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Библиотека OpenTTD 32bpp / Library OpenTTD 32bpp Здесь можно прочитать всю официальную информацию о версии OpenTTD 32bpp , посмотреть чертежи реальных прототипов транспортных средств , характеристики операционных систем и другую официальную информацию ... Here it is possible to read the official information on version OpenTTD 32bpp, to look drawings of real prototypes of vehicles, characteristics of operational systems and other official information...
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Исходный сырой код OpenTTD 1.1.3

Source OpenTTD 1.1.3

1.1.3 (2011-09-15)
- Fix: Prevent authentication bypass for the admin port when a new game is started [FS#4771] (r22934)
- Fix: TTO savegames with any aircraft not in an hangar caused crashes during load (r22915)
- Fix: Windows 2000 and XP without service pack 3 must use the win9x binary/installer; the newer MSVC compiler of the compile farm does not support those versions of Windows anymore [FS#4749] (r22909)

1.1.3-RC1 (2011-09-04)
- Add: River graphics for the original base set (r22766)
- Fix: [NewGRF] DCxx text references via the textstack are not allowed, but caused crash [FS#4758] (r22882)
- Fix: Harden memory allocation (r22881, r22880, r22875)
- Fix: Miscalculation of train curve speed limits (r22879)
- Fix: Validate image dimensions before loading [CVE-2011-3343] [FS#4747] (r22878, r22877, r22874, r22873)
- Fix: Report an error in the news if autoreplace/renew fails due to the engine type being no longer available [FS#4712] (r22876)
- Fix: Perform stricter checks on RLE compressed BMP images [CVE-2011-3343] [FS#4746] (r22872, r22871)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Variables 40 and 81 of callback 18 are not the same as 80 (r22867)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Generic callbacks shall chain to the next GRF when the callback fails (r22866, r22865)
- Fix: Perform stricter checks on some commands [CVE-2011-3341] [FS#4745] (r22845)
- Fix: Harden savegame load against too many AI config settings [CVE-2011-3342] [FS#4748] (r22843)
- Fix: Compilation with GCC 4.7 (r22832, r22728, r22719)
- Fix: Allow to demolish aqueducts built in the scenario editor [FS#4741] (r22821)
- Fix: Towns expanding from the "wrong" side of a tunnel or bridge [FS#4731] (r22810, r22809)
- Fix: [NewGRF] String codes for dates should use unsigned words, like old OpenTTD did before it learned dates before 1920 (r22774)
- Fix: [NoAI] Clarify the meaning of AIStation::IsWithinTownInfluence(), AITile::IsWithinTownInfluence() and AITown::IsWithinTownInfluence() [FS#4702] (r22763)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Also free allocated depot tables of NewGRF airports (r22760)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Invalid memory access when querying the grfID of the default objects [FS#4730] (r22757)
- Fix: When marking tile selections dirty, use the height information of the corners instead of the surface slope. This is more accurate when the foundation is kind of undefined [FS#4727] (r22755)
- Fix: Make aircraft point to the exit when leaving the hangar [FS#4696] (r22743, r22742, r22741)
- Fix: Display the size of the leveled platform in the measurement tooltip of terraforming operations [FS#4708] (r22740, r22739)
- Fix: Setting company passwords via the GUI on servers (including starting a company with the default password) failed, so no client could join that company [FS#4722] (r22738)
- Fix: [NewGRF] The construction stage sprites were incorrectly selected in cases other than 1 or 4 sprites per set (r22731)
- Fix: [NoAI] AITile::GetCargoAcceptance, AITile::GetCargoProduction and AIRail::BuildNewGRFRailStation did not check the cargo argument for validity (r22726)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Always draw NewGRF supplied texts with a default colour (r22725)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Do not restrict AdvVarAct2 to 255 operations (r22723)
- Fix: If there is no point in opening the rail/air toolbar, do not open it for people who use hotkeys either rather than only for those using GUI elements (r22716, r22715, r22714)
- Fix: [NoAI] Allow AIAirport::GetNoiseLevelIncrease() also for expired airports [FS#4704] (r22710)

1.1.2 (2011-08-14)
- Fix: Some corrupted savegames could crash OpenTTD instead of showing the 'savegame corrupted' message [CVE-2011-3342] [FS#4717] (r22737, r22736)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Triggering NOT_REACHED when playing with a NewGRF that supplies genders/cases for a language that was not installed [FS#4718] (r22735)

1.1.2-RC2 (2011-07-30)
- Fix: Cost of adding an extra road type to a bridge or tunnel was undercalculated [FS#4680, FS#4681] (r22700, r22699)
- Fix: Only insert cleared object tiles into _cleared_object_areas if clearing actually succeeds, else subsequential tests of the same tile will be skipped and considered successful [FS#4694] (r22698)
- Fix: When building a house it could be built at the wrong place if multitile houses failed some tests (r22697)
- Fix: [Network] Failed network address resolving could trigger temporary freezes [FS#4697] (r22696, r22695)
- Fix: [NewGRF] The override managers were not reset in some cases like creating a new scenario [FS#4691] (r22693)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Aircrafts defined with IDs above the default aircrafts always defaulted to passenger cargo (r22690)

