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Общие вопросы по OpenTTD / General OpenTTD OpenTTD - клон Transport Tycoon Deluxe с открытым исходным кодом, написанный на C. Содержит ряд улучшений и возможность игры по сети. OpenTTD is a fully open-sourced clone of TTD, written in C, boasting improved gameplay and many new features.
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OpenTTD Release version: 1.0.1

1.0.1 (2010-05-01)
- Fix: Crash when using restart via rcon (r19722)
- Fix: Leaking a file descriptor [CVE-2010-0406] [FS#3785] (r19695)
- Fix: Crash when the music/graphics metadata files were unreadable [FS#3774] (r19674)

1.0.1-RC2 (2010-04-22)
- Fix: Desync when joining the game because of using the wrong variable (r19687)
- Fix: Truncated archives were not detected when using zlib 1.2.3. This also fixes zlib 1.2.4 compatibility, zlib 1.2.5 is bugfree (r19686)
- Fix: Towns with 3x3 and 2x2 road layouts could not expand (r19683)
- Fix: When joining a MP game all clients with company ID > 0 would be shown as if they were a spectator [FS#3775] (r19680)
- Fix: Client status was shown incorrect in the console (r19678)

1.0.1-RC1 (2010-04-17)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support for extended text code 0x9A 11, print qword (r19570)
- Feature: Give more detailed error message when trying to build a too long bridge (r19561)
- Feature: Add rail speed limit to land area information window (r19556, r19434)
- Add: [NoAI] AIRail::GetMaxSpeed(RailType) to get the speed limit of railtypes (r19591)
- Change: Sync Debian packaging updates from Debian, but keep building a single package (r19572)
- Fix: Crash of a dedicated server if the null blitter is overridden and (after a while) there is no company 0 on new year anymore [FS#3749] (r19664)
- Fix: In rare cases, update of signals could be missed (r19663)
- Fix: Various improvements of command handling, missing error messages, improper validation causing crashes [CVE-2010-0402] [FS#3748] (r19658, r19657, r19656, r19655, r19654, r19637, r19633, r19621, r19616, r19605, r19604)
- Fix: Industry generation failed for large maps and lots of industry types (r19652, r19643)
- Fix: When a company is sold, move connected clients to spectators [FS#3745] (r19651)
- Fix: A client would not be properly moved when moved while joining, e.g. when entering a company's password. This caused the client to be in the wrong company (according to the rest of the clients) and the client being kicked on the first command [FS#3760] (r19648)
- Fix: Trains loaded above the original IDs did not have a default railtypelabel assigned to them, causing them to be unavailable. Could cause desyncs if the multiplayer game was not started from a savegame [FS#3768] (r19647)
- Fix: Do not allow building cacti outside of the desert or rain forest trees outside of the rain forest area. This to prevent people from thinking planting rain forest trees makes the rain forest bigger and thus adds more place to build a lumber mill [FS#3728] (r19644, r19635, r19634)
- Fix: Desync when taking over companies (r19636)
- Fix: Chat message caused glitch when rejoining a network game [FS#3757] (r19629)
- Fix: Desync when a command is received and in the queue while a client starts joining, i.e. save the game state. This can happen in two ways: with frame_freq > 1 a command received in a previous frame might not be executed yet or when a command is received in the same frame as the join but before the savegame is made. In both cases the joining client would not get all commands to get in-sync with the server (and the other clients) (r19620)
- Fix: Company related graphs were not updated correctly after changing the company colour [FS#3763] (r19615)
- Fix: Possible invalid read when server moves client to spectators before he finishes joining [FS#3755] (r19613)
- Fix: Crash when opening a savegame with a waypoint from around 0.4.0 [FS#3756] (r19612)
- Fix: Improve joining behaviour; kicking clients when entering passwords that was just cleared, 'connection lost' for people failing the password, access restriction circumvention [CVE-2010-0401] [FS#3754] (r19610, r19609, r19608, r19607, r19606)
- Fix: Desync debugging; false positives in the cache validity checks and saving/loading the command stream (r19619, r19617, r19602, r19601, r19600, r19596, r19593, r19592, r19589, r19587, r19586)
- Fix: Presence of online content was not properly updated after download due to duplicate slashes in the path (r19600)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Setting industry prop 0x24 to 0 caused empty station names (r19590)
- Fix: Crash when pressing 'h' (non-stop) in the order window of a ship or aircraft [FS#3744] (r19584)
- Fix: Graphs were not properly updated when going toggling keys (i.e. companies) (r19574)
- Fix: The timetable button was not automatically raised [FS#3739] (r19571)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Possible buffer underflow in NewGRF string code (r19569)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Do not return a random colour for unowned industries in var 45; TTDPatch does not seem to set the colour data in that case either and it could lead to desyncs (r19566)
- Fix: Window::OnResize() was not always called while resizing a window causing incorrect windows [FS#3730] (r19563, r19558)
- Fix: Bridge build error message should not show the same message twice (r19560, r19559)
- Fix: [NewGRF] During NewGRF loading, store rail type labels in temporary data and process after loading has finished. This avoids deactivated rail vehicles being reactivated if the climate property is set after the rail type property (r19557, r19502)
- Fix: Improperly scaled cargo payment graph when having lots of cargo (r19550, 19543)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Properties set before property 08 (house, industry, industry tiles) should be ignored, not trigger the NewGRF to be disabled [FS#3725] (r19547)
- Fix: Sorting industries by production was broken for NewGRF industries (r19538)
- Fix: Vehicle details window did not resize correctly after refitting a road vehicle to a longer variant [FS#3720] (r19533)
- Fix: Prevent drawing industries disabled at the smallmap as land tiles when they are built on water (r19523)
- Fix: Tunnels, bridges and roadstops are build with only one roadtype (r19506)
- Fix: Remove same_industry_close setting did not do what it said and caused NewGRF trouble (r19499)
- Fix: Keep number padding intact when cloning vehicle names [FS#3710] (r19498)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Bytes and words get sign-extended for temporary/persistent storage (r19497)
- Fix: Stop reducing the size of the vehicle list after selecting a vehicle with a long description (r19480)
- Fix: Implement custom sound effect for helicopter take-off [FS#3668] (r19364)
- Update: Plural type of Slovak (r19452)

1.0.0 (2010-04-01)
- Fix: Network clients would crash while connecting to a server with AIs (r19526)
- Fix: [NPF] Crash when finding a waypoint before finding the closest depot [FS#3703] (r19460)

1.0.0-RC3 (2010-03-18)
- Feature: Append rail type speed limit (if set) to rail type selection list, and toolbar title (r19431)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Smallmap colours for railtypes (r19307)
- Change: Make the drive through and cargo list consistency checks only run when 'desync' debugging is enabled (r19403, r19398)
- Change: Update documentation for console command connect to use ip:port#company parameter format, in line with command line help (r19374)
- Change: [NewGRF] Increase railtype cost range (r19306)
- Fix: Mark industry windows dirty more often [FS#3701] (r19443)
- Fix: Custom group names are misaligned with default ones when using rtl languages [FS#3700] (r19438)
- Fix: With certain game settings one could clear tiles for free when building long roads (r19436)
- Fix: When loading a savegame created with a house NewGRF without that NewGRF available all houses became tall office blocks (r19435)
- Fix: Limit rail clearance earnings to 3/4s of rail build cost, to avoid money making loophole when rail build cost is less than rail removal earnings (r19433)
- Fix: Crash when the error message 'owned by ' was shown [FS#3696] (r19432)
- Fix: [NoAI] When the title game contains an AIPL block the AI settings where overwritten by those from the title game (r19429)
- Fix: Gracefully handle the case where we cannot open a .tar file (r19427)
- Fix: [YAPP] A train on a bridge/tunnel was not always found when checking for trains on a reserved path (r19425)
- Fix: [NoAI] The AI Debug window did not open if an AI or library fails to compile when loading a savegame [FS#3669] (r19395)
- Fix: One could not level the whole map anymore at once (r19392)
- Fix: Only show the 'No AIs available' error message when explicitly changing the number of AI opponents [FS3676] (r19389)
- Fix: [NoAI] When reloading a savegame, an AI failing to compile could trigger (trying) to read the not yet loaded information of another AI via the AI Debug window and its "open with the most recently used AI" feature [FS#3666] (r19388)
- Fix: Close all orders windows when switching companies [FS#3671] (r19387)
- Fix: [IPv6] Netmask calculations were wrong if cidr >= 32 [FS#3684] (r19385)
- Fix: Overbuilding bridges, rail stations did not properly update PBS reservation [FS#3680] (r19384, r19383)
- Fix: [NoAI] List valuator could cause invalid iterators [FS#3665] (r19367)
- Fix: Close error messages about missing ownership when the company closes or is taken over [FS#3663] (r19358, r19357)

