 'Build separate station' in the station picker would reuse deleted stations [FS#2818] (r16025)
- Fix: 32 bpp sprites in tars would also be shown in the list of heightmaps [FS#2817] (r16023)
- Fix: Sometimes the unregister 'query' thread could be delayed so much that the network stuff was already closed and the packet would never reach the master server causing the server to appear online longer than necessary (r16022)
- Fix: Chance16() did not work for b = 1. Also transform the formula to not use divisions (r16006)
- Fix: Inconsistency between using NETWORK_NAME_LENGTH and NETWORK_CLIENT_NAME_LENGTH for the length of client names (r15988)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Abort production callback after 0x10000 iterations and show a messagebox blaming the NewGRF [FS#2787] (r15958)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Set callback_param1 (var 10) to 1 only when requested (r15957)
- Fix: Tooltip of detailed ratings window button showed wrong message (r15943)

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