1.1.2-RC1 (2011-07-24)
- Change: [NewGRF] Only allow access (via hotkey and menu) to the bounding box visualisation when NewGRF developer tools are enabled (r22675)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Disallow accessing variable 1B in network games due to desync reasons (r22682)
- Fix: Switching from a red to a white highlight (by switching to another tool) without switching the highlight mode (HT_RECT etc.) did not mark the selection dirty [FS#4670] (r22649)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Parameters from NewGRFs were not properly parsed in all cases [FS#4599] (r22648, r22630, r22629, r22628, r22627)
- Fix: GetSection() does not return a LockPart [FS#4678] (r22645)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Disallow building NewObjects on water tiles owned by another company (r22643)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Disable the 'set parameters' button in the NewGRF GUI, if the GRF specifies to have no parameters and one would not be able to set any parameters anyway (r22642)
- Fix: Keep the previous owner of the upper and lower lock parts if they are built on existing water (r22638)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Airports should not expose the tile specific random bits of the north tile. Only airport tiles should access those (r22636)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Correctly reseed random bits of industries and industry tiles (r22635, r22634)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Implement variables 25 and 7F for railtypes (r22633)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Additional text in fund industry window is NewGRF supplied and thus should have a default colour (r22631)
- Fix: Also initialise _old_vds with newgame settings; TTD savegames do not contain these settings [FS#4622] (r22626)
- Fix: Do not zero the orders of disaster vehicles when converting savegames [FS#4642] (r22625)
- Fix: When closing an AI company the local player cheated to, we need to cheat him to another company [FS#4654] (r22624, r22623)
- Fix: When closing down companies their shares in other companies must be sold even if share trading is disabled at that point of time (r22622)
- Fix: When asking the user to confirm an unsafe unpausing, there is no need to execute a command if 'no' is choosed. This also prevents crashing when clicking unpause while the confirm window is shown (r22621)
- Fix: Enforce refit orders to be 'always go to depot' orders; service-only and stop-in-depot orders make no sense with refitting [FS#4651] (r22620)
- Fix: Consider the size of the vehicle sprite for the lineheight in the company GUI. This also makes the widget containing the sprite not skip drawing it, if the bounds of the widget are outside of the drawing area though the sprite actually needs drawing [FS#4662] (r22619)
- Fix: When changing difficulty settings over the network, do not just reopen the difficulty window if any game options window is opened; instead invalidate them properly [FS#4653] (r22618, r22617)
- Fix: [NewGRF] If callback 33 returns a value out of range, no sound effect shall be played [FS#4656] (r22614)
- Fix: Use rotated heightmap sizes for reporting scaling problems [FS#4663] (r22608)
- Fix: Do not show cargo accepted/produced in the new station window when no tiles are selected (mouse hovering a window or toolbar) [FS#4647] (r22595, r22593)
- Fix: Add active NewGRFs to the list of available ones when selecting the empty preset [FS#4644] (r22594)
- Fix: Reading of heightmaps with uncommon BMP formats failed due to uninitialised variables [FS#4645] (r22592)
- Fix: PBS order forecasting modified the current order index in case of a goto-nearest-depot order and no depot could be found [FS#4641] (r22589)
- Fix: Remove BaseStorageArrays from _changed_storage_arrays on destruction (r22583, r22551)
- Fix: Do not increment STL iterators after they have been invalidated (r22582)
- Fix: Do not lower the arrow buttons in the NewGRF/AI parameter windows if they are clicked when disabled (r22553, r22499)
- Fix: Clear airport persistent storage on construction/removal of airports (r22552)
- Fix: Possible crash when opening the airport build window for the first time [FS#4619] (r22538)
- Fix: Replace the half small airport structure on the intercontinental airport with some grass [FS#3494] (r22537)
- Fix: Documentation omission regarding admin protocol [FS#4632] (r22536)
- Fix: [NoAI] Doing rescan_ai in a game with running AIs caused a crash [FS#4631] (r22534)
- Fix: Do not create an implicit order if the current order is the first order in the order list and we visit the station of the last entry of the order list (r22532)
- Fix: MinGW 64 related compilation issues [FS#4623] (r22522, r22491, r22490, r22489)
- Fix: The layout selectors of the airport build GUI did not latch properly (r22497, r22495)
- Fix: Callback result for airport layout name was incorrectly used (r22496)
- Fix: Airport preview sprite can depend on the layout, so update the cached SpriteID when the layout changes (r22494)
- Fix: Engine IDs for coal and mail wagons were swapped in the TTO savegame conversion [FS#4622] (r22487)
- Fix: The caption of centered windows could be moved out of the main window and thus become inaccessible when resizing the main window (r22485, r22484)
- Fix: No client error packet was sent to the admin bots [FS#4585] (r22384)

1.1.1 (2011-06-01)
- Change: Automatic orders are better called implicit orders as no real order influencing path finding is added (r22474, r22473)
- Fix: Only try to insert implicit orders for ground vehicles. Aircraft may reach unscheduled terminals when skipping orders [FS#4624] (r22492)

1.1.1-RC1 (2011-05-15)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Allow to filter by town of the current industry when using industry variable 0x68 [FS#4591] (r22434)
- Change: Improve the speed of YAPF by tweaking hash tables size (r22351, r22350, r22348)
- Change: Show one digit of the fractional train length in the depot (r22336, r22305, r22304, r22303)
- Fix: When determining the executable path failed, the working directory was used instead, circumventing the not-home-directory check [FS#4613] (r22465)
- Fix: [Windows] Prevent a crash when launching OpenTTD with -d from a MSYS console [FS#4587] (r22464)
- Fix: Update the saveload window immediatelly after scanning a new directory, so queued events reach the window when already updated [FS#4615] (r22463)
- Fix: [NewGRF] The c and p parts of station vars 40, 41 and 49 were incorrect for large stations (r22455, r22286)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Zero register 0x100 as specified before resolving custom station foundations (r22452)
- Fix: Do not 'log' the NewGRFs in the screenshot when in the menu [FS#4610] (r22450)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When GRFs are disabled via Action E or due to GRM failure, also display an error in the GUI (r22444, r22443)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Do not popup fatal NewGRF error messages in the intro screen. The GRFs are not going to be activated there anyway and the GRF settings GUI will not display the errors either (r22442)
- Fix: Catenary was drawn incorrectly next to level crossings with foundations (r22437)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Apply railtype property 12 (station graphics) also to station groundsprites from action 1 (r22436)
- Fix: Git revision detection would return too much when tags are involved (r22435)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When action14 specified different values for the palette, the values were OR-ed. Use the last set value instead (r22416)
- Fix: [Network] Kicking yourself via remote console crashes the server [FS#4606] (r22414)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Make sure the action2 ID of a generic feature callback is valid (r22409)
- Fix: Check the availability year of all houses, not just the NewGRF houses, when making sure that at least one is available onwards from year 0 [FS#4581] (r22389, r22300, r22299)
- Fix: When a game uses a lot of NewGRFs the buffer for storing that information in the PNG is too small (r22388)
- Fix: Windows' recv seems to return 'graceful closed' before having passed the remaining buffer which causes OpenTTD to think all connections are 'incorrectly' terminated, i.e. without the 'I am leaving' packet from the client. So let the client wait a tiny bit after sending the 'I am leaving' packet and before gracefully closing the connection [FS#4601] (r22387)
- Fix: When the last AI company gets removed, the 'dead' state was not reset in the AI debug window [FS#4602] (r22386)
- Fix: Recolouring of silicon bridge was done incorrectly (r22380, r22379, r22378)
- Fix: Crash when clicking a removed company in the vehicle list dropdowns [FS#4592] (r22373)
- Fix: Keep better accounting of the order in which clients joined; client cannot be starved from joining and they get shown the amount of clients waiting in front of them (r22372, r22370, r22369, r22368, r22367, r22366, r22365, r22364, r22363, r22362, r22361)
- Fix: Make sure saving has completely and utterly finished before starting a new one. Otherwise you could start a save, which would be marked as done by the previous save stopping and then yet another save could be started... and that could create a deadlock [FS#4596] (r22371)
- Fix: Delete the client list popup when the client got removed (instead of previously selecting some other client) (r22360, r22359, r22358)
- Fix: When inserting automatic orders, do not create consecutive duplicate orders (r22333, r22332, r22331, r22330, r22329, r22328, r22327)
- Fix: Destinations of conditional orders were update incorrectly when deleting orders in front of the conditional orders, if the target order was the order just before of the conditional order (r22326)
- Fix: Vehicles skipped orders when inserting automatic orders failed (r22324)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When determining refittability use the cargo translation table of the GRF setting the refitmask instead of the GRF defining the action 3 (r22316)
- Fix: Make road vehicles, ships and aircraft skip orders if they are leaving a depot and heading to the same one again; just like trains (r22309)
- Fix: Waiting on a server could kick the client, or rather the client would kick itself due to an unexpected packet [FS#4574] (r22308)
- Fix: When drawing the town authority window, check whether the availability of the actions changed, and force a complete redraw in that case (r22307)
- Fix: The 'freeform edges' setting could be enabled when there were buoys on the northern border [FS#4580] (r22297)
- Fix: Reset Window::scrolling_scrollbar when raising scrollbar buttons [FS#4571] (r22294)

1.1.0 (2011-04-01)
- Fix: In the scenario editor you could build a ship depot using the appropriate hotkey. Removing that depot causes an assertion to trigger [FS#4558] (r22266)