1.0.0-RC2 (2010-03-04)
- Feature: [YAPF] Consider the railtype imposed speed limit for pathfinding (r19301)
- Feature: BaNaNaS support for music sets (r19262)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add 2 bits of pseudo-random data for rail types, based on tile location (r19235)
- Feature: [Windows] Add OpenMSX to the installer (r19220, r19219)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add CB36 support for aircraft properties 0F and 11 (r19218)
- Feature: Scroll to current order destination when ctrl+clicking the start/stop bar (r19216, r19215)
- Feature: Concept of fallback base sets, i.e. do not automatically load the NoMusic/NoSound sets when there is another set; make NoSound part of base installations (r19214, r19213, r19212, r19211, r19206)
- Feature: Support for genders for cargos, industries, vehicles, stations (r19180, r19179, r19178, r19177)
- Change: Increase the default small font size for freetype fonts as 6 point fonts are usually unreadable [FS#3655] (r19308)
- Change: [NewGRF] Railtype cost factor from byte to word value (r19306)
- Change: Improve error message with track building when signals are in the way (r19190, r19189)
- Change: Do not print the absolute path to AI script files in the AI debug window, use the relative path from /ai/ instead (r19166)
- Change: The Debian packaging; bring it in sync with the packaging used at Debian excluding package splitting (r19162)
- Fix: [Windows] Disable sound when a sound error happens instead of crashing [FS#3652] (r19304)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Return the TTD airport type in station var 0xF1 (r19299)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Segfault when station vars 0xF2/0xF3 is accessed when there is no truck/bus stop (r19298)
- Fix: [NoAI] Some methods of AIAbstractList left invalid iterators [FS#3566] (r19293)
- Fix: [YAPP] If reversing at path signals was disabled, a train would not reverse when hitting the back of an one-way signal (r19286)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Ensure prices cannot be set to zero. Zero prices break a lot of the internal logic to determine whether something has been done [FS#3646] (r19277)
- Fix: 'Cannot build here... in the way' showed the to-be-built industry twice, instead of the to-be-built industry and the industry that is in the way [FS#3618] (r19265)
- Fix: Writing (console) output to a file failed on Windows if the date would not be logged [FS#3639] (r19252)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Some GRF error messages did not free the previous error messages, creating a memory leak (r19251)
- Fix: With RTL languages clicking a horizontal scrollbar that could not scroll could cause a crash [FS#3643] (r19250)
- Fix: Start and end tiles were swapped in CMD_REMOVE_LONG_ROAD causing too much road to be removed [FS#3642] (r19249)
- Fix: DOS 'port' did not compile anymore (r19248)
- Fix: The -M command line option did not work (r19233)
- Fix: GetDestination() is invalid for nearest-depot orders (r19210)
- Fix: Compilation was broken for gcc 3.3 (r19207)
- Fix: The vehicle info in the autoreplace gui was drawn even when the window was shaded [FS#3634] (r19187)
- Fix: When selecting 'build many industries' in the scenario editor the 'build' button was not enabled [FS#3632] (r19176)
- Fix: Buoys are no Stations, only BaseStations (r19174)
- Fix: Under some circumstances timidity (via extmidi) would not shut down properly causing all kinds of trouble (e.g. blocked audio output). Try harder to shut down timidity and first shut down the music so shut down order is the inverse of initialisation order (r19168)
- Fix: Industry 0 could be choosen even if not available [FS#3631] (r19167)
- Fix: Vehicle running costs should not be changed in a running game [FS#3629] (r19165)

1.0.0-RC1 (2010-02-18)
- Feature: Allow to select different land colours for the smallmap (r19064)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Action 3/2/1 (i.e. new graphics) support for rail types (r19056)
- Feature: Add zoom-out to smallmap (r19039)
- Add: [NoAI] AIOrder::[G|S]etStopLocation to get/set the stop location of trains in a rail station (r19014)
- Change: Move home directory to a better place in Haiku [FS#3625] (r19151)
- Change: Do not load the 'new game' NewGRFs when you are certain the savegame would not have been saved with them, i.e. do not load the 'new game' NewGRFs for TTO savegames (r19044)
- Fix: Invisible depots draw the track, so also draw the overlays (r19154)
- Fix: [v]seprintf should return the number of added characters excluding '\0' on truncation [FS#3627] (r19149, r19148)
- Fix: [YAPF] Look-ahead for multitile waypoints 'made up' data that should not go into the cache, causing desyncs in MP [FS#3619] (r19141)
- Fix: Report a more useful error when failing to build a bubble generator (r19137)
- Fix: Resize station cargo widget when needed to display all accepted cargo types [FS#3617] (r19123)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Industry property 0x17 was interpreted incorrectly and in some cases circumvented the density difficulty setting (r19120)
- Fix: removing towns (in the scenario editor) that had stations/depots refer to them or vehicles were on the town's road could cause a crash [FS#3616] (r19119)
- Fix: In the order window the Non-stop dropdown was not enabled for depot and waypoint orders and some buttons were raised too soon [FS#3593] (r19118, r19117)
- Fix: Do not crash on broken lng file and prevent it from happening again [FS#3611] (r19113, r19112)
- Fix: Not all news data was properly freed when starting a new game [FS#3614] (r19105)
- Fix: The BeMidi driver was broken [FS#3610] (r19097)
- Fix: Crash when one of the items in the news_display group in the config file has no value (r19096)
- Fix: Crash when a baseset has an empty metadata field (r19095)
- Fix: Possible read/write after free when the client triggered the server to close the connection [FS#3599] (r19072)
- Fix: Remove Bidi control characters from the reordered text so they are not drawn [FS#3604] (r19067)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Settings that are part of the "TTPatch flags" can cause desyncs if they are changed in network games (r19066)
- Fix: When banning yourself via rcon do not send the 'command response' to the client as the connection has already been terminated [FS#3598] (r19054)
- Fix: Mass stopping/starting/autoreplacing gave empty errors when there were no vehicles [FS#3577] (r19024)
- Fix: City airport introduction date had become 5 years later (r19023)
- Fix: Loading old (0.1-ish) savegames failed (r19022)
- Fix: Do not NULL the pointers when saving the savegame on an error during saving; the savegame is still valid, so do not make it invalid [FS#3570] (r19021)
- Fix: When removing roads, the player was also charged for removing the foundations [FS#3591] (r19016)

1.0.0-beta4 (2010-02-04)
- Feature: Content mirroring support (r18994)
- Feature: Show empty query after creating new group (instead of 'Group nnn') (r18981)
- Feature: [NewGRF] NewGRF-settable rail type properties, increase number of possible rail types, per rail type speed limits (r18970, r18969)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Allow layering of multiple groundsprites in spritelayouts of stations, houses and industrytiles; so hacks with zero-sized bounding boxes are no longer needed and no longer cause trouble (r18959)
- Feature: [NoAI] Introduce GetBuildCost functions in several classes to get easier cost estimations before you start building (r18955)
- Feature: [NoAI] Allow editing AI settings while an AI is running (r18953)
- Feature: Make it possible to change newgame settings from within a game via the console (use setting_newgame instead of setting) [FS#2885] (r18943)
- Feature: Add a setting to reduce/disable aircraft crashes [FS#2678] (r18942)
- Feature: Make the crash position of aircraft a bit random by giving aircraft a chance to crash every tick they are breaking (r18940)
- Change: [NoAI] Use the highest version of an AI that can load the AI data from a savegame instead of the exact same version [FS#3232] (r18944)
- Fix: Off-by-one in the music playlist (song missing) [FS#3588] (r18997)
- Fix: [NewGRF] industry var A5 (=high 8 bits of var A4) returned the high 8 bits of var A2. Same problem for 9B/9A/98 (r18988)
- Fix: [NoAI] Make building long rails fail for AIs if there is an obstacle in the way (r18987)
- Fix: Possible invalid memory access when merging companies [FS#3584] (r18978)
- Fix: Estimating the cost of removing statues could clear the presence flag in the town (r18976)
- Fix: CMD_BUILD_ROAD missed CMD_AUTO. Also do not access tiles anymore after clearing them; that fails either in test or exec run [FS#3578] (r18974)
- Fix: Train acceleration for original acceleration model was not updated if the train's power changed (r18971)
- Fix: Make sure the values of settings loaded from a savegame are valid (r18950)
- Fix: After clicking move up/move down in the NewGRF/AI the selected item could be out of range [FS#1510] (r18948, r18947)
- Fix: It was possible to change AI settings without changing to the custom difficulty level by using the query text window (r18946)
- Fix: Remove the loading indicators as soon as a train crashes [FS#3575] (r18941)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Industrylayout's special water tile check did not properly check for crossing north border of map (r18938)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Value of variables 90 and 91 were not what NARS expects [FS#3551] (r18935)
- Fix: [Windows] In some rare case a deadlock could happen when stopping sound driver (r18934, r18913, r18892)
- Fix: [NoAI] Autoreplace is also valid for the default group (r18930)
- Fix: Preserve some timetable related vehicle flags during autorenew/-replace [FS#3568] (r18929)
- Fix: AIOrder::GetOrderDestination could return a non-waypoint tile when the waypoint was a multitile waypoint [NoAI] (r18924)
- Fix: On bankruptcy the company value did include the loan and as such the value at which you bought the company was too low [FS#3561] (r18908)
- Fix: Writing LZO-compressed savegames would produce invalid files and potentially overwrite memory (r18904)
- Fix: [Windows] File locations for Windows were not documented correctly for all versions of Windows [FS#3562] (r18903)
- Fix: Pressing cancel for the query windows of the world generation window caused the default to be set instead of no changes to the value [FS#3558] (r18896)
- Fix: Avoid duplicate path separator when searching for PNG files which prevented tar-lookups (r18891)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Perform bounds checking for all NewGRF data reads. Explicit length checks (which were not always correct) are no longer needed so these are removed to simplify code (r18884)
- Fix: Aircraft can be send to an hangar when the target airport has one and when it can land, not only when it has a plane terminal (r18880)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Crash when a NewGRF used var62 in an industry tile chain when the industry tile was part of an original industry (r18878)

1.0.0-beta3 (2010-01-21)
- Feature: Make building (long) roads work like building rail; build upon the first obstruction instead of failing totally [FS#3318] (r18803)
- Feature: Allow user customisable compression levels for the zlib compression (r18772)
- Feature: [NoAI] Rerandomise AIs on reloading (via the debug window) when they were randomly chosen [FS#3095] (r18763)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Implement VarAction2Houses variables 66 and 67 (r18736)
- Change: [SDL/Allegro] Make the number of samples/frequency runtime configurable (r18821, r18820)
- Change: Be consistent with airport naming [FS#3493] (r18819)
- Change: [NewGRF] Consider callback 19 only broken after subcargos 0 to 255 have been used, instead of stopping at 15 (r18774)
- Change: Replace MiniLZO with the real library (r18769)
- Fix: Town noise population settings could not be changed in-game [FS#3532] (r18864)
- Fix: Do not pass AI strings through iconv [FS#3544] (r18862)
- Fix: Do not do screen redraw when the landscape contains broken slopes [FS#3540] (r18850)
- Fix: Default-waypoint was drawn incorrectly for monorail and maglev in the waypoint picker (r18841)
- Fix: In some cases error messages were not properly sent to the client before closing the connection. As a result the client would say 'connection lost' when the cause was something completely different (r18801)
- Fix: In some cases with invalid packets one can crash OpenTTD (r18800)
- Fix: [SDL] Possible deadlock when killing OpenTTD while starting it [FS#3521] (r18796)
- Fix: When copying an 'image' back into the buffer the 32bpp anim blitter triggered palette check of the whole window instead of only the part the got copied back [FS#3504] (r18791)
- Fix: Viewport could jump under high CPU load [FS#3515] (r18790)
- Fix: Crash when getting the tooltip of the industry amount in the world generation window [FS#3516] (r18787)
- Fix: [NoAI] NoAI's custom implementation of DoCommandP has several flaws (not masking of bits, not resetting town authority updates on checks/estimates, ...). Let it use DoCommandPInternal, DoCommandP without showing error messages and such, instead [FS#3507] (r18786)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIs did update their last cost incorrectly in network games if the cost of the DC_EXEC phase differed from the ~DC_EXEC phase (r18781)
- Fix: [YAPP] Remove a special check for two-sided signals when reserving a path as this causes trains to get stuck in front of them [FS#3483] (r18778)
- Fix: Assertions because the unloading and signal wait counter got into eachother's way [FS#3422] (r18764)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Spritelayouts do not need an Action 1 if only using default sprites [FS#3497] (r18761)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Action 9 did not properly detect whether an Action 8 was encountered already [FS#3500] (r18760)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Do not segfault when a NewGRF contains an Action 2 and Action 3 but no Action 0 (r18759)
- Fix: [NewGRF] CircularTileSearch skipped a few tiles close to the starting tile, as a result some NewGRF houses could be placed too close together [FS#3495] (r18755)
- Fix: The cargo payment button states were not properly set on opening the window [FS#3492] (r18750)
- Fix: [NoAI] The AI's name and version in the debug panel was not properly centered [FS#3491] (r18749)
- Fix: Clear the cached NewGRFs of a server when receiving a reply instead of when requesting the information. With slow/unstable network connections it would look like the NewGRF settings button went randomly missing [FS#3489] (r18746)
- Fix: Do not toggle the sticky- and shading-button twice per mouseclick when clicking fast [FS#3487] (r18744)
- Fix: [NewGRF] House prop 1D was trashed when a NewGRF contains prop 14 after prop 1D (r18742)
- Fix: Building trees on snow with rocks underneed caused an assert [FS#3501] (r18739)
- Fix: When a tree died while there was snow the amount of snow on the tile changed (r18738)
- Fix: [NewGRF] VarAction2Station variable 67 was not swapped properly for orientation (r18737)

1.0.0-beta2 (2010-01-05)
- Feature: Do not delete the rough/rocky status of a tile when it is covered by snow, this allows rocky tiles under snow if you have a variable snowline (r18719)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add support for custom station foundation graphics (r18708)
- Feature: Allow virtually paying a percentage of the leg profit in feeder chains. This to give the user a better chance to get a feeder system without 'losses' (r18703)
- Feature: Configurable slope steepness for trains from 0% to 10%, default is 3% as before [FS#3459] (r18674)
- Feature: Allow contour-map to be shown with coloured industries in smallmap [FS#567] (r18665)
- Add: [NoAI] AIEngine::IsBuildable to check if you can build a certain engine (r18687)
- Change: [NoAI] Merge buoy and waypoint functions (r18725)
- Change: [NoAI] AIEngine::IsValidEngine will now also return true when you have at least one vehicle of that type even if you cannot build it anymore (r18687)
- Change: Update Squirrel from 2.2.3 to 2.2.4 (r18639)
- Fix: New viewports did not center on the correct position [FS#3414] (r18730)
- Fix: The lock in the company window was only drawn for your own company [FS#3427] (r18729)
- Fix: Some invalid gender/plural indices in strings, which could eventually cause crashes [FS#3480] (r18727)
- Fix: With non-uniform industries the 'supplies' text when building a station could be incorrect (missing a cargo) [FS#3463] (r18726)
- Fix: Refitting a non-refittable vehicle to it's default cargotype failed, causing problems for AIs [FS#3475] (r18724)
- Fix: The join station window did not account for scrolling, so if you did scroll the station was not joined with the selected station [FS#3476] (r18713)
- Fix: The wrong town is mentioned in the error when trying to make one way roads of town owned roads [FS#3478] (r18710)
- Fix: Animation buffer for 32bpp-anim blitter was only validated during sprite blitting, other drawing operations did not check it. Initial startup and window resize could therefore lead to crash [FS#3464] (r18709)
- Fix: Enable DrawGroundSpriteAt() to deal with foundations as DrawGroundSprite() does, and use this for drawing one-way-road-signs and clear-land-fences [FS#3467] (r18702)
- Fix: When deleting an industry on water (oil rigs) the tiles on water were not marked dirty (r18700)
- Fix: [NewGRF] GRF parameters were not properly initialised to zero, and not always checked for valid range (r18699)
- Fix: Crash when scrolling to an item removed by filtering in the 'add NewGRF window' [FS#3471] (r18697)
- Fix: [NoAI] AITile::IsCoastTile returned false for coast tiles with trees on them [FS#3404] (r18696)
- Fix: After a company went bankrupt it was impossible to build a new waypoint close to a deleted one until the grey sign was gone (r18692)
- Fix: Some keys that open windows that want to be located relatively to the toolbars/statusbar could cause a crash when in one of the end game screens [FS#3469] (r18690)
- Fix: In some cases _sl.chs is used when not initialised. As _sl.chs always refers to a single table when initialised replace _sl.chs with the actual table [FS#3470] (r18686)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Tile area of waypoints was not correctly given to NewGRFs in case of multi tile waypoints (r18679)
- Fix: [NewGRF] If an action B did not have a 'data' string but would print it OpenTTD would segfault [FS#3452] (r18671)
- Fix: Update all tiles when snowline height changes in larger steps than one tile [FS#3455] (r18670)
- Fix: [NoAI] Crash when trying to get the order destination of a 'nearest depot' order [FS#3454] (r18667)
- Fix: Aircraft on the metropolitan airport took a long route to the closest loading pad [FS#3169] (r18661)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Wrong strings drawn for cargo subtype in vehicle details [FS#3443] (r18658)
- Fix: When trying to attach a wagon to an existing free wagon chain, do not attach it to itself [FS#3442] (r18653)
- Fix: [NoAI] When AI tried to create NO_UNLOAD order, GOTO_NEAREST_DEPOT order was created instead [FS#3438] (r18651)
- Fix: [YAPP] Treat the backside of an one-way path signals as a safe waiting point [FS#3430] (r18648)
- Fix: [YAPP] A train inside a station was not always found when checking for trains on a reserved path (r18647)
- Fix: [YAPP] Do not extend the reserved path through a newly built path signal directly in front of a stopped or loading train. Also restore the reserved path in more cases after removing a signal [FS#3418] (r18646)
- Fix: Company league window was too narrow [FS#3434] (r18644)
- Fix: Rotation could not be changed for heightmaps [FS#3436] (r18643)
- Fix: When a company goes bankrupt and has vehicles on a drive through road stop that is not theirs, the 'filled' cache of the road stops would get corrupted [FS#3432] (r18642)
- Fix: Downloading music sets would fail (r18638)
- Fix: Crash when invalid pointers are left due to saveload failing at e.g. decompressing the savegame [FS#3421] (r18634)
- Fix: When making a screenshot the name of the previous screenshot went missing in the 'successful screenshot' message and the console command would be shown twice [FS#3419] (r18631, r18630)
- Fix: (un)loading counter being reset while loading a train and changing the (path) signal setup around the station [FS#3422] (r18628)
- Fix: {CARGO} takes 2 parameters, not 1. This made {N:XYZ} commands after CARGO mess up their indices and that then triggered an assertion [FS#3425] (r18626)