1.1.0-RC3 (2011-03-18)
- Fix: New game settings were applied too early when starting a game via a heightmap [FS#4557] (r22259)
- Fix: Do not resort town, industry and signs list directly in OnInvalidateData(). There might be a scheduled rebuild which needs execution first. So, only set a trigger for resorting [FS#4546] (r22249, r22248, r22247, r22246, r22245, r22244, r22243, r22242, r22241, r22236, r22228, r22227, r22226)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Object variable 0x48 was not available in callback 0x15C (r22231)
- Fix: Compilation when compiling with --disable-ai (r22222)
- Fix: When downloading a file via HTTP failed mid-way and OpenTTD fell back to the old system the partial downloaded amount would be counted twice [FS#4543] (r22208)
- Fix: The 'center' (for movement) of vehicles is (currently still) always at 4/8th original vehicle length from the front, so trains should stop at the same location regardless of the length of the front engine [FS#4545] (r22206)
- Fix: Make the base costs for building and demolishing NewObjects also local to the individual NewGRFs (r22204)
- Fix: Removing a station order could stop when removing first automatic order (r22200)
- Fix: Invalidate the object build window when using the date cheat (r22193)

1.1.0-RC2 (2011-03-04)
- Fix: Following a vehicle with a very high VehicleID was impossible (r22181)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Memory leak if an industry NewGRF had more than one prop A or 15, or a station NewGRF had more than one prop 09 (r22175, r22165)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Disable a station NewGRF when it contains an unterminated spritelayout in action0 prop 08 instead of crashing (r22164)
- Fix: Building a station part adjacent to both an existing station and a rail waypoint failed [FS#4541] (r22163)
- Fix: No update of NewGRF window when unknown GRF name becomes available [FS#4533] (r22162)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Industry prop 0x11 is 4-bytes long, not 3 bytes (r22157)
- Fix: Stations/infrastructure were not properly sold on some clients during bankruptcy [FS#4529] (r22154)
- Fix: The Greek translation did not work as it breached the 200.000 bytes 'limit' for loading language files [FS#4536] (r22153)
- Fix: Windows video driver crashed when it could not go to full screen at the resolution of the configuration file when starting OpenTTD [FS#4521] (r22149)
- Fix: Do not run savegame conversion during SlNullPointers; the pointer might not be converted or be NULL at that point (r22146)
- Fix: Some valid keycodes were ignored along with the invalid ones (r22142)
- Fix: When commands need to invalidate windows, process these events asynchronously before the next redraw. Calling window code directly from command scope uses wrong _current_company and might issue nested DoCommands() which interfer with the running command [FS#4523] (r22141, r22140, r22135, r22134)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Skipping only the invalid part of an action14 failed, the rest of the action was skipped instead (r22138)
- Fix: Spectators had crashes when closing buoy windows (r22131)
- Fix: Build-station-window showed wrong selection when reopening [FS#4530] (r22128)
- Fix: Canals would get drawn as land in the smallmap when using the owner window (r22127)
- Fix: The animation-ness of two goldmine tiles were swapped, causing the wheeltower to not work properly, and the bottom corner to show the wrong sprite [FS#4528] (r22125)
- Fix: CommandQueue::Pop() did not update 'last'; popping the last item caused the queue to disconnect unless there was only one item [FS#4522] (r22123)
- Fix: When a NOT_REACHED in saveload can be reached due to an invalid savegame, use SlErrorCorrupt instead. In other words, do not crash but show an error message (r22122)
- Fix: In case of high frame_freq one could get commands executed after a new network game was started (r22121)
- Fix: [NoAI] Prevent AIs from getting consistently over their allowed amount of operations by subtracting the amount they went over 'budget' from the budget for the next 'tick' (r22120)
- Fix: The refit window was not correctly updated after selecting with Ctrl+Click [FS#4525] (r22118)
- Fix: CanRemoveRoadWithStop() failed for _current_company = OWNER_TOWN, and for OWNER_NONE-owned road (r22117)

1.1.0-RC1 (2011-02-18)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Test all possible industry layouts during construction and prospecting [FS#4131] (r22012, r22010)
- Feature: Wheel scrolling in the console (r21982)
- Feature: Console command to reset the engine pool. It removes the traces of engines which are no longer associated to a NewGRF, and can be used to e.g. 'fix' scenarios which were screwed up by the author. You can only use it when there are no vehicles in the game though (r21975)
- Feature: Add a setting to enable/disable funding local road reconstruction (r21974)
- Feature: Introduce 'minimal' number of industries as a replacment for the old 'none' setting in the new game window (r21969)
- Change: When loading old savegames with long trains set the maximum train length to the length of the longest train (r22061)
- Change: Always report mammoth trains are disabled to NewGRFs, and allow the maximum train length to be modified in multiplayer as well [FS#4471] (r22004)
- Fix: Remove invalid keycodes when reading hotkeys.cfg [FS#4510] (r22094)
- Fix: The server list did not get sorted with one item in it, so the 'position in the list' variable was never updated causing problems when using the keyboard shortcuts for scrolling [FS#4514] (r22093)
- Fix: When deleting towns, only relocate objects during DC_EXEC (r22087)
- Fix: [Windows] If fullscreen fails with current resolution, use desktop resolution [FS#4489] (r22081)
- Fix: The owner view of the smallmap was not updated after a company colour change (r22079)
- Fix: Maximum train length interfered with wagon replacement when wagon removal was turned on [FS#4499] (r22078)
- Fix: NewGRFs with invalid multi-tile houses could cause a valid 1x1 house following it to be seen as multi-tile, causing crashes [FS#4501] (r22075)
- Fix: Immediately update the train weight when you change the multiplier for train cargo weight (r22073)
- Fix: Some hotkey names in hotkey.cfg for the scenario editor toolbar were completely bogus (r22071)
- Fix: Crashes when disconnecting after requesting the map [FS#4503] (r22070)
- Fix: Delete all savegame packets, not just the first one (r22069)
- Fix: Return 'connection lost' instead of 'okay' when SendPackets closed the connection, so we do not try to do anything else with the closed socket (r22068)
- Fix: Do not hold a mutex when sending packets and thus possibly closing the connection as that wants to acquire the mutex again (r22067)
- Fix: Verify we can allocate an Order, OrderList, CargoPacket, CargoPayment, and others before we actually try to do so (all corner cases) [FS#4468] (r22066, r22057, r22047, r22042, r22040, r22033, r22031, r22026, r22025, r22024, r22023, r22022)
- Fix: Crash when disconnecting and reconnecting while the server is still saving the savegame [FS#4497] (r22064)
- Fix: Memory leak when saving with LZMA or zlib fails mid-way (r22062)
- Fix: Make the send chat message window follow the position of the status bar (r22059)
- Fix: Metric and imperial HP are not the same. As imperial HP are used internally, set a conversion rate for metric HP [FS#4408] (r22056)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Some invalid squirrel code caused the squirrel compiler to crash [FS#4490] (r22055)
- Fix: The land area information window was not updated after a language change (r22053)
- Fix: Roads under road stops would get a wrong owner after overbuilding (r22051)
- Fix: In ancient savegames, e.g. TTO savegames, non primary vehicles (wagons and such) could have unitnumbers or even orders. However, these orders would not be updated when a station is removed. As such some savegames have wagons with current orders to invalid stations which triggers trouble in the load conversion. So, trash any orders/unitnumbers a non-primary vehicle has [FS#4496] (r22050)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Company 0 does not always exist, so put temporary vehicles in a valid company (r22048)
- Fix: Make sure order indices stay in range when copying, sharing, unsharing or deleting all orders [FS#4487] (r22046)
- Fix: Update the consist cache when a part of a train is flipped in the depot [FS#4493] (r22044)
- Fix: Invalidate the right windows when a part of a train is flipped in the depot (r22043)
- Fix: Tab completion in chat did not cycle through all possible options (r22038)
- Fix: Crash when watching the vehicle view of a vehicle that has multiple sequential nearest depot orders (or consists of a single nearest depot order) when there is no depot with index 0 [FS#4488] (r22034)
- Fix: The server list got not resorted/redrawn after NewGRFs were downloaded [FS#4482] (r22029)
- Fix: When paused and having the allowed actions while paused setting on 'no actions' cheating money would fail [FS#4479] (r22016)
- Fix: Only show one AI per unique ID instead of all versions in the output of 'openttd -h' (r22007)
- Fix: Smoke/sparks of trains would be shown under bridges, or rather through bridges [FS#4480] (r22006)
- Fix: When the difference between force and resistance is smaller than the mass(*4) there would be no acceleration anymore, even when at higher (or lower) speed the force and resistance balance out better [FS#4473] (r21997)
- Fix: [YAPF] Under some circumstances vehicles could be lost [FS#4472] (r21996)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Make computations of closest-land/water-distances handle waterish tiles more correctly (r21994)
- Fix: When building a lock on dry land costs for clearing water were deducted rather than for building canals (r21993)
- Fix: AIs trying to change the AIOF_GOTO_NEAREST_DEPOT flag for existing orders triggered an assert. Explicitly forbid this as precondition for SetOrderFlags [FS#4467] (r21992)
- Fix: The share/copy-orders-cursor was not updated to refer to the new vehicle when it got autoreplaced/-renewed [FS#4466] (r21991)
- Fix: Vehicle status bar glitches on speed changes (r21989)
- Fix: Scrolling of the console in pages used wrong line height and scrolled too much (r21979)
- Fix: Redraw the town authority window after modifying town authority settings (r21973)
- Fix: Crash when a multiplayer company goes bankrupt with 'you' in it [FS#4464] (r21970)