1.0.0-beta1 (2009-12-24)
- Feature: Music replacement sets, like graphics and sound replacement sets (r18608)
- Feature: Add shading and unshading of windows [FS#2943] (r18588)
- Feature: Initially select the last joined server when going to the server list [FS#3311] (r18578)
- Feature: Additional map variety option for TGP landscape generator (r18541)
- Feature: Add the possibility to not make new tree tiles in-game (r18522)
- Feature: Moving of AIs in the AI configuration window [FS#3359] (r18516)
- Feature: Make maximum pathfinder penalties for finding depots customisable, also increase it slightly to 20 tiles worth of penalties (r18481)
- Feature: [Strgen] Allow G and P to 'select' substrings of STRINGn for getting their gender (r18444)
- Feature: Make penalty for road stop occupancy user configurable (r18404)
- Feature: Fully scalable, by font size and content, GUI and improved right-to-left language support [FS#1905] (r15800-r18350)
- Feature: Set the start time of a timetable (r18294)
- Feature: Show the expected arrival/departure dates in the timetable window (r18285)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add new price bases for removing industries, building/removing unmovables (new objects), building/removing rail-waypoints/buoys, interacting with town-authority, building foundations, funding primary industries (when not prospecting) and towns (r18283)
- Feature: Founding towns in-game (r18281)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Make price base multipliers related to vehicles only apply to the GRF locally, if it defines engines of that type itself (r18268)
- Feature: [NewGRF] CB 36 for roadvehicle property 09 'running cost factor' (r18011)
- Feature: Non-automatic screenshot name can be entered in console (r17938)
- Feature: Make it possible to disable background saving, only via the config file/in game console though [FS#2633] (r17893)
- Feature: Automatically select the railtype with the most engines for the autoreplace window/try to avoid showing an empty autoreplace list [FS#1760] (r17892)
- Feature: Show maximum tractive effort in the 'exclusive test'/'early offer'/'engine preview' window [FS#1619] (r17891)
- Feature: Double clicking on a NewGRF opens the parameters window (r17890)
- Feature: Double click on a item in the refit list refits without the need to click on the refit button (r17889)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Textstack support for CB 37 [FS#1862] (r17802)
- Feature: [OSX] Implement automatic fallback font selection for OSX (r17794)
- Feature: Translatable base sound/graphics set descriptions (r17790)
- Feature: Show the nickname of the person you are PMing [FS#3116] (r17741)
- Feature: [OSX] Add a MIDI driver using Cocoa/CoreAudio [FS#3223] (r17710)
- Feature: [OSX] Implement clipboard support for OS X [FS#2053] (r17708)
- Feature: Possibility to choose (randomise or enter custom) town name before its creation (r17612)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Callbacks for houses to disable drawing foundations and to disable slope changes, like industry tile callbacks 30 and 3C (r17558)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Implement callback 145 (custom station rating) (r17547)
- Feature: Filtering in Add-NewGRF dialog (r17541)
- Feature: Add the date to all logging in the (real, not in-game) console if show_date_in_console is set. For dedicated server binaries the default is 'on', for the rest it is 'off' [FS#2339] (r17488)
- Feature: Reconnect console command (r17466)
- Feature: Allow building rail stations over existing rail without signals but will upgrade normal rail to electrified rail if necessary (r17460)
- Feature: Crash logger for all Unixy OSes in a similar way as the Windows crash logger (r17453)
- Feature: Open the 'Rename group' dialog after creating new group (r17281)
- Feature: [NoAI] Older API compatability wrappers, so one can get the 0.7 API in later versions while keeping the real API clean (r17214)
- Feature: The Windows installer can now optionnaly download OpenGFX and OpenSFX (r17191)
- Feature: Sort vehicle lists on (timetable) delay [FS#2945] (r17182)
- Feature: Localised decimal separator (r17157)
- Feature: Improved the sample rate conversion a bit (r17146)
- Feature: Allow higher sample rate and higher quality samples (r17140)
- Feature: Sound replacement sets, like graphics replacement sets (r17139)
- Feature: Multi tile waypoints (r17002, r17000, r16993)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Turn variable 0E/8E (vertical offset for trains in depot) and variable 1E/9E bit 3 (wagon width in depot) into grf-local variables (r16867)
- Feature: Highlight whole articulated vehicles in traindepot instead of only the first part (r16818)
- Feature: Ability to enter server and company password via command line when joining a server [FS#570] (r16555)
- Feature: Give the town generator a slight tendency to build towns near water by not discarding watery random tiles but by searching for near land [FS#2635] (r16147)
- Feature: Configurable digit group separator per language with user override (r16129)
- Feature: Make the first 4 rail building tools behave more like autorail (r16095)
- Feature: Allow sorting stations by the lowest cargo rating instead of only by the highest cargo rating [FS#597] (r16045)
- Feature: Allow filtering of vehicle purchase lists by cargo [FS#1941] (r16042)
- Feature: Allow (per order) to let a train stop at the near end, middle or far end of a platform from the point of view of the driver of the train that enters the station (r16037)
- Feature: Listen on multiple IPs/sockets and register all IPs to the master server (r16014, r15975, r15973, r15971)
- Feature: Full IPv6 support (r16000)
- Feature: Allow train vehicles to be shorten to 1/8 length, even if not at the end of the train (r15793)
- Add: [NoAI] AIOrder::AIOF_GOTO_NEAREST_DEPOT for goto nearest depot orders (r18518)
- Add: [NoAI] Enable the squirrel standard math library (r17498)
- Add: [NoAI] A vehicle list for all vehicle that are ordered to a specific depot (r17486)
- Add: [NoAI] AISubsidy::SubsidyParticipantType, AISubsidy::GetSourceType, AISubsidy::GetSourceIndex, AISubsidy::GetDestinationType, AISubsidy::GetDestinationIndex for better subsidy management (r17115)
- Change: Forbid industries to clear sea/river when leveling land (r18554)
- Change: Make it visible when you are to pass the next signal on danger and possible to cancel it (r18515)
- Change: Move the 'check online content' button from the AI list window to the AI configuration window. This makes it consistent with the NewGRF windows [FS#3340] (r18507)
- Change: Use z┼В instead of zl for the Polish Zloty [FS#565] (r18434)
- Change: Show different texts in town GUI when the town does not need food the whole year to grow (r18433)
- Change: Make road vehicles behave more like trains 'around' stations and use pathfinder penalties to determine to which 'part' to go (r18382)
- Change: Do not split up articulated vehicles in the train details view. If an articulated vehicle it too 'wide' draw the information on the next line and if there are multiple cargos split that over multiple lines too [FS#2923] (r18344)
- Change: Make pause on join pause during the whole joining (including download) phase [FS#3287] (r18054)
- Change: Prefer extmidi over allegro midi and allegro over null driver [FS#3272] (r17875)
- Change: Several improvements to the performance of CargoPackets/CargoLists; time spent in those functions reduces by 55-85% (r17840, r17836, r17818, r17814, r17812, r17801, r17736, r17735, r17733, r17731, r17730)
- Change: [SDL] Make 'update the video card'-process asynchronious. Improvements of 2%-25% (real time) during fast forward on dual core/hyperthreading-enabled CPUs (r17776)
- Change: [NoAI] Make AIEngine:CanRefitCargo() not report refittability to Mail by default for aircraft. It is not necessarily true, and the special case of carrying both passenger&mail is better handled by AIs themself than by the API (r17719)
- Change: [OSX] Do not use deprecated methods/undocumented functions [FS#1411] (r17712, r17711)
- Change: Make SDL's video driver more likely to be loaded than Allegro's video driver; SDL seems to perform better (r17583)
- Change: Do not assume that there is always 'another' industry tile after two '0x18' industry tiles (r17521)
- Change: Make the performance ratings harder to exploit; only count profitable vehicles and recently serviced stations [FS2459] (r17485)
- Change: When removing a station or waypoint keep the rail unless Ctrl is pressed. This makes the behaviour consistent between the two (r17471)
- Change: Show the client id in join messages at the server (r17467)
- Change: NewGRF price modifiers now take effect everytime when loading NewGRFs instead of once on gamestart (r17433)
- Change: Make a distinction between missing and corrupted data files. If (at least) one data file is missing do not consider the set to be useable. Do also no autodetect sets with missing files (r17241)
- Change: Update MiniLZO to 2.0.3 (r17215)
- Change: Update Squirrel to 2.2.3 (r17195)
- Change: Remove UNICODE notice in windows installer (r17186)
- Change: Apply the subsidy when subsidy's destination is in station's catchment area and cargo packets originate from subsidy's source [FS#265,FS#2094,FS#2589] (r17113)
- Change: Subsidies are not bound to stations after awarding anymore, they still apply to town or industry, no matter what station is used for loading and unloading. Awarded subsidies from older savegames are lost [FS#1134] (r17113)
- Change: [NoAI] Add AIBaseStation as a parentclass for AIStation and AIWaypoint, and move GetName, SetName and GetLocation to AIBaseStation (r17011)
- Fix: Conditional orders were seen as 'valid' and as such aircraft with only conditional orders did not crash (r18615)
- Fix: Pressing default for the starting year/snow line height edit boxes of the world generation windows did not work [FS#3398] (r18586)
- Fix: [OSX] Try to get a generic RGB colour space if getting the system colour profile failed [FS#3198] (r18573)
- Fix: [NewGRF] House property 15 did not work [FS#2613] (r18567)
- Fix: Do not try to overtake a vehicle in a road station as overtaking in a station is not allowed [FS#3390] (r18561)
- Fix: Make aircraft behave the same on autoreplace/autorenew as other vehicle types (r18553)
- Fix: First do the time-since-last-service check and only then determine whether autoreplace needs to take place. This way they will not keep autoreplacing continuously on failure, but only after some timeout. Also check some minimal requirements (engine availability, refittability) and a heuristic for the needed money when sending vehicles for autoreplace [FS#1762] (r18551, r18549)
- Fix: Do not account for path reservation costs when entering a signal block via a 'block' signal. This way you won't get double penalties, both red signals and reservation costs, for the block signalled tracks [FS#2722] (r18535)
- Fix: [NewGRF] An industry NewGRF that defined a too small size for action0 prop 0A could cause a crash (r18527)
- Fix: Allegro does not like to work with extmidi, so warn the user about that [FS#3272] (r18520)
- Fix: When you pass a signal at danger, in a PBS controlled area, do not try to do the 'safe' thing and stop, but continue going; the user wanted the train to pass the signal at danger so (s)he has to suffer the consequences. Ofcourse one can always stop the train manually [FS#2891] (r18515)
- Fix: No error message was created for the first fatal NewGRF error [FS#3368] (r18506)
- Fix: Improve airport movement on several airports [FS#3169] (r18505)
- Fix: Autoreplace and autorenew always reset their cargo sub type to 0. Now find a sub cargo type with the exact same name and use that, otherwise fallback to 0. So cargo sub types can be maintained via autoreplace *if* the new vehicle supports the same cargo sub type [FS#3159] (r18499)
- Fix: Cloning of vehicles could create vehicles with invalid cargo sub types for the build year of the vehicle. Fall back to another cargo sub type with the exact same name, otherwise fallback to cargo sub type 0 [FS#2616] (r18498)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Direction is accounted for long before motion counter is updated (r18479)
- Fix: Moving vehicles around/selling vehicle in the train depot could create states that are not allowed by the NewGRF attach callback [FS#3146] (r18472, r18470)
- Fix: Unselect an AI in the AI Settings window when it falls out of the range of active AIs [FS#3357] (r18436)
- Fix: Road vehicles would not pick an empty drive through stop. Now they will *if* the penalty for driving around is less than the occupancy penalty [FS#1944] (r18404)
- Fix: Long (articulated) road vehicles could block loading of others when the following road vehicle already got 'permission' to go to the next bay even when it could not reach it [FS#1495] (r18404)
- Fix: The tree 'which one to draw' hash wasn't anywhere near random and thus showed a very visible repeated pattern when only one tree type was used [FS#3343] (r18398)
- Fix: [NoAI] Make AIIndustryType::GetConstructionCost() return -1, if the industry is neither buildable nor prospectable (r18276)
- Fix: Use free type ascender/descender metrics to position font offset correctly (r18096)
- Fix: Make the 'pause' chat message when actually executing the pause command. This to prevent showing paused and especially unpaused to be shown when the state does not change. Output now mentions whether pause changes keep the game paused and what reasons for pausing there 'currently' are (r18052)
- Fix: [NoAI] Improve behaviour of (AIEngine|AIEventEnginePreview)::GetCargoType() and AIEngine::CanRefitCargo() wrt. articulated vehicles (r17898)
- Fix: [NewGRF] CB15 and CB36 (capacity) were not always called when they should [FS#3255] (r17897)
- Fix: Invalidate cache of vehicle vars 40-43 after testruns of certain commands, that change them temporarily (r17894)
- Fix: [OSX] The splash image was not displayed if the Quartz video driver was used (r17793)
- Fix: Do not let aircraft drive a while over the grass when landing at high altitude airports [FS#3259] (r17762
- Fix: Make the -c location relative to the current directory instead of the directory of the binary [FS#3247] (r17686)
- Fix: Some semaphore signals fell outside of the signal GUI. Now the signals are properly centered which should make that problem go away [FS#3242] (r17657)
- Fix: Some inconsistencies with the difficulty settings in the scenario editor. Also re-enable changing some difficulty settings (e.g. max loan) in the scenario editor [FS#3219] (r17644)
- Fix: Do not accept cargo produced in the same industry; generalise and improve the check used only for valuables (r17437)
- Fix: Pay only for cargo actually delivered, not for all cargo unloaded at station; can differ with 'stockpiling' industries (r17436)
- Fix: Improve movement of aircraft; do not make turns bigger then 45 degrees while in flight, do not move while turning on the ground (r17415, r17405)
- Fix: Crash in order GUI when changing some orders with both the mouse and keyboard at the exact same time [FS#2859] (r17384)
- Fix: Trains would not show smoke if the load/unload counter was not 0, though there does not seem to be a reason to check that variable anyhow anymore [FS#3162] (r17352)
- Fix: One was not offered to take over bankrupt companies anymore; caused by the introduction NoAI, although NewAI had the same problem too [FS#2769] (r17345)
- Fix: Minor improvements of the airport state machines (r17338, r17337, r17334)
- Fix: Road vehicles forgetting their servicing order when the path takes them away (in bird distance) from their destination first [FS#3057] (r17333)
- Fix: Mention of Ctrl modifier was missing from some tooltips [FS#3120] (r17300, r17297)
- Fix: Keep vehicle news and viewports following vehicles, when autoreplacing/renewing them [FS#3048] (r17147)
- Fix: Inconsistency between signs of stations and waypoints [FS#3081] (r17040)
- Fix: NewGRF stations would be triggering assertions for waypoints all over the place when using the more advanced station types [FS#2996] (r16909)
- Fix: Skipping a 'nearest depot order' because none could be found could cause multiple orders to get skipped [FS#2925] (r16457)
- Fix: Makedepend cannot handle the amount of files we have and it also miss some dependencies. So use our custom implementation of makedepend (r16307)
- Fix: Autopause and manual pausing conflict with eachother, new game + pause on new game + autopause make the game not unpause on the first join [FS#2864] (r16242)
- Remove: [NoAI] AIVehicle::SkipToVehicleOrder as it was a duplicate of AIOrder.SkipToOrder (r18504)
- Remove: OPF for RVs and NTP for trains; both the oldest path finders (r18362)
- Remove: Support for gcc2. It has not been able to compile OTTD for months. All attempts to do another workaround failed (r16492)

0.7.5 (2009-12-23)

0.7.5-RC1 (2009-12-14)
- Add: Some missing latin-ish characters from the OpenGFX set (r18431)
- Change: Recolour the bubble generator just like any other industry [FS#3349] (r18409)
- Fix: Read after free in case no network connection could be made with the content server (r18493)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Initialisation of cargo payment was broken for NewGRF cargos [FS#3344] (r18475)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIOrder::SkipToOrder did not properly resolve ORDER_CURRENT (r18471)
- Fix: When moving a wagon and only the last part of a dual headed engine you could split the dual headed engine over two vehicles. This could be used to crash servers [CVE-2009-4007] (r18462)
- Fix: [Windows] Forgot to load the symbol from SDL.dll (r18439)
- Fix: Do not run the 'jam protection' for vehicles in a depot [FS#3360] (r18428)
- Fix: [Windows] The help window would be too large in some cases [FS#3327] (r18424)
- Fix: Under some circumstances a pointer could be left untouched and then freed. Make sure this does not happen by ensuring it starts out as NULL instead of 'garbage' [FS#3298] (r18418)
- Fix: On slopes the original and better road layouts did not check their minimum distance requirements [FS#3332] (r18415)
- Fix: Aqueducts were not influenced by the 'long bridges' setting [FS#3338] (r18407)
- Fix: Drive through road stops did not get flooded (r18401)
- Fix: [YAPP] Trains on bridges were not found, when searching for the origin of a reservation [FS#3345] (r18392)
- Fix: (Invalid) GRFs could trigger invalid reads (r18391)
- Fix: One could not share orders between buses carrying different cargos (r18380)
- Fix: Off-by-one in the preconfigured music lists [FS#3339] (r18369)