1.1.0-beta5 (2011-02-04)
- Feature: GUI setting to disable reversing at signals (r21962)
- Feature: Not loading and not unloading is now possible (r21961)
- Change: [NewGRF] Disable the flipping of train engines/wagons in the depot by default for NewGRFs [FS#4462] (r21966)
- Change: Show the length of vehicles in tiles, instead of half tiles in the depot (r21960)
- Change: Replace longbridges settings with custom maximum bridge and tunnel length setting (r21959)
- Change: Randomize the vehicle a small UFO targets, do not use the one with lowest index (r21949)
- Fix: Do not count the number of vehicles but the length of vehicles to (configurably) limit train length [FS#4461] (r21960)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Reset the carry flag every 4 bytes in Action 6 when adding more than one variable (r21951)
- Fix: Road vehicle was moved under the bridge when it was destroyed by an UFO while on a bridge (r21948)
- Fix: Crash when converting a savegame with vehicles crashed in a tunnel entry, or with vehicles reversing there (r21947)
- Fix: Funny behaviour when a road vehicle reverses while overtaking, so abort the overtake attempt when reversing the road vehicle [FS#4447] (r21946)
- Fix: Not all vehicles should be tested to be inside a tunnel upon savegame load [FS#4460] (r21940)
- Fix: Do not remove existing road/tram bits when overbuilding stops of the opposite road type [FS#4457] (r21936)
- Fix: Allow to overbuild road stops which are built over trams (r21935)
- Fix: Automatic orders behave now stable wrt. service orders and are not added or removed depending on the need of servicing [FS#4440] (r21933)
- Fix: The town window would not be invalidated in the scenario editor if the ground changed and thus the required cargos for town growth [FS#4554] (r21929)
- Fix: Converting an expensive rail type to a cheap one could give more money than removing and rebuilding cost (r21919)
- Fix: Languages improperly sorted in the 'start server' window [FS#4443] (r21918)
- Fix: The minimum speed needed for (realistic) acceleration to work properly can sometimes be more than the (temporary) maximum speed causing Clamp to 'fail'. Make sure that the minimum speed always overrules the maximum speed [FS#4442] (r21916)
- Fix: Include the capacity of non-refittable vehicles in the refitted-capacity, if their cargo matches (r21904)
- Fix: Do not count articulated parts when passing the number of vehicles to refit to the command. That may exceed 8 bits (r21902)
- Fix: [NoAI] Hide automatic orders from AIs as they have no way of dealing with them (r21900)
- Fix: Do not show a vehicle selection in the RefitWindow for refit orders. You cannot select anything anyway (r21899)
- Fix: Using a pointer-iterator and adding things (thus reallocating) to the iterated array caused OpenTTD to crash on invalid pointers [FS#4438] (r21898)
- Fix: Only some scenarios from the main scenario folder and no heightmaps could be started in the 'start server' window [FS#4421] (r21892)
- Fix: Crash when scrolling outside of the main window (with some video backends) [FS#4434] (r21889)
- Fix: [NewGRF] String codes 0x80 and 0x81 were broken since the typechecking of string parameters [FS#4422] (r21885)
- Fix: When a train after reversing ended at the last bit of a bridge ramp and directed outside the bridge, it could still have track set to TRACK_BIT_WORMHOLE (r21880)
- Fix: When a single-vehicle train was reversed while on a slope, its GOINGUP/DOWN were not swapped (r21874)
- Remove: Settings for vehicle speed in the vehicle view, long date in status bar, drawing of bridge pillars, support for depot orders, time tabling and joining of stations upon building (r21958, r21957, r21956, r21955, r21954)
- Remove: The non-uniform stations setting; it has been broken for over a year, and thus not used [FS#4456] (r21953)