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OpenTTD Release version: 1.0.4

1.0.4 (2010-09-14)
- Change: Move removal of bin/data/opentt[dw].grf from distclean to maintainer-clean (r20752)
- Fix: Recent NFORenum does not know '-?' (r20715)

1.0.4-RC1 (2010-08-30)
- Change: Merge the extra GRF's sources and make it possible to rebuild them easily (r20490)
- Fix: Empty NewGRF presets were not selectable [FS#4087] (r20694)
- Fix: Desync checker checked the wrong variable (r20677)
- Fix: Drawing the 'OpenTTD' text in the intro game caused crashes with very low resolutions [FS#4081] (r20618)
- Fix: Crash when a NewGRF defined an invalid substitute type for a house and the NewGRF was removed during the game, disable houses with different size than their substitute [FS#3702] (r20611, r20610, r20609)
- Fix: Retain information about all base sets that are found and not only the latest version to stop confusing people that use newer versions of the base sets than those available via BaNaNaS (r20607)
- Fix: Let NewGRFs var43 var (information about liveries) for vehicles not be influenced by the local setting determining whether to show liveries or not [FS#4063] (r20605)
- Fix: 'Downscale' a full load order to a load if possible order when removing the order while the vehicle is loading. This to prevent the vehicle from (possibly) staying forever in the station [FS#4075] (r20600)
- Fix: Crash when the tooltip is wider than the window is [FS#4066] (r20596)
- Fix: No (proper) savegame conversion was done when _date_fract got a new value range (r20592)
- Fix: Autoreplace failed while attaching non-replaced wagons to the new chain, if to-be-sold-engines would become front-engines and the unitnumber limit would be exceeded (r20583)
- Fix: Autoreplace can trigger an assertion when at the vehicle limit [FS#4044] (r20582)
- Fix: Go via station and go via waypoint behaved differently when a train went back to the same (unordered) station again [FS#4039] (r20580)
- Fix: Draw bounding boxes using white instead of pure white, so they are recoloured to grey in coloured newspaper instead of blue [FS#4051] (r20578)
- Fix: Scroll button flickering when pressed [FS#4043] (r20577)
- Fix: Warn OpenGFX users when they are using a base set that misses sprites (r20566)
- Fix: Wrong tooltip for the company select button in the AI debug and performance rating windows [FS#4053] (r20556, r20555)
- Fix: In old savegames aircraft can have an invalid state (r20528)
- Fix: Crash when the content download tried to get a MD5 checksum of an 'originally' loaded NewGRF [FS#4038] (r20519)
- Fix: Draw error messages in white by default, they may not have a colour set when coming from a NewGRF (r20514)
- Fix: Entering half the 'generation seeds' in the console's 'newgame' command failed to set the correct seed [FS#4036] (r20512)
- Fix: Desync when vehicles change NewGRF properties such as visual effect when changing railtype [FS#3978] (r20505, r20504, r20503, r20502)
- Fix: Desync when converting rail all as trains with a part on the converted rails need updating and not only the engines (r20500)
- Fix: Ignore the non-stop state when comparing one order type to another order type, otherwise non-stop nearest depot orders fail [FS#4030] (r20498)
- Fix: Non-dedicated servers failing to load a game caused the introgame to be the server's game causing desyncs when people tried to join [FS#3960] (r20497)
- Fix: [NoAI] checking whether water tiles are connected failed in some cases [FS#4031] (r20489)
- Fix: Statues were not removed when towns would be removed (r20481)
- Fix: Do not spend cash when building a statue fails [FS#3985] (r20469, r20227)
- Fix: Adding 'goto nearest depot and stop' orders in one go was denied. This caused both AI adding those orders and backed up order restoration to fail [FS#4024] (r20441)
- Fix: For docks 'facing' north, i.e. having the watery part a the northern side, the station joiner had an off-by-one to the north w.r.t. the station spread against the actual other (correct) building tools [FS#4022] (r20438)
- Fix: Make snow on bridges depend on bridgeheight and make snowyness of bridgeheads depend on the tileheight at the entry [FS#3947] (r20424, r20423, r20422, r20421, r20420)
- Fix: During world generation the snow-mapbits are not yet available, so test the snowline variable directly (as they were before) [FS#4017] (r20418)
- Fix: PBS reservations were always displayed on halftile foundations if the railtype uses overlays [FS#4013] (r20408)
- Fix: Make the default minimum width for editboxes 10 pixels to prevent crashes [FS#4010] (r20394)
- Fix: Prevent buying more vehicles than allowed or buying companies when you'd get too many vehicles [FS#3993] (r20393, r20392, r20391, r20390)
- Fix: Initialize fund-industry buttons when opening window (r20386)
- Fix: Update cursor dimensions when reloading grfs resp. changing base graphics, so the cursor does not glitch if it becomes bigger (r20384)
- Fix: Stop vehicle following after zooming out [FS#3989] (r20361)
- Fix: [NoAI] Ship depots were constructed along the wrong axis [FS#4004] (r20348)
- Fix: Fallback font selection due to missing glyphs did not work as intended (r20296)
- Fix: When it is known the loading an old savegame is going to fail, bail out immediately (using an exception) instead of going on until e.g. the expected number of byte is read (r20247)
- Fix: The caption of the 'Available vehicle' lists was black, whereas for building those vehicles, which uses the exact same window, it was white (r20244)
- Fix: [NoAI] Clarify the documentation for AIBaseStation::GetLocation (r20238)
- Fix: Refit costs from refit orders are subtracted from the vehicle yearly income [FS#3988] (r20234)
- Fix: Road vehicles could be dead locked with one way roads. This allows one wayness to be removed if there are vehicles on a tile; it does not allow you to add one wayness to roads that have vehicles on them as it makes turning vehicles jump [FS#3961] (r20230)
- Fix: 'Service at nearest depot' behaved the same as 'Go to nearest depot' [FS#3986] (r20229)
- Fix: Depot did not become unsnowy, when snowline rises [FS#3976] (r20224)
- Fix: Strip non-printable characters before showing it in an edit box, so when renaming a vehicle type you won't get the 'SETX stuff' that some NewGRFs use [FS#3974] (r20220)
- Fix: NewGRFs that defined a vehicle without either loaded or loading groups could crash OpenTTD [FS#3964] (r20199)
- Fix: [NewGRF] GetNearbyTileInformation can be used to get the terrain type of a MP_VOID tile [FS#3963] (r20197)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Vehicle var FE bit 6 did return incorrect values for new railtypes (r20175)
- Fix: Inconsistencies w.r.t. to km/h vs km-ish/h as 'base' unit for aircraft speeds [FS#3870] (r20164)

1.0.3 (2010-08-01)
- Fix: Make it possible to properly assess the length of the rail toolbar caption, don't require '{WHITE}' control codes (r20242)
- Fix: Check for disallowed level crossings also when converting rail (r20237)
- Fix: Haiku uses a 'special' location for headers (r20219)
- Fix: Desync due to (temporary) wrong railtype; when loading a savegame the railtype of some (high ID) trains could be wrong [FS#3945] (r20137)

1.0.3-RC1 (2010-07-17)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Textstack support for CB 38 (r20086)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add a railtype flag to disallow level crossings per railtype (r20049)
- Change: Improve desync debugging, crash log data and the Debian packaging (by making a debug symbols package) (r20138, r20136, r20129)
- Fix: Do not scan /data and ~/data (if they happen to be your working directory). If it is the directory where your binary is located it will still scan them [FS#3949] (r20166)
- Fix: Integer comparison failed in case the difference was more than 'MAX_UINT'/2 [FS#3954] (r20162)
- Fix: [YAPP] Converting a one-way block to a path signal with trains on both sides could lead to a train crash [FS#3937] (r20156)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Improve handling of snowing of railtypes and (infra)structures on foundations [FS#3883] (r20153, r20132, r20126, r20125)
- Fix: Ships were not marked as dirty when stopping inside a depot [FS#3880] (r20142)
- Fix: Some windows ignored all hotkeys [FS#3902] (r20141, r20140, r20139)
- Fix: Do not allow building a rail track to the water using a tree-tile [FS#3695] (r20110)
- Fix: [NoAI] AITown::GetRating() returned wrong values [FS#3934] (r20103)
- Fix: Reading deleted memory when selecting a NewGRF in the content download window of which the data has not been acquired from the content server. The crash would occur after the content server's reply was processed and the ContentInfo object was replaced with another [FS#3899] (r20089, r20082)
- Fix: If after loading a savegame (including intro game) one tried to save a game (including autosave) and that failed (very) early on because it could not open the file for writing all pointers would be converted to NULLs which then causes corrupted game states [FS#3786, FS#3887, FS#3920, FS#3923] (r20087)
- Fix: gitignore and hgignore had more missing/wrong entries (r20078, r20033, r20031)
- Fix: Remove the space between 'open' and 'ttd' in the title screen (r20077)
- Fix: Road vehicles could get crashed twice in a tick [FS#3896] (r20053, r20034)
- Fix: Coloured_news_year was stored in savegames while it should be a client setting [FS#3916] (r20051)
- Fix: Crash when spectator tried to open a vehicle list without selecting any company [FS#3892] (r20041)
- Fix: Instead of loading the intro game when loading a savegame fails on the dedicated server, generate a new game [FS#3907] (r20039)
- Fix: Tram tracks did not show at level crossing with the new railtypes [FS#3911] (r20036)
- Fix: Under some circumstances you could get into an infinite loop [CVE-2010-2534] [FS#3909] (r20035)
- Fix: The 64 bits TortoiseSVN was not always properly detected (r20029)
- Fix: Do not close the sort dropdown in the (original) vehicle list when there are no vehicles. That code is meant for the 'actions' dropdown [FS#3881] (r20014)
- Fix: When joining a company with a password you could only enter 20 characters of the password (r20012)
- Fix: Sign sorting was unstable [FS#3893] (r20009)
- Fix: Trains should also have running cost while slowing down for stop (r20006)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Stringcodes 82, 83 and 84 were not properly converted to openttd codes so they did not work (r20004)
- Fix: Clear force_proceed when entering depots and when loading, resetting of force_proceed on manual stopping did not work [FS#3878] (r19992)
- Fix: Do not show an error message when trying to start/stop a crashed plane [FS#3874] (r19953)
- Fix: Allow turning of roadvehicles while waiting in a queue (r19945)
- Fix: Disallow moving of vehicle news window [FS#3865] (r19943)
- Fix: Under some (unlucky) circumstances the wrong company would be 'current company' when changing company colour or orders [FS#3903]