1.1.0-beta4 (2011-01-21)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Rail type property to influence sorting of rail types in the drop down list [FS#4394] (r21866)
- Feature: [Network] Console command to change the password of other companies for servers [FS#4368] (r21855)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Introduction dates/required types for rail types; e.g. introduce a particular rail type in 1960 (or when a vehicle using it is introduced), but also allow limiting its introduction to only happen when the required railtypes are available [FS#4393] (r21842)
- Feature: Limit vehicle lateness to the length of a full timetable cycle, e.g. when a cycle takes 50 days and the vehicle is 65 days later reduce the lateness to 15 days (r21832)
- Feature: After building a road or tram bridge/tunnel, connect it to any existing road or tram (r21778, r21777)
- Feature: Display NewGRF object sprites during object picking (r21772)
- Feature: Display NewGRF station sprites during station picking (r21755)
- Change: Allow LMB scrolling with the mouse outside of the extra viewport instead of canceling scrolling when going slightly over the edge (r21838)
- Change: Only show rail/road types that will eventually be available in-game. For example do not show trams when there is no tram NewGRF loaded (r21817)
- Change: Keep aqueducts and road/tram tunnels and bridges after removing a company (r21780)
- Fix: Distant-join station would build at the wrong location when having persistent building turned on and selecting a 'second' location for the station tile [FS#4430] (r21864)
- Fix: Slowing down of trains was done by reducing the speed by 10%, but also when you are just 1% too fast, so limit the slowdown till the new maximum speed [FS#4423] (r21847)
- Fix: Left-mouse-button dragging would switch over to other viewports instead of staying locked to the viewport you started on [FS#4419] (r21837)
- Fix: When a train was reversed while inside a tunnel/bridge, it would not have (re)set the GOINGUP/DOWN bits after leaving the tunnel/bridge (r21836)
- Fix: Desync debug savegames might not be actually saved in case threading is enabled, which is enabled by default [FS#4427] (r21833)
- Fix: Service orders for trains/aircraft would (sometimes) not get a time when autofilling [FS#4414] (r21831)
- Fix: Crash with the small map window on big endian platforms [FS#4417] (r21830)
- Fix: The expectations from the 'always build infrastructure' setting name/description did not match the behaviour [FS#4007] (r21826)
- Fix: Allow dragging of combo signals (again) [FS#4378] (r21816)
- Fix: [YAPF] Apply a pathfinder penalty for back of one-way path signals so those arenot preferred over other possibilities [FS#3908] (r21815)
- Fix: Check GRF version from action 8, and disallow usage of GRFs with versions above 7 (r21814)
- Fix: Crash when displaying the owner view [FS#4411] (r21813)
- Fix: Do not create automatic orders when there are no manual orders, and remove unreached automatic orders when reaching an ordered waypoint or depot [FS#4404] (r21809, r21808)
- Fix: Loading a TTO savegame failed after loading a TTDP savegame (r21799, r21798)
- Fix: The size (in characters) of the string inputs was too small for loading some TTD savegames (r21797)
- Fix: Drive through road stop state was not properly converted from TTDPatch savegames [FS#4398] (r21796)
- Fix: Broken usage of GetTileOwner() caused wrong conversion of old savegames (r21793)
- Fix: Terraforming limit was off-by-one when terraforming a single tile height [FS#4407] (r21791)
- Fix: TTDPatch savegames can have train waypoints encoded as buoys [FS#4398] (r21790)
- Fix: When the font misses the fallback character '?', use the sprite font's '?' instead [FS#4405] (r21789)
- Fix: Crash due to invalid rail station width and height data stored in TTDPatch savegames [FS#4398] (r21786)
- Fix: Crash when converting savegame with custom waypoint name (r21784)
- Fix: Diagonal tile iterator failed for A * 0 selections [FS#4396] (r21768)
- Fix: Do not limit tile clearing during bankruptcy [FS#4397] (r21767)
- Fix: PBS reservation was not shown on road crossings with NewGRF railtypes [FS#4369] (r21765)
- Remove: The 'stopall' console command, as its functionality was broken. Group start/stop commands can be used instead [FS#4409] (r21804)

1.1.0-beta3 (2011-01-09)
- Feature: Configurable limit amount of tiles that can be cleared/terraformed by a company [FS#4331] (r21728)
- Feature: Show a list of companies in the owner legend and allow them to be toggled for visibility (r21720, r21718)
- Feature: Console command 'list_ai_libs' to get a list of recognized AI libraries [FS#4372] (r21703)
- Feature: Allow changing the AI configuration in the scenario editor / in game [FS#4362] (r21696)
- Change: Tune 'realistic' acceleration even more to make more trains reach their top speed, and make it behave more like TTDPatch (r21712)
- Change: Display the minimum height of the tile in the LandInfo window instead of the height of the northern corner. So it is more useful for NewGRF and AI developers, and maybe more transparent for players (r21711)
- Fix: The diagonal iterator would iterate twice over some tiles [FS#4395] (r21747)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Canal variable 83 accessed water random bits also for non-water tiles (e.g. watery industries or objects) (r21746)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Canal variable 80 shall return consistent heights within a lock (r21745)
- Fix: Allow Ctrl+Clicking automatic orders for scrolling to their destination (r21744)
- Fix: Coast tiles were not drawn under bridges [FS#4386] (r21743)
- Fix: Make clearing refit orders work again [FS#4388] (r21739)
- Fix: Start loading when cur_order_index points to the destination station, i.e. after deleting not-reached automatic orders [FS#4384] (r21738)
- Fix: A loading order was also marked as 'not part of orders' when the order before the current order was deleted (r21737)
- Fix: Admin bots were not always notified of password changes [FS#4377] (r21727)
- Fix: Vehicle sprite was cached into a 16 bit variable, causing incorrect sprites to be displayed (r21709)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Report TTDPatch flag 4A (newobjects) as set (r21708)
- Fix: The old ship pathfinder is too stupid to provide 'lost' notices; it would even get lost while following its own path [FS#4370] (r21706)
- Fix: Do not perform any more checks after the connection is closed [FS#4374] (r21704)
- Fix: Changing AI settings ingame was impossible when the difficulty level was other than custom (r21694)
- Fix: Due to an error in the Debian changelog building of Debian/Ubuntu packages failed (r21682)

1.1.0-beta2 (2010-12-31)
- Feature: Command logging using the admin interface (r21668)
- Feature: Concept of automatic station orders; add stub orders for intermediate stations and remove them when not visiting them anymore. This allows you to see what trains visit a station without actually having to order a vehicle to stop at all stations (r21642)
- Add: [NoAI] AIEventTownFounded (r21664)
- Add: [NoAI] AIRail::GetName() to get the name of a railtype (r21663)
- Add: [NoAI] AITown::IsCity() so AIs can find out which towns grow faster than others (r21654)
- Change: Do not show price to build a bridge in the scenario editor as they are free to build there [FS#4358] (r21673)
- Change: Do not highlight tile when selecting a vehicle to clone or an order to skip to (r21616)
- Fix: Estonia introduced the Euro in 2011 (r21670)
- Fix: Autofill timetable had side effects in test mode, possibly causing desyncs in MP [FS#4354] (r21660)
- Fix: Cargo payment graph was not properly invalidated when payment rate changed [FS#4351] (r21658)
- Fix: Use a bool instead of uint8 to store a bool and use the dedicated accessor function when reading boolean settings [FS#4345] (r21656)
- Fix: Infinite loop in the road pathfinder due to bouncing around in an 'one way' trap; two one ways pointing towards eachother making it impossible to leave [FS#4338] (r21651)
- Fix: Make '[centre|main] view' consistent, and make '[main|global] view' consistent [FS#4339] (r21650)
- Fix: Newly created skip-to order was created at wrong place (r21633)
- Fix: Ships with the old pathfinder would easily show up as lost, even when it would eventually find a path. Now also the distance from the 'end' of the pathfinding run to the destination is compared to the current distance to the destination; if the distance to the destination at the end of the pathfinder run is less than the current distance from the destination the ship will not be marked as lost. This means that the ships with the old pathfinder will less likely get marked as lost, but due to the design of the old ship pathfinder there 'lostness' is merely a best guess. When you still get a lost message you need to build buoys to guide the ship pathfinder [FS#4325] (r21631)
- Fix: Version detection of subversion branches and tags got broken (r21630)
- Fix: Crash under certain circumstances when using autorail [FS#4327] (r21619)

1.1.0-beta1 (2010-12-24)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Variable 7B for accessing 60+x variables while taking the parameter from the accumulator (r21604)
- Feature: Allow to refit only the selected part of a train consist (r21567)
- Feature: Store the used OpenTTD version, base graphics set, NewGRFs and AIs in the PNG screenshots (r21558, r21553)
- Feature: Make the delay of the chat messages timing out unrelated to the number of passed game days, i.e. do not stop aging chat messages when the server is paused, and make the timeout user configurable [FS#532] (r21513, r21512)
- Feature: Vehicle lost messages for ships and road vehicles [FS#1956] (r21511, r21510)
- Feature: Diagonal tile clearing and terraforming by pressing Ctrl [FS#730] (r21500)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Use the station graphics property to determine a fallback for the depot sprites [FS#4279] (r21473)
- Feature: Add explicit make 'shared orders' an option in the orders menu (r21464)
- Feature: Make it more clear that you are stopping a shared order, and make it possible retain the order list upon unsharing [FS#3711] (r21461)
- Feature: Hotkey Ctrl+W for returning to the main menu [FS#3217] (r21459)
- Feature: Scroll to the inserted order [FS#4215] (r21457)
- Feature: Building while paused always works in the scenario editor [FS#1521] (r21430)
- Feature: Perform the compression of savegames to send to the client asynchronously. This will reduce the lag of the other clients to the time it takes to make the memory dump and it will speed up downloading the map as the download starts earlier (possibly with a slightly lower bandwidth due to slow compression) [FS#4284] (r21399)
- Feature: Do not store savegames to disk when transferring it from the server to a client (r21398, r21397)
- Feature: Use alphabetical order when sorting industries by type at the industry directory window (r21389)
- Feature: Allow entering of the new year in a text box when cheating the year [FS#4289] (r21388)
- Feature: Support for limiting the amount of (accepted) incoming data for a server (r21363)
- Feature: Natural sorting of strings using ICU [FS#4214] (r21344)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Implement action0 visual effect properties for ships and RVs (r21240)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support callback 0x10 for RVs and ships (r21238)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Make positioning of diesel fumes and electric sparks actually work (r21230)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support OpenTTD's genders, cases and plurals (r21216, r21211, r21209)
- Feature: Display mail capacity when refitting an aircraft to passengers (r21214)
- Feature: Make the statusbar's location configurable [FS#4201] (r21179)
- Feature: Forced construction of missing industries (r21175)
- Feature: Do not build industries during economic recession (r21169)
- Feature: Use desired industry counts rather than relative probability to decide which industry to build (r21168)
- Feature: Allow to sort purchase lists for trains and road vehicles by tractive effort (r21105)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add CB36 support for road vehicle property 0x15 (Speed) (r21100)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Implement stringcode 9A 0C (station name), 9A 0D (weight) (r21086, r21085)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add CB36 support for road vehicle properties 0x13 (Power), 0x14 (Weight) and 0x18 (Tractive effort) (r21058)
- Feature: XZ/LZMA2 savegame support. New default reduces savegame size by 10 to 30% with slightly more CPU usage. With maximum settings it reduces savegame size by 20 to 30%, but that takes 7 to 14 times longer. Map saving + downloading takes, on average, 5% less (r21044)
- Feature: Chat directly to the server or a bot/admin/IRC channel monitoring the server (r21000)
- Feature: Remote administration (r20975-r20963)
- Feature: [NewGRF] The concept of minimum loadable version to NewGRFs when choosing compatible NewGRFs (r20960, r20958)
- Feature: Center new extra viewports on the tile below the mouse. Only center on center of main viewport if mouse is not in any viewport (r20956)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Make it possible to distinguish player built/randomly placed industries in the location and land slope check callbacks (r20942)
- Feature: Highlight all destination tiles when building a lock [FS#4153] (r20932)
- Feature: Transfer orders imply 'leave empty' by default [FS#3905] (r20927)
- Feature: Allow to select a custom percentage of water in the map generation window (r20832)
- Feature: Make it possible to select vehicle to clone and vehicle to clone orders from directly from vehicle lists and depot window [FS#3999] (r20753)
- Feature: Separate GUI icons for vehicle/company profit, exclusive rights and unread news (r20720)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support for newobjects (r20670)
- Feature: Make the (flat) area around an industry configurable (r20659)
- Feature: [Network] Allow rate limiting of incoming commands (r20553)
- Feature: Filter signs at the sign list window [FS#3472] (r20516)
- Feature: Ignore _ in console command names so there is no 'inconsistent' behaviour w.r.t. underscores anymore without breaking backward compatibility greatly (r20515)
- Feature: A new screenshot type that makes a zoomed-in screenshot of the visible viewport [FS#3973] (r20508)
- Feature: Setting for none/original/more smoke [FS#3093] (r20376)
- Feature: Airport previews (r20381, r20369)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support for callback 0x147 ('add sprite offset') for canals (r20353)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support for property 09, feature 05, i.e alternate canal sprite layout (r20352)
- Feature: Add rescan_newgrf console command (r20344)
- Feature: [NewGRF] AdvVarAct2 operators for SHL, SHR and SAR (r20332)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Air drag property support for trains and road vehicles. Air drag for vehicles with air drag not set or set to zero will use a default value depending on their max speed (r20303, r20302, r20301, r20300, r20299)
- Feature: More user-friendly gui to change NewGRF parameters (r20258)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add support for static NewGRF information, i.e. Action 14 (r20250)
- Feature: Display suppliers and customers of an industry or cargo (r20206)
- Feature: Allow horizontal resizing for all vehicle lists [FS#3955] (r20174)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Information (var 4A) about the current railtype a train is on (r20165)
- Feature: Tooltips are shown by hovering the mouse over a widget instead of by right clicking on it [FS#3913]
- Feature: Customizable hotkeys (r20055)
- Feature: Wrap console lines when they are too long [FS#3816] (r20046)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Variable 43 depot build date for railtypes [FS#3886] (r20003)
- Feature: Show some savegame details when selecting items in saveload GUIs (r19984)
- Feature: Open vehicle view when clicking on the caption of vehicle news (r19944)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Access to industry founder (var A7) during callbacks 28 and 2F (r19901)
- Feature: Add highlighting of drag destination in depot and order GUI gui [FS#3705] (r19889, r19888)
- Feature: Configure NewGRFs from a single window (r19841)
- Feature: Give depots an unique name in the same manner buoys and waypoints are named. Also allow them to be custom named [FS#3691] (r19801, r19799)
- Feature: Hide all other industries when Ctrl+clicking an industry type in smallmap legend (r19770)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Access to random bits of houses and industries from construction callbacks 17, 28 and 2F. That is: The random bits the house/industry will start with, if construction succeeds [FS#3477] (r19744)
- Feature: A simple sprite alignment helper. It does not store the new offsets anywhere so as soon as the sprite is reloaded the offsets are gone (use a bigger sprite cache if this happens). Also anything that reloads NewGRFs (new games, loading games or (re)applying NewGRFs) clears the sprite cache and as such resets the offsets (r19723)
- Feature: New base costs for building/clearing canals, building/clearing aqueducts and building/clearing locks (r19720)
- Feature: Ctrl+click on a vehicle to start/stop it (r19714)
- Feature: NewGRF debugging/inspecting of (primarily) enabled callbacks and values of variables (r19709)
- Feature: Graphs with negative values are no longer forced to have the zero axis in the middle, resizeable graphs (r19662, r19631)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support callback 36 for aircraft speed also in the build menu (r19660)
- Feature: Add an input box to the AI Debug window where you can input a break string [FS#3496] (r19544)
- Feature: Add buttons to enable/disable all cargos at the cargo payment rates graph (r19542)
- Feature: Sort industries alphabetically at the smallmap legend, fund industry list; sort cargos alphabetically at cargo payment graph, build vehicles cargo filter dropdown, station ratings and refit options (r19541, r19540, r19436, r19535, r19522, r19503)
- Feature: Console command 'reload_newgrfs'; only available when NewGRF developer tools are enabled (r19515)
- Feature: Enter the starting year in the scenario editor by clicking at the date panel (r19397)
- Feature: Configurable slope steepness for road vehicles from 0% to 10%, default is 7% (r19346)
- Feature: Realistic acceleration for road vehicles (r19345)
- Feature: Allow to (over)build and remove multiple road stops using drag and drop (r19231, r19230, r19229)
- Feature: Show warnings and errors in console as well, not only in a message box (r19225)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Action 0/1/2/3 support for NewGRF airporttiles (r19194)
- Add: [NoAI] AIOrder::IsVoidOrder to find void '(Invalid Order)' orders (r20389)
- Add: Support for MSVC 2010 (r20032)
- Add: [NoAI] AIIndustry::GetIndustryID(TileIndex) (r19773)
- Change: Make it possible to start actions that require selecting stuff (landscaping, vehicle cloning, etc) in the viewport while paused. As side-effect you will get an error message explaining the command cannot be executed because the game is paused instead of seemingly nothing happening when you click. Additional side effect of this is that you can make use of the measurement tooltip while paused [FS#4292] (r21480)