1.0.2 (2010-06-19)
- Fix: Owner of the Waypoint View window was not properly set (r19990)
- Fix: Close list of vehicles with given oil rig in orders when the oil rig is deleted (r19956)
- Fix: Close list of vehicles with given buoy/oil rig in orders when switching company (r19955)
- Fix: Do not close list of waypoint's trains when the waypoint view is closed when it is sticky (r19952)
- Fix: Close buoy's vehicle list when the buoy is deleted [FS#3869] (r19951)

1.0.2-RC1 (2010-06-05)
- Feature: Translated desktop shortcut comments (r19884)
- Fix: When 'pause on new game' is set, pause the game before CleanupGeneration() to avoid conflicts with concurrent GUI code [FS#3857] (r19934)
- Fix: Pay for the rail/road when constructing tunnels, bridges, depots and stations [FS#3859, FS#3827] (r19925, r19887, r19881)
- Fix: Closing chatbox could cause glitches when news message was shown [FS#3865] (r19921)
- Fix: [YAPP] Inform the pathfinder as well about the fact that the backside of an one-way path signal can be a safe waiting point [FS#3803] (r19896)
- Fix: Allow loading savegames from the console without specifying the '.sav' extension, i.e. make it consistent with saving savegames from the console [FS#3761] (r19885)
- Fix: Dropdowns did affect positioning of new windows because they were not yet removed when the new windows were positioned [FS#3812] (r19883)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIEngine::IsValidEngine() and AIEngine::IsBuildable() returned false positives. Especially wagons of unavailable railtypes were reported available (r19880)
- Fix: Default vehicle group texts were drawn one pixel too low [FS#3851] (r19878)
- Fix: It was not possible to send all trains with common waypoint order to depot (r19876)
- Fix: Compilation for NetBSD [FS#3809, FS#3840, FS#3845] (r19874, r19859, r19853, r19781)
- Fix: If the (guessed initial) destination tile of a road vehicle was not a road stop but was a T-junction or turn, the road vehicles would jump around in circles [FS#3817] (r19873)
- Fix: When a network connection gets lost and a game with AIs was loaded the client might crash due to the AIs not being loaded while the game loop is executed [FS#3819] (r19869)
- Fix: Use non-breaking spaces for currency pre-/postfixes (r19867)
- Fix: Crash when changing/viewing locale settings in the console [FS#3830] (r19865, r19864, r19863, r19862)
- Fix: Drawing fallback sprites for unavailable NewGRF waypoints failed (r19852)
- Fix: Ensure that both texts of the NewGRF gui download button fit (r19823)
- Fix: Kicking clients by IP did not work [FS#3784] (r19818)
- Fix: Compilation with MinGW GCC 4.5.0 and UNICODE (r19787)
- Fix: If a waypoint is immediately followed by a path signal a reservation would be made from that path signal before the waypoint is marked passed. As a result the order to go to the waypoint is used to reserve the path after the waypoint and as such trains get lost [FS#3770] (r19784)
- Fix: NULL pointer deference when testing relative scope *action2 on an unbuilt engine [FS#3828] (r19782)
- Fix: Crash on too long paths [FS#3807] (r19780, r19779, r19778, r19777, r19776)
- Fix: MP_VOID tiles shall have no tropic zone [FS#3820] (r19769)
- Fix: Half-desert tiles would never revert back to clear tiles (r19768)
- Fix: Height in smallmap was different from measured heights [FS#3808] (r19767)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Vehicle var 43 missed AI information in purchase list (r19761)
- Fix: Blocked roadvehicles should first check whether they are still blocked before accelerating again, instead of continuous starting/stopping (r19755)
- Fix: Try harder to find a suitable font that can be loaded, i.e. while searching for a suitable font test whether you can open it [FS#3740] (r19753)
- Fix: Make sure the chat area fits in the default window size; if you want it larger, you can always change/override it in the config file [FS#3798] (r19751)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Industry var 0x43 is not 'safe' during callbacks 22 and 38 either (r19750)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Possible divide-by-zero if a NewGRF checked industry var 42 while the production level was 0 (r19749)
- Fix: Do not recenter usually centered windows when resizing main window or changing language, if they have been moved/resized before [FS#3675] (r19746)
- Fix: The GUI is controlled by _local_company, not _current_company (r19745)
- Fix: NewGRFs could access map bits of not yet constructed industries and houses during construction callbacks (r19748, r19743)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Passing some invalid data to industry variable 67/68 could cause a crash (r19713)
- Fix: Check for industry availability more thoroughly and cancel object placement when selecting not available industries [FS#3787] (r19701)
- Fix: Avoid showing building toolbars behind the main toolbar when the 'Link landscape toolbar' setting is active [FS#3781] (r19696)
- Fix: Under some circumstances the player's name could be empty (r19693)
- Fix: Do not show an error message when trying to give another client an amount of 0 money [FS#3779] (r19684)
- Fix: Do not display an error message when double clicking on a vehicle in the 'available vehicles'-window (r19669)
- Change: Name invalid engines, cargos and industries 'invalid', if the player removed the supplying NewGRFs, hide invalid engines from the purchase list (r19879, r19877)

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OpenTTD Release version: 1.1.0

1.1.0 (2011-04-01)
- Fix: In the scenario editor you could build a ship depot using the appropriate hotkey. Removing that depot causes an assertion to trigger [FS#4558] (r22266)

1.1.0-RC3 (2011-03-18)
- Fix: New game settings were applied too early when starting a game via a heightmap [FS#4557] (r22259)
- Fix: Do not resort town, industry and signs list directly in OnInvalidateData(). There might be a scheduled rebuild which needs execution first. So, only set a trigger for resorting [FS#4546] (r22249, r22248, r22247, r22246, r22245, r22244, r22243, r22242, r22241, r22236, r22228, r22227, r22226)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Object variable 0x48 was not available in callback 0x15C (r22231)
- Fix: Compilation when compiling with --disable-ai (r22222)
- Fix: When downloading a file via HTTP failed mid-way and OpenTTD fell back to the old system the partial downloaded amount would be counted twice [FS#4543] (r22208)
- Fix: The 'center' (for movement) of vehicles is (currently still) always at 4/8th original vehicle length from the front, so trains should stop at the same location regardless of the length of the front engine [FS#4545] (r22206)
- Fix: Make the base costs for building and demolishing NewObjects also local to the individual NewGRFs (r22204)
- Fix: Removing a station order could stop when removing first automatic order (r22200)
- Fix: Invalidate the object build window when using the date cheat (r22193)