- Change: Make building aqueducts behave more like building tunnels. They cannot be built on flat (or foundationed) tiles, so there is at most one destination tile like there is only one for tunnels [FS#4153] (r21471)
- Change: Place the bridge building window under the mouse instead of somewhere randomly on the screen and change the default sort order [FS#3975] (r21460)
- Change: Make sure the client is listening, or rather receiving, our frames (r21361)
- Change: Read some metadata from (official) source tarballs so you will more likely get the right version/revision out-of-the-box (r21351)
- Change: Be more explicit that the game state can get broken by changing NewGRFs (r21335)
- Change: Use the last red instead of last red exit penalty for making sure other waypoint entries are evaluated as well when they are occupied, e.g. when there are no signals before the waypoint but a train just beyond the waypoint is stopped (like for stations) (r21271)
- Change: Do not receive money for removing the rail of non-rail rail station tiles, i.e. rail station tiles for which the NewGRF has prevented trains to be routed through (r21266)
- Change: Show a different 'lag' message when a client is lagging because of connection trouble or lagging because the client is just slow (r21254)
- Change: Mention the OpenTTD version on the console/logs when starting an OpenTTD dedicated server like we mention it in the title bar for the GUI version (r21253)
- Change: Filter stations by cargo they have a rating for instead of having cargo waiting [FS#4206] (r21144)
- Change: Limit the number of exceptions in the refittable cargo list to 7 (r21083)
- Change: Reduce the chances to accidentally break savegames with NewGRFs by limiting loading of savegames that miss NewGRFs or change NewGRF settings in-game [FS#3012] (r21116)
- Change: Tuned realistic acceleration to be a bit more realistic in order to make acceleration 'slower', which highlights the differences between vehicle types more (r21106)
- Change: Do not make client reconnect waiting time depend on the company; in coop games that does not spread clients at all, and most companies have a low number causing it not to be spread out either. Use the ClientID instead (r21008)
- Change: Add installing options or rather options to not install certain documentation, in a similar way to GRFCodec/catcodec (r20999)
- Change: Only display liveries in the livery window if they are used by some vehicle somewhen (r20849)
- Change: [NoAI] Rename AIAbstractList to AIList (r20563)
- Change: [NoAI] AIOrder::GetOrderFlags returns AIOrder::AIOF_INVALID for void orders (r20389)
- Change: [NewGRF] Adapt vehicle var FE bit 6 to new railtypes (r20175)
- Change: [NewGRF] Call callbacks 14A, 14B and 14C after all industry variables have been assigned, so more variables are valid during the callbacks (r19907)
- Change: [NoAI] Remove HasNext() from all lists/iterators and add IsEnd() instead (r19294)
- Change: Add the default installation directory of lzo/zlib for Mac OS X/MinGW to the paths where (the headers of) those libraries are searched [FS#3638] (r19285)
- Fix: Crash due to cargo payments belonging to a non-existing company [FS#4324] (r21605)
- Fix: Company league table used stats from two quarters ago instead of last quarter [FS#4323] (r21601)
- Fix: The default visual effect only depends on properties of the Engine (wagon or not, tractiontype, ...), not whether it is used as articulated part, front engine or whatever in a specific consist [FS#4275] (r21598)
- Fix: [OSX] A double mouse cursor was shown under certain circumstances [FS#2585] (r21578)
- Fix: Show 'plant trees' button lowered on the terraform toolbar, like how other buttons are lowered when you selected a 'build' action [FS#4315] (r21539)
- Fix: 2CC recolour sprites were the same for DOS and WIN palette, thus 'dark green', 'brown', 'grey' and 'white' were wrong for DOS [FS#4312] (r21535)
- Fix: Do not apply the last signal red pathfinder penalty when the signal is a path signal [FS#4302] (r21524)
- Fix: Tooltips were not removed when their related window got closed [FS#4300] (r21477)
- Fix: Make sure the query window is only opened once per parent window/callback [FS#4298] (r21472)
- Fix: Crash when news item gets removed at just the wrong moment [FS#4180] (r21458)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Ensure the parameter for house variable 60 is the id of an original house (r21456)
- Fix: [NewGRF] A NewGRF with incomplete string codes at the end of a string could cause invalid memory reads (r21433)
- Fix: The server did not check for the paused state when allowing to execute commands [FS#3771] (r21429)
- Fix: Vehicles could be built while the game is paused. Now you can enable or disable that with a setting, which replaces the build-while-paused cheat [FS#4021] (r21428)
- Fix: Purchase lists were not invalidated when using 'resetengines' (r21374)
- Fix: Fields were not cleared under snow though they were intended to be [FS#4283] (r21367)
- Fix: New railtypes with overlays did not use the shore sprites as groundtiles for three-corner-raised slopes (at shore) [FS#4277] (r21353)
- Fix: Buffer overflow in strgen for strings with very large arguments (r21346)
- Fix: Bogus cache mismatch warnings with desync debugging because some cache was invalidated but never reset [FS#4272] (r21338)
- Fix: Make it more likely that the savegame and transferred file are the same file and not different ones [FS#4271] (r21334)
- Fix: Use the correct font sizes when checking for missing glyphs (r21321)
- Fix: [Content] Crash when creating file download by the content download system failed (r21319)
- Fix: AIs in an infinite loop in e.g. autosave, but also getting settings and such from info.nut, would not be interrupted after a while causing OpenTTD to seem to not respond [FS#4260] (r21311)
- Fix: [Content] Do not add HTTP connection to list of connections when it fails in the beginning (r21302)
- Fix: Fonts set in openttd.cfg were not properly checked for missing glyphs on language change [FS#4261] (r21298)
- Fix: FreeBSD introduced strndup as well [FS#4259] (r21295)
- Fix: [Windows installer] Check for existence of save/scenario dirs before asking for deletion confirmation [FS#4251] (r21294)
- Fix: Under some circumstances two vehicles could leave a non drive-through road stop at once [FS#3935] (r21263)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Custom station foundations using the 'simple foundations'-method did not draw any sprite for WSE-slopes when there are foundations on both neighboured tiles in the north. As there must be at least one sprite to provide the correct offset for the groundsprite draw the (empty) default foundation sprite in that case [FS#4246] (r21262)
- Fix: The main menu error messages would not show when you had an error message open in the game while whatever triggered you to go back to the main menu (r21255)
- Fix: Rescanning AIs did not 'forget' removed AIs [FS#3952] (r21250)
- Fix: Upon rescanning AIs the new AIs would (after some time) show up in the AI list but you could not select all (r21246)
- Fix: [YAPF] Road vehicles not finding the nearest depot in some (corner) cases [FS#4130] (r21229)
- Fix: [NewGRF] The specs' cargo strings and OpenTTD's use of the clashed. Provide properties so NewGRFs can provide cargo strings tailored for OpenTTD while retaining (some) backward compatibility [FS#4172] (r21224)
- Fix: Use proper plural for the short cargo unit names (r21223)
- Fix: Under some conditions, group count would be wrong after moving train engines in the depot window [FS#4207] (r21205)
- Fix: [OSX] Do not let the mouse cursor jump when switching to full screen mode (r21200)
- Fix: [OSX] Finding a fallback font failed when compiling for OSX 10.4 as it tried to match also OpenTTD-specific control characters [FS#4001] (r21197)
- Fix: Use non-interactive randomness for townnames on map generation, so they are controlled by the generation seed as well [FS#4226] (r21192)
- Fix: [OSX] Unify compiler flags with other OS and work around a compiler bug in gcc-4.0.1 which breaks graphics display in x86_64 binaries [FS#4210] (r21149)
- Fix: Station list was not updated when a new cargo got a rating (r21145)
- Fix: Station ratings were not updated (anymore) after an aircraft crashed (r21137)
- Fix: Bridge speed limits should apply to all wagons of a vehicle, not just the head of the vehicle [FS#4213] (r21136)
- Fix: Helicopter flight altitude was determined inconsistently in different places (r21119)
- Fix: Do not use the maximum track speed where the maximum vehicle speed is meant (r21107)
- Fix: Display the real maximum speed for aircraft instead of always using the engine value (r21096)
- Fix: Aircraft speed would ignore callback 36 result when it is greater than the engine speed (r21094)
- Fix: [OSX] Mouse cursor would leave footprint with 8bpp blitter when switching to full screen (r21037)
- Fix: [OSX] Properly set the palette when using the 8bpp blitter during start-up (r21036)
- Fix: Center industry gui and waypoint gui after resize [FS#4171] (r21021)
- Fix: Draw bridge pillars with correct length on all tile corners by drawing only half of the pillar sprite if required (r20950, r20947)
- Fix: Accidentally moving the mouse of the scrollbar arrows while pressing it clicks the button next to the arrow [FS#4071] (r20922)
- Fix: Refit costs were not shown for long cargo names [FS#4160] (r20921)
- Fix: When using non-smooth or NewGRF-economy changing production rates does not work, so allow changing the production multiplier instead (r20901)
- Fix: The station with the second highest rating was doubly penalised when distributing cargo. Now the penalty is completely removed and the granularity/precision of the distribution in increased by using fractional cargo. This should make competing stations less all-or-nothing [FS#3637] (r20857)
- Fix: Make sure (gradual) loading is properly terminated for consists with multiple cargo types. Do not stop loading if the timetabled wait is not over yet [FS#2534] (r20843)
- Fix: Place less trees at once when planting random trees at the scenario editor [FS#4094] (r20829)
- Fix: Do not use new game settings when creating many random towns/industries at the scenario editor [FS#4094] (r20712, r20711)
- Fix: Keep _current_company and _local_company in sync during GUI operation [FS#3804] (r19933)
- Fix: When building a lock, do not add the cost of building canals if they are already built, pay for clearing the other tiles and do not add the first bridge type's cost to aqueducts (r19719, r19718, r19717)

1.0.5 (2010-11-20)

1.0.5-RC2 (2010-11-14)
- Fix: Reading (very) recently freed memory [CVE-2010-4168] (r21182)
- Fix: Default service interval for ships/aircraft got switched [FS#4222] (r21155)
- Fix: Size of sort buttons for save/load and build vehicle list gui could be too small [FS#4221] (r21151)
- Fix: [Windows] Make sure to be upgraded openttd is not running when installing [FS#4212] (r21146)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Crash when disabling static NewGRFs (when joining/starting a server) [FS#4208] (r21130, r21129, r21128)
- Fix: Upper limit for snowline was too low [FS#4203] (r21078)
- Fix: Wrong (maximum) value shown for generation seed in the in-game console [FS#4192] (r21075)
- Fix: Under some circumstances the file handle of the downloaded savegame would not be closed, and validity of the handled was not checked in all cases (r21027)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Crash when getting an industry ID at an offset that uses some 'old' style industry tile [FS#4157] (r20912)

1.0.5-RC1 (2010-10-31)
- Change: Make OpenTTD aware of XZ/LZMA compressed savegames so loading those gives a proper error message (r21047)
- Change: Make it possible to make .tar.xz bundles (r21042)
- Fix: Missing default values for the custom town number in the world generation options (r21034)
- Fix: Dropdown menu glitched in small screenshots, when issueing them from the menu (r21031)
- Fix: Do not let the resize button go past the bottom of the screen [FS#4176] (r21015)
- Fix: The detailed performance rating window could be too narrow [FS#4102] (r21010)
- Fix: For the compact notation 1.000.000k and 1.000M would be shown depending on the initial (and later rounded) value. Make everything that would round to 1.000.000k be drawn as 1.000M as well (r21009)
- Fix: Do not consider the text direction character when searching for missing glyphs (r21007)
- Fix: Chat/console messages got sometimes messed up due to LTR names in RTL translations and vice-versa [FS#3746] (r21006, r21004)
- Fix: Size of sort buttons for order and vehicle list gui could be too small (r20997)
- Fix: [NewGRF] The X and Y offsets in the parameter for industry vars 60, 61, 62, 63 are unsigned instead of signed (r20996)
- Fix: When removing a rail station, do not leave track under non-station tiles (r20990)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Ignore the variable for Action7/9 condition type 0x0D and 0x0E as documented (r20979)
- Fix: Crash when, while the 'go to' cursor is active, you open the order list of a vehicle of another company and then select a 'go to' destination [FS#4159] (r20916)
- Fix: Helicopters fired a bit too late [FS#4155] (r20910)
- Fix: Road/water toolbars did not get updated when the first vehicle of their type becomes available [FS#4141] (r20856)
- Fix: Smallmap legend buttons must all be equal in size, even if their contents is not (r20851)
- Fix: Deadlock when aborting map generation on Windows [FS#3707] (r20822)
- Fix: Be a bit more lenient with invalid savegames; do not crash on saveload related NOT_REACHEDs, just show the user an error that the savegame is corrupted [FS#3714] (r20819)
- Fix: Make the crash-on-saveload message clearer and more correct [FS#3791] (r20818)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Clamp/convert some vehicle variables so NewGRFs get their specified range (r20800, r20799, r20792)
- Fix: [NoAI] Document that AITile::HasTransportType does not work for TRANSPORT_AIR [FS#4117] (r20798)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Disable houses without a size that are available according to their building flags (r20797)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Make sure all houses in the house spec array are valid. It was possible that part of a multitile house was not copied because the array was full (r20796)
- Fix: Building 2x2 houses did not work for 2x2 road layouts on all map sizes (r20791)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Remove a check which is wrong for NewGRF houses and serves no use for original houses [FS#4118] (r20790)
- Fix: Spelling mistake in Slovak real town names (r20787)
- Fix: Do autosave-on-exit as well when using kill/CTRL-C to terminate a dedicated OpenTTD (r20783)
- Fix: [NoAI] AIEventCompanyAskMerger was disguised as AIEventCompanyMerger (r20765)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Assert when an industry previously build on water was flooded because its NewGRF changed/is missing [FS#4112] (r20754)
- Fix: Do not use new game settings when creating many random towns/industries in the scenario editor [FS#4094] (r20712, r20711)
- Fix: Graphics glitch when switching to a different-sized font while the chat message box was visible (r20705)
- Fix: Vehicle lists of non-trains could not resize horizontally causing truncation of texts [FS#4123, FS#3955] (r20174)
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