1.1.0-RC2 (2011-03-04)
- Fix: Following a vehicle with a very high VehicleID was impossible (r22181)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Memory leak if an industry NewGRF had more than one prop A or 15, or a station NewGRF had more than one prop 09 (r22175, r22165)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Disable a station NewGRF when it contains an unterminated spritelayout in action0 prop 08 instead of crashing (r22164)
- Fix: Building a station part adjacent to both an existing station and a rail waypoint failed [FS#4541] (r22163)
- Fix: No update of NewGRF window when unknown GRF name becomes available [FS#4533] (r22162)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Industry prop 0x11 is 4-bytes long, not 3 bytes (r22157)
- Fix: Stations/infrastructure were not properly sold on some clients during bankruptcy [FS#4529] (r22154)
- Fix: The Greek translation did not work as it breached the 200.000 bytes 'limit' for loading language files [FS#4536] (r22153)
- Fix: Windows video driver crashed when it could not go to full screen at the resolution of the configuration file when starting OpenTTD [FS#4521] (r22149)
- Fix: Do not run savegame conversion during SlNullPointers; the pointer might not be converted or be NULL at that point (r22146)
- Fix: Some valid keycodes were ignored along with the invalid ones (r22142)
- Fix: When commands need to invalidate windows, process these events asynchronously before the next redraw. Calling window code directly from command scope uses wrong _current_company and might issue nested DoCommands() which interfer with the running command [FS#4523] (r22141, r22140, r22135, r22134)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Skipping only the invalid part of an action14 failed, the rest of the action was skipped instead (r22138)
- Fix: Spectators had crashes when closing buoy windows (r22131)
- Fix: Build-station-window showed wrong selection when reopening [FS#4530] (r22128)
- Fix: Canals would get drawn as land in the smallmap when using the owner window (r22127)
- Fix: The animation-ness of two goldmine tiles were swapped, causing the wheeltower to not work properly, and the bottom corner to show the wrong sprite [FS#4528] (r22125)
- Fix: CommandQueue::Pop() did not update 'last'; popping the last item caused the queue to disconnect unless there was only one item [FS#4522] (r22123)
- Fix: When a NOT_REACHED in saveload can be reached due to an invalid savegame, use SlErrorCorrupt instead. In other words, do not crash but show an error message (r22122)
- Fix: In case of high frame_freq one could get commands executed after a new network game was started (r22121)
- Fix: [NoAI] Prevent AIs from getting consistently over their allowed amount of operations by subtracting the amount they went over 'budget' from the budget for the next 'tick' (r22120)
- Fix: The refit window was not correctly updated after selecting with Ctrl+Click [FS#4525] (r22118)
- Fix: CanRemoveRoadWithStop() failed for _current_company = OWNER_TOWN, and for OWNER_NONE-owned road (r22117)

нет большого масштаба,
по запросу 32 показан только один ландшафт Марса

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[Для просмотра ссылки ]

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OpenTTD Release version: 1.2.0

1.2.0 (2012-04-15)
- Fix: When starting GS or AI, always use the settings of the game, not the new-game settings [FS#5142] (r24108)
- Fix: Provide translated comments in the desktop file without language name postfix (r24100)
- Fix: Cloning orders of aircraft with limited range failed [FS#5131] (r24086)

1.2.0-RC4 (2012-04-01)
- Fix: Reversing trains while they were entering or leaving a depot could lead to stuck trains [FS#5093] (r24078, r24071)
- Fix: The 'last joined' server was not properly selected anymore [FS#5098] (r24070)
- Fix: Immediately start querying the last joined server instead of waiting for the requery loop [FS#5097] (r24069, r24062)
- Fix: Make the full snowedness level of houses the same as roads and rails [FS#5121] (r24064)
- Fix: With certain versions of GCC and compiler flags the compiler could reorder some code badly causing the 32bpp depot flag not working [FS#5125] (r24063)
- Fix: Do not freeze aircraft mid-flight when skipping to an out-of-range destination [FS#5123] (r24060)
- Fix: Wrong numbering of string parameters causing wrong capacities to be shown [FS#5124] (r24058)
- Fix: Crash when timetabling a maximum travel speed of 0 [FS#5111] (r24053)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Imported GRF sounds were inserted into the wrong slots [FS#5107] (r24052)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Realsprites inside the action 11 block were not skipped correctly (r24050)
- Fix: Improve error messages for the placement restrictions of banks, water towers and toy shops [FS#5095] (r24040)

1.2.0-RC3 (2012-03-18)
- Feature: Allow display of baseset textfiles (r24037)
- Feature: Increase the station class limit from 32 to 256 (r24031)
- Fix: After opening a text window with the monospaced font, all other text started glitching (r24038)
- Fix: [NoAI] Reset 'is random' status of temporary variable during saveload as it is not always written to when loading an AI which means it wouldd be taking the 'is random' setting of another AI (r24033)
- Fix: [NoAI] Make AIEngine::IsArticulated return true if the articulated callback flag is set, do not try to run the callback (r24029)
- Fix: Pass cases down into the list of cargos [FS#5090] (r24024, r24023, r24022)

1.2.0-RC2 (2012-03-04)
- Fix: [Script] AI used in names in API for GSOrder [FS#5088] (r24006)
- Fix: Improve rounding when converting display speeds to internal speeds [FS#5079] (r23995)
- Fix: Also reset the font glyph cache when switching blitters (r23992, r23987)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Also display the cargo subtype for vehicles which have no capacity, but a subtype [FS#5076] (r23991)
- Fix: Zero the offsets of disabled zoomlevels, so they do not influence offset calculations (r23989)
- Fix: Invalid reads when scaling an odd-sized sprite smaller (r23986)
- Fix: Inconsistent quit/abandon/exit game/scenario/editor strings [FS#5074] (r23985)
- Fix: Fix the order of lights on the helipad [FS#5082] (r23984)
- Fix: Tarred heightmaps would not be found [FS#5083] (r23983)
- Fix: Do not load a game during UpdateWindows as that might trigger changing the blitter which triggers re-entrant locking (r23980, r23977)
- Fix: [SDL] Palette update was done too late making switching from 8bpp -> 32bpp look ugly (r23978)
- Fix: Sprites of different zoom levels were not always padded correctly to a common size (r23976)
- Fix: Also save the maximum travel speed for the current vehicle order (r23973)

1.2.0-RC1 (2012-02-19)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Customisable tunnel portals for rail types (r23952)
- Feature: Timetabled maximum travel speeds for non-flying vehicles (r23947)
- Feature: Readme/licence/changelog viewer for AI and game scripts [FS#5047] (r23936)
- Feature: [NewGRF] 32bpp sprites in GRFs (r23897)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support for RealSprites with multiple zoom levels (r23890)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support for container version 2 (r23887)
- Fix: Refittability should never depend on the current capacity of a vehicle [FS#5070] (r23965)
- Fix: Do not look for missing sprites twice during startup [FS#5072] (r23963)
- Fix: [Script] Infinite recursion within a script was not caught properly, so they could cause crashes of OpenTTD instead of the AI [FS#5068] (r23962)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Make the properties for always/never refittable cargo types not behave incremental, but reset them on reassignment (r23960)
- Fix: [Network] Do not allow chat messages from pre-active clients. As they have not got the savegame yet, they will not have the interface to send them either (r23958)
- Fix: [Network] Allow sending chat to pre-active clients as the clients start accepting once they send 'map ok' to the server, which is the same moment we change their status to pre-active [FS#4990] (r23957)
- Fix: When the population of a town changes the town view might even have to change size due to different cargo requirements [FS#5062] (r23953)
- Fix: [NoGo] Never show GSGoal::Question() to spectators [FS#5063] (r23950)
- Fix: Better rounding when converting internal speed to displayed speed (r23945)
- Fix: Also list DEITY signs in the signlist in the scenario editor [FS#5061] (r23943)
- Fix: Infrastructure cache of standard road stops would get messed up when buying a company with them (r23942)
- Fix: Scale infrastructure cost of rail tracks by the total number of all tracks and not independently for each rail type (r23931)
- Fix: [Script] Do not close the parameter window when a script starts [FS#4944] (r23930)
- Fix: Do not accelerate, for smoke purposes, when you reached the track's maximum speed [FS#5053]
- Fix: 32bpp animated blitter was optimised a bit too far regarding not needing to update the colour mapping when (re)initialising the palette [FS#5056] (r23927)
- Fix: [NoGo] Some news messages would cause an assertion to be triggered due to a missing proper location for the viewport of the news message, so only allow building when valid data for the viewport is provided or no viewport is used [FS#5054] (r23924)
- Fix: Consider only the middle tile of a lock for lock-infrastructure costs. The other two tiles may be owned by other companies. Also do not count the middle tile of a lock as canal, independent of whether it is build on ground or river slope (r23920)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When determining the first refittable cargotype according to CTT order, do not rely on the GRF assigning the refit_mask property. Also check for GRFs setting the default_cargo or refittable-cargo-classes or -types properties (r23916)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Do not test validity of cargobits using a mask of cargoslots (r23914)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When testing whether a engine shall only carry the default cargo, check ctt_include_mask for being empty before applying cargo translation (r23912)
- Fix: [SDL] Handle the SDL_VIDEOEXPOSE event to solve issues with SDL 1.3 (r23910)
- Fix: [SDL] Fix keyboard-related segfault when compiling against SDL 1.3 (r23909)
- Fix: [Makefile] Make sure bin/baseset/openttd.32.bmp is removed on make clean (r23908)
- Fix: [Makefile] Let "make clean --dry-run" not delete Makefiles (r23907)
- Fix: [Windows installer] OpenMSX got downloaded to and extracted in the wrong (non-existent) folder [FS#5045] (r23905)
- Fix: Memory leak everytime one clicked a savegame in the load GUI (r23901)
- Fix: [NewGRF] It was not possible to import sounds from a NewGRF later in the load order (r23883)
- Remove: PNG sprite loader; use 32bpp sprites in a NewGRF (r23898)

есть большой масштаб (4х-8х), но нет режима Glide-рендеринга !!!
по запросу 32 показано 10 файлов newGRF

Прямая ссылка на скачивание дистрибутива:

[Для просмотра ссылки ]
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